Photos/Videos: PLP Hosts “Thank You Party”

February 11, 2013

With the PLP celebrating some fifty years in existence, members and supporters of the Progressive Labour Party gathered for a “Thank You” party on Saturday night [Feb 9] at the BIU Hall.

The evening kicked off with the Gombeys entertaining the crowd, which was followed by little speech about the history of the Gombeys.

DJs played music throughout the night, and there was free food on offer including baked chicken, rice, and macaroni & cheese. Both a donation box and PLP membership forms were available.

The evening started off with many of the older party stalwarts in attendance, and towards the end of the night there was a higher presence of the younger party members.

There were a host of PLP members present including, but not limited to, Opposition Leader Marc Bean, MP Derrick Burgess, MP Zane DeSilva, MP Dennis Lister, MP Wayne Furbert, MP Lovitta Foggo, MP Lawrence Scott, MP Walter Roban, MP Walton Brown, MP David Burt, MP Rolfe Commissiong and Senators Marc Daniels, Renee Ming, and Diallo Rabain.

The PLP was founded in 1963, and won their first General Election in 1998. They ruled for fourteen years, before being defeated at the polls by the One Bermuda Alliance in December 2012.

The Party will also be hosting its 50th Annual Founders’ Day Luncheon & Drum Major Awards this Sunday [Feb 17] at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Beginning at 2pm, the afternoon will feature Guest Speaker, Mr. Eugene Johnston.

Mr. Johnston is a young lawyer, whose workload has had an emphasis on public law, constitutional matters, and human rights. Mr. Johnston is also well known for speaking in various forums on the subjects of African culture, racism and white supremacy and its current impact, and on black economics and empowerment.

A statement from the PLP said, “Following Mr. Johnston’s address, Drum Major Awards will be given out to various recipients. These drum majors are members of the community that have worked tirelessly in the community. The PLP has annually honored some of these members of the community for their contribution.

“There will be remarks from various Party members and the afternoon will also feature entertainment. Tickets to attend this luncheon are $65 for general tickets and $130 for Patron tickets. There are corporate packages available for $1500. Tickets are available by contacting PLP Headquarters at 292-2264 or by visiting Headquarters.

“Members of the public are also invited to worship with the Party at St. Paul’s A.M.E. Church at 11a.m. on this same day as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. We invite everyone to come out and celebrate 50 years of the Progressive Labour Party with us on Sunday, February 17th.”

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  1. Not Fooled says:

    PLP For Life!!!

    the Party with the heart for the people of Bermuda.

    • SpinCycle says:

      I guess that makes the OBA the brains!

      • The Cormorant says:

        Win or lose, we’ll have a booze!!

        Party, party, party for this lot…..while Bermuda toils with the debt and problems they left us.

    • No longer a member says:

      A party filled with hate! I can’t except that anymore. Just listen to 102.7!!! That is our propaganda channel. The BIU would close their eyes when we were in power, now the hate and venum is clearly sean. I can’t handle untruths. Mark Daniels, you should be ashamed for being part of this hatred, which will never unite Bermuda, but only sink it further.

  2. RJ says:

    “… the afternoon will feature Guest Speaker, Mr. Eugene Johnston. [...] Mr. Johnston is also well known for speaking in various forums on the subjects of African culture, racism and white supremacy and its current impact…”

    Has it not yet occurred to the PLP that it was — part in parcel, at least — the race narrative that lost the it the last election?

    • O.B. says:

      They lost a lot of the young vote because of it (hence very few young people attending this or even voting in the last election). It’s sad because the “new” PLP they’re trying to portray with the appointment of younger people (Marc Bean and Marc Daniels) could have been inclusive of ALL young people. They chose to go down the exact same route as before. Oh well.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Eugene Johnston is a brilliant young man. If you’ve heard him on talk radio, you would know that he, like Bean, Daniels, Rabain, Ming, and others bring a new thinking into the party, but a thinking that doesn’t forget the past. I will be there to hear him speak! Btw, watch the video on the Leader and some of the younger legislators…impressive. Look at the PLP team, it’s a perfect combination of experience and energy.

        • O.B. says:

          Lol ignoring reality lost the plp the last election. You just keep going though.

        • Verbal Kint says:

          So why did Marc Bean approve the Spice Hill Property and to whose benefit?

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        And dont forget Burt and Scott. More quality young persons making a significant contribution to our country. And, unlike many OBA young leaders, they can think and speak for themselves!

        • RawOnion says:

          Sorry but i know all of those you mentioned and they leave a lot to be desired. I still however am hopeful that they will take the PLP in a new direction as long as they don’t use race as part of their agenda and again I will remind you that I do know those you have mentioned and they are already a bit tainted by the older members of the PLP.

  3. Politically Incorrect says:

    No pics of the main bandits from the previous administration. They didn’t attend?

  4. jojo says:

    ….there are like 4 people there under the age of 40

    • Speak what you know says:

      Oh, because you are looking at a few of the photos you know everyone who was in attendance? Smh Regardless of the ages of those in attendance this was a great gesture by the PLP to thank their supporters. Young and old were represented well. Some people do more with their lives then sit behind a cpu waiting for the next story to comment on day and night.

  5. Destroyed My Life Membership Card says:

    Marc Bean- the very person who before the election shouted to an Alaska Hall audience in the most disrespectful manner that party ‘elders’ need to ‘get out of the way’. Marc Daniels his new recruit, echoed the theme in a handout before a constituency election that highlighted who’s in and why, and who should be out. Now that Bean’s firmly in opposition with no possible chance of handling the reins of power ever, he’s sounding like a man who’s learning quickly that fast and furious is not the way in politics.

    The last of the elders heard his call and left the mess he helped to create with youthful blind ambition. The only hope now is for a new party to arise from the ashes, for he torched the legacy and burned the bridges set in place to connect the generations. Curiously he’s flipped the script in favor of moderation that’s come a bit too late.

    It was a grave mistake to alienate voters over the age of 50 in his district, but the hope is that upon reflection lessons will be learned. One day when he reaches back to share with those younger than he, my wish is that he will find a young hand and an open mind reaching towards him for his gift of wisdom.

    • Speak what you know says:

      It is people like you who wish destroy the tie that holds the PLP together. Marc Bean has long been a leader among his peers and has always spoken his mind in a way that brings people together on the issue at hand. Clearly you were one of the older members who are about self and nothing else whom he was speaking of. So glad you destroyed your membership card as people like you are part of the problem. The fact is young people scare you because you fell that their success is your down fall instead of realizing that their success will only broaden your success. You are afraid of being pushed off stage because you know that you contribute nothing and will be seen for such. There are many elders in the party who$m have nothing to worry about because they know their value as do others and they are willing to work with the younger members to move forward instead of telling them to wait,wait,wait until you are ready to pack it in.

      Their is enough work for both young and old to come together to tackle, it doesn’t have to be a battle. You chose to make it so. Marc is the Leader and yes he benefited from a great deal of support from amount the younger members, yet he would not have been elected Party Leader had he not received support from older members as well. His team of young members have also paid their dues and worked hard for the Party and they deserve respect, just as the older members do. We can’t survive with one we need both and all walks of life to be successful. The majority of the Party sees this and that is why Marc is the PLP Party Leader.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        So why did Marc Bean approve the Spice Hill Property and to whose benefit?

        • The Cormorant says:

          A. because he had no backbone, and to further his own career acted like a ____ to follow suit. Or has anyone got a better answer?

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    Looking at the photos, it certainly looks like plenty of older people were there. I guess that is an indication of the support that the party has within the elder segment of persons. As a member of the PLP who has attended cc and the delegates conference, I cannot recall our Leader Marc Bean stating anything of that nature. Why would you spread lies on this blog? Marc Daniels is a fine young gentleman who has much to offer this country, yet wasn’t it not his right to express in writing what many of us feel? He had the courage of his convictions and 85 percent of us agreed with what he said. It was time for change, we lost the election because we forgot the people. Some of us became selfish, seeking personal power and forgetting about the rest of us in the country. It’s people like you that we are glad to see the back of. Go burn your card and set up another party. Take randy Horton with you. In fact, make terry lister your leader because your post reminded me of something he said the other day. The PLP is stronger today then a few months ago, and it is because of Marc Bean and the many other serious and selfless members that believe in the direction we are going. And that includes the young, the old, and those who didn’t vote in December.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      The PLP is clearly splintered and has opposing factions. Not a bad thing for growth…go away and work on it for 10 years whilst the current lot fix your mess . Come back with a unified and capable group that is qualified to be Government…you must know that you do not have that right now!

  7. felix says:

    thank you fools for allowing us to GET RICH quick..from the plp camp..what a bunch of shameless and worthless ppl..THEY HV LIED to you and still can blatanly flaunt their faces in front of us..down with the plp..the debt is 3billion..

  8. vexbermuthes.. says:

    the plp is a total embarrassment along with their supporters..How on earth anybody can still root for this inept party is beyond the sane mind..Just look how they have left us totally broke with massive debt..and they are still around.

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      OBA fans, there is no need to spit out distasteful hateful comments. Mr Fahy has spoken about this kind of behaviour displayed by the OBA fans. It is hoped that if you have nothing good to say, you would not say anything at all. NO need to degrade individuals or any political party.

      The PLP having a party, does suggest that they have a tight knit support base, that understands the political framework. The supporters also believe that PLP stands strong to represent their interest. You must admit, the OBA won the election by a very tiny margin. As a result this suggest the PLP has a still has a very strong support base, more so prehaphs than the OBA does.

      So I give kudos to the folks that stand behind a party or organizations whom they believe will support them. I glad their party was a great success, and folks showed the PLP some real love. This will help the party to push on in the future, knowing that folks still are behind them.

    • dh#1 says:

      Get used to it felix and vexbermuthes….the PLP will stay around; and they will be back….you speak of the PLP camp as a bunch of shameless and worthless people, an embarrassment, etc. who have lied!!!. Go into your history books…who was the most shameful, who told the most lies…..who were the most worthless, and who got rich of the blood, sweat and tears of the forefathers of most of the PLP camp supports….I rest my case!

      • Y-Gurl says:

        Yeah they will be back when the 2 BILLION debt is down and theres candy back in the store, back just in time to empty it again!

  9. Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

    “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.”
    -Walter Reuther

    The elder members of all political parties are key to the continued growth of any party. But, all MPs and Senators must remember that politics is about providing service to the people, and country. It is not about self, or self-gains or to be on the world stage forever. Many MPs often believe that should be a Minister or hold a certain position for life, more so just because of the time they have been a member of a particular organization.

    As many are aware, there are few rewards in being a Politician. But the biggest reward is seeing people of the country they serve move progress ahead. Often a Politician can spent long and tiresome hours at work, and see very little progress or rewards for the country. But, the biggest rewards are sometimes small, and often involve success for the people of that country. It is the love of service that makes the job worthwhile.

    Often some MPs in both parties become disgruntled because they believe they should be a Minister or hold a certain status within the party for life. Many forget the purpose and role of why they were put there in the first place. This is when the politician has lost the true purpose of why he is an MP.

    The role of the older generation or former MPs is vital to the ensuring that the life of the party continues. The older generation should encourage, mentor and sit beside the younger folks and push them forward. Their role becomes even more significant in the years to come, as to ensure and maintained the history, ideology and growth of the PLP. The older and younger generation must begin to grasp this concept and push ahead holding the hands of the youth.

    NO one is pushing anyone away, but folks must realize that change is not static and it will take place, as political parties are always evolving and changing. Sometimes the change comes quickly, sometimes the change comes slowly. But as people we must be willing to adapt and change, “WHO Moved My CHeese?”.

  10. MJ says:

    I’d have walked form Somset if I knowd dey had free chikin.

  11. uh oh!!! says:

    Where were all their supporters, MPs & unsuccessful candidates or did they attend “the wake” outside Alaska Hall on December 17th? One would have thought the former Premier would have at least shown her face to say thank you.

  12. Clown says:

    Why should the former premier show her face? She is just a COG. The big wheel keeps on turning.

    • media says:

      Rumour has it that she is trying to get a seat again! Stay tuned! She would seem to miss the cut and thrust of politics.

  13. Balanced Facts says:

    PLP FAMILY!!!!…some Families are really dysfunctional, it’s one of the biggest problems facing our society…PLP Family…divided and dysfunctional…seriously, best thing they could do is lay quietly for a year because if they come into Parliament swinging they are likely to get cained with the abysmal facts of their fallen administration! Bean said the OBA Throne Speech was “85% cut and paste from the PLP”…so guess they will have a short reply whilst taking a 100% responsibility for the financial mess they have left the Country in!!!
    BTW thank you party videos tells a tale on who was not there and talking!!!

  14. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    The figure head leader of the OBA/UBP could never connect with his heritage (the Gombeys) at any OBA/UBP sponsored event without the express approval of his handlers .
    What an artificial existence he and most of his (surrogate) Cabinet must suffer through .

    • jt says:

      because he’s not a gombey fan? hamish, really

    • Mockingbird says:

      MP Mountbeatten. Some people get ahead in life by working really hard and alongside and with everyone, and I do mean everyone. While others get ahead by concentrating on bring others down. Over the last few months its been obvious which path you are trying to take with your constant and childish comments and racially driven comments hidden around your invisible friend Hamish.

      There might be a few within your circle that think like you, think you’re smart, or funny and maybe even look up to you, but for your sake I hope that someday I hope that for just a minute you try and forget what a negative lifestyle has taught you, and try and work with others so that we may all rise up together.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Seems to me that lying maybe your favorite occupation . Never have any post by me had racial overtones . It is not my intention to come over smart or funny . I may express myself a little different , but as we live in a very diverse culture and environment pleasing you or anybody else is not high on my agenda . Frankly I don’t care what you may think , as you barely have control over what you yourself think . Why is a Mockingbird a Mockingbird ?

    • Victor says:

      Mountbatten – honestly, is this the best you can come up with or have you just lost heart? Regardless, how come every time a PLP stalwart sees white folks and black folks coming and working together, they immediately assume a conspiracy? By the way, referring to the OBA leader’s heritage, I’m not sure there is a Gombey tradition in St. David’s – pray do tell.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Wow , Sorry you’ve missed my point all I’m saying is that certain expressions of celebrations must be approved by people who may not have the same heritage . That’s it , that’s all !
        Please notice that every Gombey leader has a tomahawk in his possession , front and centre baby , now tell me where does Cannon Ear carry his .

  15. god1st says:

    @ concerned citizen You have spoken facts as you did forget lots of us and became selfish i agree with you. In fact over 2000 of us young people abstained from voting because no party had our interest. The fight must continue another election is coming up show us that you care. Not everyone has fallen into this trap of an old party with a new name because one could never erase their past regardless of who it is we all have a history.
    I know of a few people on a part time job experiencing a taste of the plantation with a cleaning company but this is a wake up call for those who were sleeping even some that voted O.B.A are heading back to the PLP .

    • Mockingbird says:

      …..taste of the Plantation with a cleaning company? Sounds like a opportunity for those in the “know” to benefit through leadership instead of complaining! Why not start your own cleaning company and recruit those that are less than happy?

    • media says:

      It’s early days for anybody to have voted for the OBA to be heading back to the PLP. What do they really think the PLP would be doing right now that they haven’t been doing all these years to actually improve their lives. At least with the OBA they are making changes that will hopefully create job opportunities and a better Bermuda. The PLP had their chance and for the last 4 years did very little to help a very serious economic situation. All to not rock the boat too much in an effort to win the election. The OBA have been left to do the dirty work. They are rolling up their sleeves and getting on with it. Not always popular decisions but the end result is for the collective best of Bermuda.

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    PLP, still standing! Stay Tuned

    • The Cormorant says:

      PLP still drinking!! Woop, woop who cares about the recession, mines a dark and stormy! Cheers Ewart!…sorry, cheers Marc.

  17. Redman says:

    PLP Hosts “Thank You Party” err No Thanks!!!

    and Thanks for nothing PLP, more like a time machine than a political party because in only fourteen years they put Bermuda back 100 years!!

  18. No He didnt says:

    no PLP, thank you! thanks for 2.4billion of debt…but your welcome for taking us for a ride.

  19. Bobmarlin says:

    How come the party was not at the Southampton Princess?

  20. god1st says:

    UBP/OBA The smell of your phart is travelling at high speed leaving a deadly stench how many civilians will die in this war.

  21. god1st says:

    @ media The OBA/UBP winning this election is not for the benefit of all people just a few. It is more about personal interest and lining their own pockets and if you think the OBA/UBP are gonna create 2000 jobs keep dreaming show me 1 job that the OBA has created to date show me the job.

  22. Really?? says:

    Started as a nice story about celebration… Then “white supremacy” had to rear its protagonistic head again.

    When will the PLP stop beating this flogged horse. How will you ever achieve unity if u do not forgive and forget.

    People who survived world wars have forgiven Nazis, jews and russians have forgiven Germans even though around 20 million were exterminated and this was 75 years ago. Not 400… To be honest if a costant hatred for someone you can’t even name is what you want to live with very well. Go on and enjoy your miserable life. I as the majority of OBA supporters want to cast aside this race word and start talking about Bermudians no matter what colour their skin is.

    You are not better then these people 400 years ago. You are all exactly the same just the other side of the coin…


  23. Speak what you know says:

    You OBA people are the most hateful, divisive and negative people on this island. The PLP held a thank you party for their supporters and true to your nature you have to jump on the comment section and ramble on. The OBA are the new government, you should be happy but no you’re still full of hate. At the end of the day nobody cares what you have to say about the PLP, you will not stop their progress.

    Worry about the OBA and what they are doing, they have a lot of promises to fulfill. Just remember that many of the people you are insulting were the ones who stayed home during the election which allowed the OBA to claim a slim majority. They didn’t trust the OBA enough to vote for them and judging from your hate filled comments they never will, only difference is you will push them out to the polls next election to guarantee a PLP win.

    • Bermuda one love says:


    • Please Leave Politics says:

      No mate… both PLP diehards and OBA diehards are “the most hateful, divisive and negative people on this island”

  24. Bobmarlin says:

    Where is Zane?