Turini Named Cosmo Fashion Market Director

July 31, 2013

Shiona-Turini-300x629Bermudian Shiona Turini has been named as the new Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan magazine, which is considered one of the most prestigious fashion publications in the world.

Cosmopolitan has 64 international editions worldwide published in 35 languages with distribution in more than 100 countries making it the largest-selling young women’s magazine in the world, with some 18 million readers.

Ms Turini — one of the island’s most successful ‘fashionistas’ — founded Bermuda’s online fashion magazine StyleBermuda.com in 2007, and previously worked in New York as the “Teen Vogue” accessories director.

The Hampton University graduate will take up her post at Cosmopolitan magazine on August 7th.

Huffington Post has reported on Ms Turini’s new job, saying: “Shiona has been one of our favorite fashion editors and style inspirations for years, so we’re thrilled to see her making major moves in her career.”

“And as one of very few black women who has reached the upper echelons of several magazine mastheads, it makes the announcement even more exciting — and important.”

Cosmopolitan tweeted the news to their 600,000+ followers today:

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  1. kulcha! says:

    You go, girl.

    • MJ says:

      Congrats and well deserved! I trust that in the USA with a population in the millions, they could have found an American that was qualified! However, they wanted the best fit for their business and they got it!

      We to often criticize “expats” and their employers here in Bermuda but applaud the likes of Bermudians like Ms. Turuini, Nahki Wells. We can not have it both ways!

      Congrats on the great opportunity , you worked hard! Well deserved! I just hope that some of us remember that Bermudians are “taking” jobs overseas as well!

      • Unjrust Realities says:

        You sound like a complete a**!!!! I’m sorry there was no other way to put it!!!! How can you compare a country with a population of 65000 to a country with millions!!!! Besides do you know the redtape it takes to work in the US compared to Bermuda??????

        • MJ says:

          Which country has the greatest unemployment! The US my friend. A person that is out of work, is still a person out of work, regardless of where they live. The banks in the US are not any less forgiving when you can’t make your mortgage payments. The point my friend is that a country (the USA) that has an unemployment population in the millions to pick from and thousands of unemployed fashion design graduates entering the workforce each year I’m sure they could find someone qualified! But, they didn’t want to settle for “qualified Americans”, they wanted the BEST person for the job. So, they picked her! Great for her she deserved it!

          You think somewhere in the UK, a country with thousands of unemployed people as well, they couldn’t find someone qualified to kick a football! Of course they can! But, employers (like Bradford) need to find , not just people that are “qualified” but the best fit for the company or team. Nhaki Wells , was the best fit, and he has shown why!

          If you can’t see beyond your selfish eyes, well I can’t help you. You , like many others in Bermuda, think “qualifications” are all that matters. Too often we think that businesses here in Bermuda are in the business to employ people!?? They are not – they are in business to make money,. with as little risk, attitude and drama. To many of us get a degree, and sit back and say I’m qualified”, now give me a job!!! Very few do anything to separate themselves from “the crowd” of other qualified people, that are also qualified, and get upset that a foreigner “took my job”.

          How many unemployed people do you know that are doing anything constructive with their time right now. I know 8! Not one of them is taking an online course, a course at the college, a night class, volunteering!!! They are doing NOTHING to rebrand themselves for the next possible job. Mrs Turini and Mr. Wells, worked hard to separate themselves from the millions of others that were “qualified” and nationals of those countries!

          You sit on your butt, and the world will pass you by too! But don’t worry., there is always talk radio for you!

  2. The bigger picture says:

    What a fantastic achievement! Best wishes in your new adventure.

  3. Round of Applause says:

    Great news Shiona, continue to shine in your new role #SaltusGrammarAlumni

  4. Proud says:

    AWESOME, So happy for you and great to see such inspiration and hard work noticed, appreciated and acknowledged.

  5. Paula E Boothe says:

    I am extremely PROUD of this young person; breaking the stereotype that the Black culture has to incessantly endure world wide.

  6. Truth (Original) says:

    Still making me proud Gabe. All the best and take care of yourself.

  7. crystal says:


  8. bermygirl says:

    Amazing achievement!!! Congrats!!

  9. Cow Polly says:

    Congratulations to you Shiona, now don’t forget us when it comes to finding locations for those wonderful fashion shoots!

  10. Jury says:

    Congratulations to you Ms Turini.

  11. AwayFromHome says:

    Wow, excellent; that is no small achievement. Congratulations and best of luck to you.

  12. Kathy says:

    Study hard and you WILL get somewhere! Well done!

  13. Paul Wright says:

    Well done Shiona!

  14. Nicky Gurret says:

    What a great accomplishment! Well done.

  15. Ladeej says:

    What an achievement! Congrats Shiona, we are very proud of you!

  16. Outkasted says:

    Boom SHOT!! Done Well Shiona!

  17. FashionistaForLife says:

    Congratulations Shiona! This is a great accomplishment!
    I had the pleasure of meeting a good friend of yours, Ann Marie Pimental at a fashion event at Neiman Marcus in Boston and she raved about you.
    Keep up the good work..who knows you could be the next Anna Wintour!!
    If you are attending NY Fashion Week, hope to meet you there!

  18. Unjrust Realities says:

    Congratulations . . . you are a true inspiration to other young ladies on the island!!!!!

  19. Prayerful says:

    @mj we need to encourage our young people when they do well, no matter where they make the achievement, be it here, the US the UK or Timbuktoo.

    The fact that Ms. Turini triumphed over so many Americans, is laudable.

    Stop being a hater.

    To Miss Turini’s parents, congratulations!