Photos: “One Love One Life” Reggae Concert

August 2, 2013

The “One Love One Life” concert took place on Wednesday night [July 31], with crowds of locals making their way to Par-La-Ville car park where a special stage had been set up for the evening’s entertainment.

2013 beres hammond concert bermuda dismont (6)

Jamaican reggae star Beres Hammond, the headliner, received a great reception as he performed some of his hits including Come Down Father, Let it Go, and Putting Up a Resistance.

2013 beres hammond concert bermuda dismont (31)

Bermudian reggae artists Collie Buddz and Uzimon also took to the stage, as did the New Kingston band. All were well received by the crowd, with Collie Buddz performing some of his well known hits, while Uzimon both entertained and amused the crowd with his style.

The “One Love One Life” concert was hosted by “Power Girl”, and very attended, with some locals setting up chairs outside the venue to listen to the concert for free.

2013 beres hammond concert bermuda dismont (17)

“One Love One Life” was one of two big concerts happening on Wednesday night, with Shabba Ranks and Alison Hinds taking to the stage in St George’s for the “Cup Match Salute” concert.

The next big holiday party is the Soca vs Reggae event, which is set to take place this evening night [Aug 2] at Tiger Bay in St George’s.

Photos by Jessica Dismont, click to enlarge:


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Comments (12)

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  1. just saying says:

    Was so looking forward to the concert….disappointed by Collie Buddz…really that’s all you could do…3 songs which were lacking..that’s the best you could offer Bermuda?
    As for smoking…it’s time Bermuda banned ALL smoking in public places like they do in other countries…as for the ‘other stuff’….it was a disgrace to see a group of people lighting up so much of it…their arrogance was disgusting….I don’t want to inhale your stuff so leave it at home.A 12 yr old was there and they just carried on like it was nothing….blowing their stuff all over everyone…..pity they didn’t have the police dog there…they would have made a killing…the police were outside but guess their noses didn’t pick it up either….and before anyone responds that reggae and smoking go together….NOT… is still illegal….

    • Bob Marley says:

      And just what are the police supposed to do about weed smoking in a venue which had over 3500 people? So you want them to push their way through all those people so YOU didnt have to breathe in their “stuff”? Who the hell are you?? If you didnt like you could have moved so you didnt have to smell their “stuff”. All people ever do in this country is friggin complain. It was a great night, even your Premier was there and he didnt complain so next time stay home and you wont have to smell any “stuff”. Although it is illegal people will not stop smoking it so get with the program or stay home.


      Bob Marley

      • Deliverance says:

        Hang on BOB….. Why TF don’t YOU STAY HOME if you want to do illegal activity. Why should law abiding citizens out for a good time have to put up with your illegal activities? You must one of these new breed of Bermudians who have this obnoxious sense of entitlement. Grow up.

    • Proud Bermudian says:

      What a night with amazing vibes. UZIMON stole the show! He has gotten so good since I saw him back in 2008. His band, his energy and his voice is so good. I was really surprised. Congrats to everyone that performed that night.

  2. BermudaGirl says:

    It was a free concert. You were free to leave, as well!

  3. just saying says:

    It was not a free concert….Beres was off the chain and I would go see him again anytime …..and no am not staying home …

  4. jredmond says:

    but it is a reggae show, and it goes without saying. Have you ever been to a reggae show before? being mad at that is like going to a bar and being mad at the excessive drinking. matter of fact, music in general and pot go together. You would see this at almost any show.

    • Deliverance says:

      smoking and drinking go together… but you can’t smoke cigarettes in a bar either. idiot.

  5. Donna Tucker says:

    Trying to get Jessica Dismonts e.mail address. Want a copy of a picture she snapped.