Photos/Video: Female Bodybuilding Competitors

May 6, 2013

[Updated with video] The Bermuda Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation hosted the Bodybuilding & Fitness Extravaganza at City Hall on Saturday night [May 4], with competitors competing in either bodybuilding, physique, figure or fitness divisions. The female bodybuilding division had two competitors, with Marina Jn Pierre [below left] edging out Vonika Washington to win the class.

2013 womens bodybuilders bermuda (21)

The bodybuilders perform quarter turns and mandatory poses, and are judged on muscularity, symmetry, and conditioning. Bodybuilders train for years to sculpt their physiques, using a combination of weight training, cardio and specific diets to attain the muscularity and low level of bodyfat required to compete successfully. 

We have additional footage of the show to come, and in the meantime you can view all our coverage of Saturday’s show here, and all our coverage of bodybuilding in Bermuda here.

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