Videos: Beres Hammond & Shabba Ranks Arrive

July 29, 2013

Jamaican reggae stars Beres Hammond and Shabba Ranks arrived in Bermuda this evening [July 29], with both artists set to headline local concerts on Wednesday, July 31st.

Beres Hammond will perform at the “One Love One Life” concert at Par-La-Ville car park alongside local artist Collie Buddz, while Shabba Ranks will appear at “Cup Match Salute” at Tiger Bay in St George’s along with Alison Hinds.

Beres Hammond — fresh off his performance at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica this weekend –  will perform at the “One Love One Life” concert on July 31st.

To be held at Par-La-Ville car park, the concert will also feature Bermudian reggae artists Collie Buddz and Uzimon, as well as the New Kingston band.

Beres Hammond has a string of hits including Love from a Distance, Putting Up a Resistance, Sweet Lies, Tempted To Touch and many more.

Speaking tonight, the veteran reggae artist — who has been coming here since the 1970s — said Bermuda is “beautiful” and the people treat him with “X amount of love and respect.”

He said his concert will be “pure love” and sang a couple of lines of his hit song “Putting up a Resistance.”

Beres Hammond after arriving in Bermuda this evening:

Shabba Ranks, a two time Grammy Award winner, was met at the airport by St George’s Mayor Garth Rothwell and St George’s MP and former Mayor Kenny Bascome.

Shabba said he was “here to give us the full force of the Shabba Ranks experience,” and introduced one of his vocalists who sang a few lines of Champion Lover and Mr Loverman.

One of the biggest names in dancehall in the 1990s, Shabba has an array of hits including Mr. Loverman, Pirates Anthem, Trailer Load A Girls, Caan Dun and many more.

He will perform at the “Cup Match Salute” concert at Tiger Bay in St George’s along with Alison Hinds on July 31st.

Shabba Ranks after arriving in Bermuda this evening:

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  1. JAWS says:

    Dammmmm Marthas Vineyard is one sexy shark.

  2. Island Empress says:

    Great lineup!!! Wish i was there! Go Bermuda! ST GEORGES!!!!!!!!

  3. Porgey says:

    I would ‘put up NO resistance’ to be with Miss Martha’s Vineyard!

  4. Robert says:

    Why is kenny bascome there ?!!

    • kenneth bascme says:

      to robert,MP Kenny Bascome was there because HE was ask by the PROMOTER to be there. Have a good CUP MATCH ENJOY!!!!!

  5. Rock says:

    I told everyone Beres would be coming. I can’t wait!

  6. Did he do it? says:

    Hope there’s no bad weather in West Indies cause Allison Hinds is Performing there tonight and coming tomorrow! Already got my ticket! Talk about cutting it close!

  7. Humble Yourself says:

    To the producers and promoters of the Shabba Show:

    Next year, get off of your high horse and hold your event on an evening where more people can attend.

    You knew Beres was taking place Wednesday night but still chose to have your event the same night and created a dicotomy.

    Now the reggae listening community needs to choose between Beres and Shabba. We don’t get to see live quality entertainment everyday and you want to make us choose on the same night???!!

    Take your egos out of the equation and think of your CUSTOMERS first, not your competitive ego.

    You could have had my money too but I committed to Beres already. My ticket and bar money wont make its way to your pocket. Bad for you and bad for me too as I wont be seeing Shabba.

    Unbelievable. Bermuda is starved of entertainment most of the year and you guys want to hold a concert on the same night as someone else!!!!

    • E$ says:

      LOL maybe they had no choice. Going off the performers schedule not Bermuda’s schedule. Stop bein a hata bra and enjoy cupmatch regardless.

    • Reggae Fan says:

      Well Said …..

      S/O to the Beres Promotors.

  8. SoMuchMore says:

    Welcome to Bermuda. What team are you for hehe

  9. bermygirl says:


  10. ella says:

    Shabba – you fugly! See you soon BERES!!!

  11. jake best says:

    shabba,, simple

  12. jake best says:

    dont wana hear collie bud or uzi man,,, two jokes

    • WakeUp says:

      Collie Buddz is the most successful Bermudian artist ever . Uzi-mon is supposed to be a joke. Now get off your hater a$$ and show us how to do better. You are nothing but a crab in a bucket. Show some love to your Bermudian brothers. But you probaly racist and don’t consider them brothers because their skin tone a little different.

  13. jake best says:

    if u want a party, go shabba ,,,,if you want a romantic nite,, go berres ,,,,its that simple

  14. Peter Pumpkin Eater says:

    All I see is Ms. Marthas Vineyard. Ouch. :)

  15. I love my life !! says:

    SHABBA is the better option simply because it goes on until 3: A.M. as opposed to Beres that ends at 2 A.M. and its cheaper! During these tough economic times I have to stretch my money as far as it can go! SO when Beres Hammond is OVA the SHABBA show is still gonna be going on! By the time 3 A.M. comes mostly all the Beres fans will be in their beds while i will be still skanking to the music! I think that on occasions such as these (when big entertainers come to Bermuda) the laws should be relaxed on loud music because its not like Cup Match happens everyday! Absolutely no one in Bermuda goes to a show at 8:00 P.M. i don’t care who is performing and thats’ real talk! Maybe somewhere else in the world but NOT here!

    • Logic76 says:

      The Beres fans may be in their beds but there won’t be any sleeping…

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        And the church says “amen”!

  16. Sunshine says:

    Yup, there was an opportunity to have shows every night, n too bad there all on the same night. I’m going to Beres, but if Shabba n Allison was on Thursday I would have got tickets for that show too. Happy Cupmatch All!!

  17. E$ says:

    If you wanna DANCE n WINE come Shabba…if you wanna bob ya head go Beres.