Collision Involving Police Car In Southampton

April 16, 2013

Around 2:55pm on Monday [Apr 15] police officers attended a  two vehicle collision on Middle Road in Southampton near the junction with Scenic Heights Pass.

“Initial information suggested that the collision resulted in injury; however it was later confirmed that no one was injured,” said a police spokesperson.

“It appears that a police car being driven along Middle Road was responding to an incident and a SUV was being driven along the same road when the vehicles collided. Both vehicles received extensive front end damage as a result.

“Traffic was temporarily diverted away from the area while collision investigators examined the scene. Inquiries are ongoing.”

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  1. Please Investigate says:

    Why is it that lately I see more and more police vehicles, during the day, speeding down the middle of the main road with just lights and no siren? Last time I checked the siren was to notify motorist that an emergency vehicle was coming and to get out to the way. I have encountered so many fast oncoming police vehicles that do not slow down, heading directly towards me without warning. It so dangerous and frightening to have just enough time to get out of the way of one of these vehicles moving so quickly and what seems as carelessly. I’m not saying that they have to slow down but knowing that they are coming would at least help. I hope this is not the reason this accident happened. It would be sad. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

  2. Winnie Dread says:

    Oh yeah I have seen it so many times,flashing lights don’t work during the day especially if you are driving in the same lane, when driving one is supposed to keep your eyes looking forward inna??

    • TWISTER says says:

      The reason sometimes there is no siren is they are responding to a breaking and entering

      • to be honest i believe he was on the doughnut and coffee run??see if he could get back to the station while it was still hot!!

  3. Whistling Frog says:

    You don’t have to see no flashing lights, just pull your azz over to the side when you hear them coming though burping…

  4. Judge & Jury says:

    Let’s be real. The experts for a B&E come one hour later in their “undercover” car. Time to spend the new budget money.