Meet Miss Devonshire: Mikeisha Butterfield

June 15, 2013

In the fifth of a series of profiles of contestants, Bernews today spotlights Mikeisha Butterfield who is representing Devonshire Parish in the Miss Bermuda Pageant, which will be held on June 23rd.

Having received Deputy Principal Honors, this CedarBridge Academy graduate is currently working at Bermuda Red Cross as a Health & Safety Coordinator.

Miss Butterfield has earned a City & Guilds Certification a Business Certificate and is TIPS, CPR, First Aid and AED Certified. She has been involved in activities including dancing, cheerleading, singing, modeling, netball and volleyball.


Asked why she entered Miss Bermuda, the 22-year-old said, “Initially I entered the pageant to develop strong communication skills.

“However throughout this pageant preparation, I have come to realize that it is much more than an opportunity, it is a job and it is one that I am ready for. I hope through this experience I can develop a better understanding of who I am and to be able to apply my leadership skills within our community.”

“The most rewarding part of the pageant is being able to grow from this experience by having the opportunity to be a part of all the workshops coming our way, meeting and interacting with the other contestants and working as a team more than just competitors.

“I would like to say thank you to the main three people in my life. My mother, father and sister are my biggest inspiration. They have taught me the most beautiful love I have ever known, how to forgive, to always do my best in all things, to always Love the Lord and not to judge others. These teachings have brought me a harvest of peace and contentment no matter what storm in life I face.

Miss Devonshire

“The sun always shows it’s face, and puts rainbows in my heart to remind me I am blessed. I have accomplished a lot of things in this crazy world and if it were not for them I wouldn’t have become the person I am today, thanks to my parents and sister.

“In my lifetime, I never regret anything that we all have went through together whether it was good or bad. For what they have done for me I couldn’t ask for more. I love and respect them with all my heart and wouldn’t change a thing.

“I think all families are great inspirations to any child’s life, because I know for sure mine are. “Nobody knows of the work it makes to keep the home together – Nobody knows of the steps it takes – Nobody knows but family.”

“People should come out and support us lovely ladies representing for our country “Bermuda” – so they can see that it is much more to it then what people imagine it will be like such as how much time we put in, the hard work, coming out of it all more than just fun but leaving with the knowledge and experience and just showing others out there with a dream or passion for something that if we all can do so can you!”

The 2013 Miss Bermuda Pageant is scheduled to take place Sunday June 23rd, at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel where reigning queen Rochelle Minors will crown her successor. Tickets are on sale now here on, with ticket prices starting from $65. View all our Miss Bermuda coverage here.

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  1. D. Evans says:

    I love the fact that she is not a size zero, and she is so confident. You go girl, best of luck

  2. tim henry says:

    come on devonshire no diss,, but come on devonshire,,,,really?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Must be a shallow beauty pool in Devonshire.

  3. Soldier says:

    Miss Bermuda……. Ok cool, Irie.

  4. Truth (Original) says:

    The old adage applies; if you have nothing nice no say…. Don’t say anything at all.

    I respect anyone for putting themselves out there for things like this. I think she is beautiful and we should learn to encourage one another instead of needlessly tearing each other down.

    What is to be gained by discouraging her? Nothing at all.

    If we encourage her, Bermuda as a whole will benefit through her continued service, maybe even you who are happy to criticize.

    Congrats Ms. Devonshire.

  5. Yes I says:

    Beautiful person with a beautiful spirit. I wish you all the best and shame we can only renew our first aid certification every two years ;) .

  6. beauty says:

    Miss Devonshire I wish you the best your are a beautiful women keep your head up
    Your pictures are awesomes,don’t worry about the negative comment by tim
    What does he know I wonder what he see when he looks in the mirror.enjoy n have fun
    It an experienced take care

  7. Kiskadee says:

    These pretty girls are having their looks spoiled by the awful make-up.

  8. God Grant me the Serenity - please says:

    All the best Mikeisha! Love Auntie

  9. Fan says:

    Wow! I love her!! Admittedly she doesn’t fit the typical beauty queen look, but my… her confidence and poise is real and very evident! Best wishes to you Ms Devonshire.. In the competition and in life!

  10. Out of flight says:

    At last. A real woman in the show. She is ALL WOMAN.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    As Tim Henry said….REALLY?? Come now, look at some of the contestants. Seriously & honestly what chance do they have on the international stage? None of them are anywhere near Gina Swainson calibre.

    This is not nursery school where nobodys feelings are supposed to get hurt. Get honest with yourselves. The pickins are real slim this year.

  12. Mikeisha is one of the most beautiful people I know on the inside and out! Good luck, Mikeisha! I’ll be off island for the pageant but be there cheering for you, in spirit, Lovely!! xoxoxo