Man’s Bail Revoked After Traffic Charges

July 22, 2013

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [July 22], Prinston Burrows, 22 pleaded guilty to riding without a driver’s license and riding in a manner dangerous to the public.

Both offenses occurred earlier this week in the Southampton area. They were said to be the outcome of police chasing after Burrows who, Police knew, was under a Court ordered curfew.

As a result of this breach of curfew, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner revoked Burrow’s bail and remanded him into custody until his already scheduled trial date in August.

Dealing with the two traffic charges, Burrows was fined a total of $600 and given 60 days in default if he failed to pay the fines. Burrows asked the Senior Magistrate  if he could “just do the time instead?”

The Magistrate agreed that Burrows could serve the default time in lieu of payment, but that default time would start after any remand time had been served; and after any prison sentence on conviction had been completed.

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      I dont know who you are, and i really dont care, but you are a complete clown !! You have never had anything positive to say about any article on this website !

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    Thanks BPS,for that my neighbourhood is a little more quiet.