Cup Match BeachFest Moves To Snorkel Park

July 23, 2013

This year Chewstick will be hosting their 8th annual Beachfest Emancipation Celebration for the first time at Snorkel Park in Dockyard.

Organisers said they made this “unexpected move due to severe financial challenges, exasperated by tight timelines, and an increasing event budget due to the sheer scale of such an unprecedented event.”

Chewstick Foundation Executive Director Gavin Smith said, “Planning with Government has been going well, and Beachfest at Horseshoe Bay was poised to be better than ever, however the severe funding gap through lack of sponsorship, meant that the shortfall would have to be made up through revenue generated on the day – a risk that Chewstick simply cannot take any more.”

A look at last year’s BeachFest:

“We are already working toward Beachfest 2014, and all agencies and stakeholders are committed to ensuring this never happens again and that Beachfest is positioned to be a globally recognized, signature Bermuda event,” he continued.

“We are grateful to retain sponsors The Bermuda Department of Tourism, Digicel and Blue Halo, as well as having new partner Snorkel Park.”

They had initially been moving toward cancelling the event altogether when the Snorkel Park opportunity came up and became a great alternative to keep the tradition alive while offering a fun event that can bring people together.

This years event entitled “BeachFest Emancipation Jouvert Party” will be taking place on Thursday, August 1st, from 12pm to 3am the next morning.

This year for the first time Beachfest will have a door price which will be $10 during the day, and then $20 after 7pm and will include all activities and entertainment. Food and beverages will be on sale, and the entire facility will be transformed to capture the Beachfest spirit.

Some of the activities scheduled include: Volleyball, Wacky Races [Wheel Barrow, Sprints, Piggy-Back etc], Tug-o-War, and for the first time – One Bounce and Swimming Races.

A few of the acts slated to perform are DIA, Rivah, Uzimon, Crazy Wednesdays, The Ukeladies, Cami Cam to name a few. DJs on hand to keep the party going well into the night are DJ Chubb, DJ Castro (NYC), DJ Agile (TO), Lenky Bwoy Movements, DJ Kade, DJ TanZ and more.

You can view our coverage of previous BeachFest events here.

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  1. Horseshoe Packed, Snorkel Park Not So Much | | August 1, 2013
  1. Peter Pumpkin Eater says:

    Oh :\

    • Beachfest = Horseshoe says:

      The title should read “Chewstick Party moves to Snorkel Park”.

      Cant move the one, true Beachfest!

      Ain’t making me pay for drinks all day…all for the green.

    • Tricks are For kids says:

      Gonna be like sardines in a can…..way too small for such an event…

  2. Mike Hind says:

    I’ll be there. I love Beachfest. I don’t care where it’s held!

  3. PantyRaider says:

    Doesn’t matter. still gonna be vibez…. at horseshoe

  4. Sooooooo says:

    And Snorkle Park prices for drinks!!!

  5. Fed Up says:

    why do you have to pay to go to Snorkal Park anyway

  6. Amazing says:

    Gonna pay to get in and then pay Snorkel Park prices for alcohol and food…can’t be serious? I can’t see this being well attended.

  7. WOW says:

    ill be at Horseshoe! Snorkel Park is Mug for swimming.

  8. smh says:

    This is just about making more money not saving and sponsorships. Chewstick is being greedy. Anyway I remember going “beachfest” before chewstick took over and still having a blast.

    I’ll be at horseshoe!

    • MR says:

      smh, this is not about making money as you are implying. Chewstick is not greedy. What Chewstick is however is a registered charity that offers free programmes for young people and adults. Unfortunately people only view it as a party facilitator when it actually does a lot more.

      If you have any time, please go to our website and have a look at the programmes and events that we have on offer. These things cost. The other option was to cancel, which I’m sure there would have been an outcry that would have been heard from here to China.

      Horseshoe is a great location but all you will have is that – a great location. For $10, you get lots of entertainment and lots of activities. We’ll be back at Horseshoe in 2014 and that has already been set with the powers that be.

      • Sooooooo says:

        Could have picked a better location that Dockyard….

        Hamilton is closed with 2 ships in, so 5000+ tourists wondering around looking for something to do…

        There are also other activities already shceduled for Dockyard that afternoon and evening, where are all these people going to park…

        Now Chewstick is adding another few thousand to the mix… real smart!!!!

      • jimblow says:

        What I don’t understand is, why do we hear nothing about these financial difficulties until a week before the event when you decide to change venues? I think if you made these challenges known back in May or even June, many would have been happy to lend a financial hand. I still have 8 Chewstick cups from last year!

        It’s just a little puzzling that you wait until the twilight hour to make any public announcement, and that announcement is that you are moving it somewhere else and charging $10-20 a head. That makes it SEEM like you’re doing it for the money which is totally up to the organization. I’m not hating and I hope chewstick is successful in whatever they do, but i will be at horseshoe with or without their involvement.

        • MJ says:

          I had the same thought.

        • Tough Love says:

          My sentiments exactly. Say SOMETHING at least a month ahead. People would have been glad to help. Chewstick had this same financial issue with Kitefest. I’m getting real tired of your stuff Chewstick! Real tired!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Or are you just making stuff up?

    • the people says:

      The people have spoken

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Typical Bermudian attitude of entitlement. They want it free or cheap. I wonder how many have been to a US State Park?

    They are not free. Expect $10 per vehicle for day use. Per night camping can run over $30, up to 8 persons per campsite.

    Bermuda parks are free for day use & next to nothing for camping

    • MR says:

      Yes TD, some people want it all on a silver platter. We live in a nanny state sometimes.

      • Thomas Mahoney says:

        Nanny state??? CHEWSTICK is a charity, as you said. It is chewstick who relies on donations from the public so I would hope that you keep your snide comments to yourselves and learn from this stupid mistake especially when this could have all been avoided if Chewstick had just ASKED for money months ago. Don’t get an attitude with us – there was partying at horseshoe long before chewstick came along and stuck its name on it, and so the party will go on. If you want to pay yourselves it’s not going to be at our expense.

    • Smh says:

      TD wth are you talking about? This article has nothing to do with camping! DREAMER!

    • mixitup says:

      Whatever idiot! You don’t think we pay enough out of the rear end as it is? You’re dang right I want it free or cheap!

    • Field Negro says:

      This aint the United States.

    • ganja mon says:

      Drifter just likes to add his 2 cents where he sees fit. He is an OLD man not trying to have fun like young Bermudians. Most people that attend this are younger then 25, and or in College, so of course they are not trying to spend a mint on drinks and a venue to have fun.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      It’s not about ‘an attitude of entitlement’. It’s the way Chewstick handles things like this. If you make plans to go somewhere and a week before the event the organizers tell you that the event has been moved, you now have to pay for entry, and you can’t bring your liquor and have to pay $10 a drink, I think you would be disappointed too.

      Why do we have to live in a world where everything is about money?
      What happened to the days you could trade fish for corn and help each others neighbors clean theirs roofs?

      The world we live in now is all about the mighty dollar and the middle-men. Everybody wants a cut.

      • Sorry Sir says:

        One more thing, why is almost EVERY event being held at Snorkel?

        Every time there’s a party or something it’s the same response: It’s at Snorkel.

        Did everybody forget that there’s a place called St. Georges on this island??? No wonder St. Geo is going broke.

      • Mike Hind says:

        You are aware that Beachfest… you know… COSTS money to put on, right?

        Security, set up, clean up after, sound system, staging, etc. etc.

        THAT is why it’s “all about the mighty dollar”, because people need to get paid for their goods and services.

        It amazes me that you are complaining that you aren’t getting a free party exactly how you want it… yet say that it’s not about an attitude of entitlement.
        That’s almost the definition of “attitude of entitlement”.

        • Really?? says:

          Why do you need to have all of that? People were going to Horseshoe long before Chewstick was around. And a free party was exactly what it was. Cupmatch has always been about the environment and you don’t need all the entertainers and live performers to make it a good time. Horseshoe has always been popping without all that. I think as this event has become bigger, Chewstick has moved away from the simple formula that worked. All you need is one or two DJ’s playing music under a small tent. Forget everything else. Give people a little music and they will party.

          • Overseas Observer says:

            I agree. The days before the beach was dubbed a “fest” it was a real fest. Best times ever. These years it has become too commercial. Glad Chewstick isn’t there this year.. I would have went to Horsebay Beach and enjoyed it. Avoided it last year because of the madness.

          • Mike Hind says:

            But… we’re talking about the party, not the venue.
            “You don’t need all the entertainers and live performers to make it a good time”? Did you miss the part where… um… that’s what they do? That’s what Beachfest – as put on by Chewstick – is all about.

  10. Mike says:

    I’ll be sitting at my usual spot at Horseshoe. It was there before Chewstick. I’m not going way up there and paying. I bet they wont even let you bring food in, let alone drink, no tents, no sir!

  11. @Craig Cannon says:

    Why Pay $10 a Drink?
    Why Pay $10 Entry Fee?
    Why Pay $20 Burger and Fries?
    Why Lay off on FAKE SAND?

    I will be going to HORSESHOE ..

    Chewstick is crying Poverty and lack of Financing . Such a shame when you had over a year to secure funding.

    The only Positive Action , I see is better Security because of dumb idiots always choose Fighting Over nothing. When you have Beach , Bikinis , and lovely ladies. I don’t understand it

  12. oh well says:


    Are you serious??? Now they are trying to ruin Beachfest..!!!!

  13. RawOnion says:

    Back in de day, we used to have our own party at Horseshoe Bay during Cupmatch. There was no such thing as Chewstick or Beachfest but there was such a thing as a party with music, food and drinks AND you got to drive down the hill to unload your stuff and park in the parking lot.

    No offense to Chewstick but you cant move the traditional atmosphere that Horseshoe Bay and Cupmatch give for the holidays.

  14. mixitup says:

    Oh well, they won’t be seeing me way up there…Back to the old fashion Beach Fest! They’ll be back at horseshoe next year watch.

  15. MR says:

    Read the news article people. Try to respond with some sense.

    • sooooooo says:

      MR.. what are your plans for parking? How do you plan to deal with the other (previously organized) events in the same area? Are you going to notify cruise ships of the change in “status” of snorkle park.. (many visitors will be looking for the advertised quiet swim)..

      What areangements have been made for transport, security..

    • Kickin says:

      On, lest try this again….

      Has any thought been given to parking, security transport?

      How do you plan on dealing with the irate visitors that were told snorkel park was a nice quiet location by the ship. (And normally is)

      What an out the other events in the area, have you co ordinated with them.

  16. Ayo says:

    PantyRaider made the best comment – def co-sign!!

  17. Just input says:

    Leaves a few questions…

    Why do we hear of the “financial difficulties” only a week prior to the event; surely they knew of this a month or 2 in advanced? If they didn’t secure funding in time then they could have still had it at horseshoe, just a bit scaled

    They could have made a public notice that it would have been scaled back unless they got donations from corporate sponsor/s. Like a previous post stated…. There was always a fest on the beach prior to “beach fest” and surely there will be festivities on the beach after! I truly hope this event flops while in snorkel park and humbles the organizers a bit. It’s not about what’s provided by the organizers but more so what has already been the attraction of the atmosphere/culture/people/tradition!

    Going to horseshoe was always the entertainment, chewstick just turned it into a brand….

    • Fed up says:

      “Going to horseshoe was always the entertainment, Chewstick just turned it into a brand” @just input, you hit the nail right on the head! I will be at horseshoe like I am every year. Whether or not Chewstick is there, makes no difference to me!

  18. MJ says:

    Seems like a great opportunity for someone else to put something together at Horseshoe and keep the party going.

    • Capital Z says:

      Sometimes all you need is a lil box some drinks and the party will pop simplicity is beauty people come to Horsehoe for the atmosphere, beautiful ladies socialising, relaxation, family vibes and so forth I agree cutting back would show that they still care for the promotion of good vibes of the arts regardless of the tricks and gimmicks I remember the first one cuz I was a featured artist and it was nice I mean some would be happy with a lil spot with a small box and a few singers with a guitar etc what happened to the grass roots feel that Chewstick used to adhere to I too believe they have become too commercial i dont live on the island anymore and I’ve heard that Beachfest has been attracting passa passa lately it used to be a more friendly environment yes it was a great adult event but there used to be room for family vibes too, nowadays you ain’t taking ya family down there if you have youths you can forget it there is no space ! There comes a time where you have to draw the line I know that the Chewstick movement meant well when they created this event 8 years ago but I hope they don’t think people are gonna follow suit and relocate to Snorkel cuz they are in for a rude awakening Snorkel compared to Horshoe ain’t got no vibes besides tradition cyan dun people will just revert to the vibes that made it splendid for years and years prior !

  19. tidbit says:

    Remember they pulled that same stunt when it came to Good Friday at Horseshoe Beach! Tried to blame it on Government! It seems they will stop at nothing! I stop supporting Chewstick events for some time now. Certain individuals always want their names mentioned.

    Than for some unknown reason the event was back on at Horseshoe!

    All this is is a bunch of games and seeking publicity!

    • What about the rest of us? says:

      True, and if you remember last year for Beachfest they also threatened not having the event because it wasn’t approved. If its not one thing its another

  20. Sharp says:

    Same business happened with Kitefest, a last minute announcement of doom and gloom. Chewstick have let down countless people by this move, and not just a change in venue (which has turned off most) but added costs and other unforeseen logistics. I’m afraid the only people that will be at Snorkel Park will be the Chewstick family and their friends which may be a good thing. Chewstick’s Beachfest event is not off my agenda unfortunately.

  21. young observer says:

    I went horseshoe bay on the 1st day of cupmatch before chewstick or anyone wanted to turn it into something different. We had our tent, food and generators pumping to play music on the beach. We was able to drive down the hill and offload our stuff. If they come back who cares I will still keep the tradition going. Chewstick did the exact same BS right before Kitefest and got sponsors last minute. Doing this twice in a year makes it seem suspicious to the entire island even when you try and justify it. Fool me once Shame on me Fool me twice shame on you!!! Go snorkel no one will be there to be on their 2×4 beach, fake sand, rocky nasty water & over priced food & drinks!!!! Remember it use 2 be a dumb

  22. I'll be at Horseshoe says:

    Snorkel sucks. It’s a Cancun-style tourist trap with a tiny fake beach and no parking. May the troublemakers and tourists go to Snorkel.

    I’m happy that Chewstick promotes this event, but they can’t simply “move” the biggest beach party of the year and expect people will follow. If it’s not viable for them to participate, then they don’t participate and someone else can organize live music, should there be sufficient demand. People go to Horseshoe on Cup Match Thursday for the bikinis, not the rappers.

  23. mixitup says:

    Chewstick only enhanced beachfest, it’s Horseshoe Bay that MAKES it. You guys don’t expect Bermudians to actually swim up at snorkel park do you? Gross! Anyway’s I’ll bring my speakers, bbq, and beers straight to Horseshoe like we’ve done for years… Poor chewstick to think it was about them…lol

  24. thinkfirst says:

    All they needed to do is cut back forget the bars and the food
    if money was the big issue they could have just provided the music
    People could bring there own drinks and food to the beach
    if they don’t o well
    Bermies are not going up Snorkle !!
    Bad move should have spoke up sooner smdh

  25. Sundee Faulkner says:

    As a Dockyard resident and business owner I don’t believe Snorkel Park is the best venue for such an event esp when there are cruise ships in port, limited parking and limited capacity at the venue. Would recommend an announcement be made direct to the Dockyard businesses (via Wedco) so they know that their staff and customer parking may be affected, so as the tourists can be properly notified and so as residents are aware of parking and noise concerns that are inevitable with these type of events. Thank you.

    • Horseshoer says:

      There was no need for an announcement. It’ll still be a normal day at Dockyard. Everyone will be at Horseshoe.

  26. Field Negro says:

    Horseshoe Bay over Snorkel Park anyday.. Horseshoe Bay is tradition!

  27. Peter Pumpkin Eater says:

    Speaking as a supporter, though anonymous here, of Chewstick and all that they do…fellas…this is a really bad move.

    The executives of the board of Chewstick and the Chewstick Foundation should have taken what happened earlier in the year at Kitefest and learned a lesson. But even without that experience, as someone mentioned above, the Chewstick presence only enhanced the venue and vibe – Horseshoe Bay Beach. You remove the Chewstick add-on (which not everyone thought brought value) and you are left with what was there before, Bermuda’s best beach, bikinis, music, tents, volleyball, BBQ, (now) alcohol, etc, and a really good time. This last minute change of venue to, of all places, Snorkel Park, is a fail.

    Promoting the arts, playing guitar, and bringing youth together is one thing, consistently and effectively hosting what has evolved into one of Bermuda’s largest and most anticipated events is another.

  28. Whistling Frog says:

    Even Fort St.Catherine would have been better than Snorkel Park…

  29. get real says:

    I am NOT going to horseshoe. No Sir. Can’t miss out on that One-bounce.

  30. Lisa says:

    Horseshoe Bay Beach is where the party is at, sad that Chewsticks thinks they made the party.

  31. Cupmatchtime says:


  32. Mike Hind says:

    How DARE you not provide free entertainment and security and cleanup and venue EXACTLY how people want it?
    How DARE you not let them know sooner… you know, BEFORE you knew for sure that you couldn’t do it…
    How DARE you try to do things for the community and try to keep the party going, even though you have to do it with what you have at hand, to a lesser scale?

    How dare you? It’s shameful, really.

    • crackattack says:

      Someone sounds a little upset…Not that your feelings aren’t warranted, but you seem to be missing or misunderstanding a few things here:

      -People just want to spend the day at the beach. As many have pointed out, “Beachfest” existed before Chewstick and will continue to be a Bermuda tradition long after we are all gone. Chewstick put a name on the event and added some flare (for better or worse), but the tradition of going to Horseshoe and spending the first day of Cupmatch on the beach isn’t something you can just pick up and move to a different location

      -If they can guarantee horseshoe in 2014, i’m sure they knew before yestderday that it wasn’t working out this year. This isn’t something you put together in a couple days. I thought chewstick was always big on being pat of the community. well, why not involve the community? Let us know whats going on so we can help. Scale things back so that its more affordable like booking more local artists instead of overseas acts. Is corporate sponsorship the only way to get things accomplished?

      We’re a community right? Chewstick and everyone posting here included. So why not come to an agreement as a community instead of suddenly deciding to move a decades old tradition to a different location?

      • Mike Hind says:

        Check the batteries in your sarcasm detector…

      • Mike Hind says:

        And how do you know that they knew “before yesterday”?
        You’re making a big assumption here.

    • Really?? says:

      Chewstick has done this to themselves for keep trying to make this event bigger. What they fail to realize is that this event goes on with or without chewstick. This event has been happening for years and years and then chewstick decided to become a part of the event. They added a stage, live entertainment etc. Then the next year they got bigger and the next year bigger. They caused the cost of the event to rise beyond their budget, so save your sarcasm. This problem was self inflicted. Keep the event simple and there would be no issues. Like I said before, Chewstick has moved away from their roots of keeping it simple and they are paying the price for it. Open your eyes and see instead of taking your anger out on people telling you the truth, “They don’t need Chewstick to enjoy Horseshoe Bay”

      • Mike Hind says:

        I don’t remember anyone complaining when it got bigger and bigger.
        I don’t remember the complaints about the free entertainment and clean up and all the other stuff they provided.

        But now that they’ve lost some funding and are unable to provide it as big as they have, everyone is howling outrage and, worse, talking a whole load of sh*t about them.

        I don’t understand where all this hate for Chewstick is coming from.

        If you’re going to Horseshoe because you like going to Horseshoe, why do you even care that Chewstick’s Beachfest won’t be there?

  33. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    Spolied Bermudians…why not let ChewStick just do what they want and you do what you want without complaining. It doesn’t change one thing but cause negativity and evil thoughts amongst yourselves. Enjoy CupMatch in what most people consider paradise and think of those who are less fortunate or those who would never ever be in your shoes or live where you live. Count your blessings that such a small island still exist.

    • crackattack says:

      sounds like a spoiled expat that likes to wag his finger while pretending everyone outside of this island is perfect as can be and never complains and doesn’t cause trouble and farts m&m’s.

  34. Party Tun Up says:

    Sand, ocean, tent, food, drinks, music. uhhh, isn’t that BEACHFEST? since when do we “need” chewstick at beachfest to call it “beachfest?”

    • Tricks are For kids says:

      I agree…KEEP CALM….Horseshoe Beach it is….

  35. Ayo says:

    So seems like Beachfest will be Horseshoe while Chewstick throw their own little shindig up Dockyard – good to know……….tent ready!

  36. Sharp says:

    It’s interesting to see MH and MR jump to the defensive. I had no idea you two were so loyal to the organization. While I do respect that, there’s no way to spin or deny that this is a bad move. But with over 70 comments posted to this article, are GS and NC so busy playing guitar and DJing that they cannot – as known principals and perceived leaders of Chewstick – comment further?

    • Mike Hind says:

      I’m “jumping to the defensive” because this bizarre faux outrage and hate for Chewstick is amazing to me.

      It’s just weird, this “I’m mad that Beachfest isn’t going to be at horseshoe, so I’m going to smacktalk about Chewstick and then be all “I DON’T CARE ABOUT BEACHFEST, I’M GOING TO HORSESHOE ANYWAY” thing is just odd to me.
      If people don’t care about the party, then why do they care where it is?

      And no one is denying that it’s a bad move. What people don’t seem to get is that it’s the ONLY move. The options were: Don’t have it or Have it at Snorkel Park.

      What else could they have done?

      And yes, I AM loyal to Chewstick. I believe in what they’re trying to do. Why is that surprising?
      More importantly, why is it surprising that MR, a long-term member and supporter of Chewstick is loyal?