Perozzi v Nelson Fight Ends In Another Draw

February 2, 2013

[Updated - Perozzi v Nelson fight ends in a draw] The rematch between Bermuda’s Teresa Perozzi and Tori Nelson is set for this evening [Feb 2] at the Berkeley Institute, with both fighters hoping for a victory in the much anticipated rematch. There are eleven bouts in total this evening, with 20 fighters due to face off before the title fight. The lineup for tonight is below.

fight night programme 2

Nelson and Perozzi will be battling for the vacant WBC Middleweight Boxing Championship belt, in a rematch of their October bout which was also held in Bermuda. That meeting ended in a draw, and both fighters are hoping to break the deadlock tonight.

We will update as able through the evening:

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  1. HandsUp says:

    Another draw???! I can’t believe it. You can tell Teresa Perozzi’s frustrated with it in the video interview (& well she should be!) but even so she says she respects the judges. That’s top-notch class. Great match, Teresa! & thanks for the great coverage Bernews – was nice to be able to follow the fight & feel the crowd energy for those of us not lucky enough to be there in person.

    • Steve says:

      Really, what a surpise. Does anyone ever win…or lose for that maatter, in these ‘matches?’

    • Out of flight says:

      It was a hell of a fight night and the final fight with Teresa the best Bermuda has ever seen.

  2. OZ says:

    Some of us that attended know that Nelson won this fight. it was not even close!

  3. welldone says:

    Premier Cannonier has never seen a photo opp he didn’t like.

    But try and get a press conference or get him to answer some policy questions.

    A totally different challenge.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Luckily for Bermuda , He is a man of very few words . A wide angle camera for our grinning Premier Cannon Ear .

  4. DreamCatcher says:

    Congratulations Teresa on your demeanor and handling what was a difficult interview. This is an example of great sportsmanship. Even complimenting your opponent.

    I hope there is a rematch and you are able to end the doubt of championship once and for all.

    Keep up the great work training!

  5. Get A Life says:

    @ Welldone. Grow up and stop acting like your shoe size. You sound like a wannabe reporter.

  6. Reporter. says:

    welldone when you show some respect in addressing the Hon. Premier, you will get your interview.

    • welldone says:

      Lol! I’m not a reporter. Far from it.
      I just know when we’ve been bamboozled!

  7. ah,,, ha says:

    Don King ,,has left the Bld !