WOW Launches HD TV Channels, No Extra Cost

April 30, 2013

World on Wireless [WOW] announced the launch of High Definition 1080 TV programming to its’ customers at no additional cost.

A statement from the Company said, “In light of the economy, we appreciate more than ever that consumer’s have chosen WOW and we believe that complementary HD 1080 content will be a welcomed added value service for them – giving customers theatre and CD quality sound to their homes, offices or even boats.

“HDTV offers: [1] Increased picture quality with higher resolution images; [2] Widescreen format; and [3] Programs containing Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. For these exciting times ahead, we plan on continuing to design our entire service offering around our customers’ requirements, while maintaining the highest calibre of Customer Care possible.

President and CEO, Stanley G. Wright said, “We realise with telecoms reform comes increased competition and we have been assessing our position within the market with this fact in mind – offering free HD 1080 content is the first milestone on our journey towards the WOW of the future.

“We have also implemented an online TV program guide and a one‐month free trial period for our potential customers along with a new Customer Care Promise, consisting of: [1] Returning calls within two hours; [2] Installing new service within 72 hours of sign up, etc.

“In an industry that is constantly evolving, we understand the need to evolve with it. We keep our customers at the core of every move we make and aim to continually exceed their expectations.

“Our existing HD pack includes the following complementary HD channels: Speed, Golf, NBC Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports and we have added the following additional HD complementary channels: National Geographic, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, Travel, BBC World, Lifetime Movie Network, CBC, WPIX, Fox and more to follow soon!

“In addition to complementary HD 1080 TV programming, we have implemented an online TV Programming Guide on our new website, which offers our customers the opportunity to plan their TV line up for the night or weekend online.”

For further information, visit their website or WOW’s Facebook page.

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  1. watcher says:

    great news been a WOW customer for several years and their customer service is so far ahead of cablevision its unreal

  2. RawOnion says:

    Thank you WOW but I unfortunately have cable….hopefully Cablevision will offer a better selection as well. As far as I’m concerned, HD tv should be the norm and be free. The network channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc) in the USA give you HD as the norm.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Stalevision needs to get with it. WOW is way ahead in the customer service side of things!

  4. BLESSINGS says:

    Great news WOW have been a customer for years and will never change to cablevision as i have had the best service ever….

  5. Wtf says:

    Yes I’ll be changing over to wow tomorrow, bye bye cableviision!!!!

  6. jay says:

    That is great news. Better service already!!

  7. Luis Suarez says:

    Ok Cablevision, I don’t really want to move, it’s a bit of a pain, but will you follow suit immediately? If I hear nothing, I’ll take that as a no…..

  8. WOW WHIPPED says:

    I’ve bee with WOW from Day 1. Very pleased with their service.

  9. Xman says:

    I have both Wow in one area of my house and Cablevision in another -
    Can’t beat Wow for service – and service response.while I have Cablevision in my mamcave room the rest of
    my Family has taken to the likes of Wow.— because they cannot tolerate Cablevision .
    My son pays the Cable bill – but I wonder if it’s still cash only when you pay the bill.

  10. James says:

    Still no he on network channels, pathetic to be watching a 60 year old tv standard.if zbm and VSB can’t do it then let someone who can.

    • jay says:

      Bermuda’s news is the laugh of the century. The video systems are comparable to video tech in the 70′s. My Samsung S3 has better video quality than ZBM and VSB.

  11. James says: