PLP Respond To Statement On The Economy

August 21, 2013

marc bean bermuda PLPWe are eight months into the One Bermuda Alliance Administration and “they have yet to implement or even articulate a clear plan out of this economic downturn,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said today [Aug 21].

Mr Bean was speaking after the Ministry of Finance released information earlier this week about the fiscal performance to date; covering revenue, expenditure and the debt.

The Opposition Leader said, “Bermudians are losing jobs every day, and we have yet to hear how Minister Richards and the Cannonier Administration intend to fix things. Casting the blame on the PLP is not going to fix our economic woes.

“In addition to steps aimed at reducing government expenditure, the OBA needs to swiftly identify other sources of revenue for the government so that our financial status is not in jeopardy.”

Mr Bean said the PLP is on record as identifying other potential revenue streams and they “call on the OBA government to implement them to encourage investment, job creation, and consequently additional revenue for Government.”

The suggestions from the Oppositon include: moving immediately on a referendum for gaming; developing our Exclusive Economic Zone for sea-bed mining, aquaculture, and offshore fishing; implementing the Incentives for Job Makers Act; leveraging our Telecommunications reform and IB infrastructure to introduce global online gaming legislation and more.

Mr Bean’s full statement follows below:

The statement released by Minister Richards on the state of the economy was sobering, but not unexpected. Everyone realizes that our economy is in a fragile state. It will require more than election promises to turn these trends around.

What is also worrisome is that prior to Dec 17, 2012, Minister Bob Richards made many statements that the OBA knew exactly what it would take to turn these trends around. All was blamed on the PLP government. We are 8 months into the OBA Administration and they have yet to implement or even articulate a clear plan out of this economic downturn.

With debt increasing, and less jobs in the economy, we are in a crisis. Bermudians are losing jobs every day, and we have yet to hear how Minister Richards and the Cannonier Administration intend to fix things. Casting the blame on the PLP is not going to fix our economic woes. In addition to steps aimed at reducing government expenditure, the OBA needs to swiftly identify other sources of revenue for the government so that our financial status is not in jeopardy.

We, the PLP, are on record as identifying other potential revenue streams and call on the OBA government to implement them to encourage investment, job creation, and consequently additional revenue for Government.

We propose to the OBA that they -

  • Implement the recently developed Infrastructure Strategy, to identify much needed improvements or repairs to our infrastructure, that will not only enhance our overall quality of life, but create business opportunities for construction companies and jobs for Bermudian construction workers
  • Move immediately on a referendum for gaming, allowing our people to have their say and to eliminate investor uncertainty in our tourism industry
  • Develop our Exclusive Economic Zone for Sea-Bed mining (a billion dollar a year industry), Aquaculture, and Off-Shore Fishing, to create new jobs, diversify our economy, and create new revenue streams
  • Implement The Incentives for Job Makers Act, creating a clear and direct set of benefits for new businesses to establish in Bermuda, bringing with them new jobs and new opportunities
  • Designate a segment of BLDC land as an “Economic FREE Zone.” Targeting global businesses such as high value physical commodity trading and satellite operations, with incentives such as payroll and other tax exemptions
  • Leverage our Telecommunications reform and IB infrastructure to introduce global online gaming legislation, online gaming being a 35 billion per year industry

We also note that this is an opportune time for the OBA government to commission a review of Bermuda’s tax structure and our existing tax rates, with a view towards long term growth. In this regard, and in spite of declining revenues, I encourage the Minister of Finance to consider a reduction in customs duties, and payroll taxes for both the employer and the employee.

While this will reduce Government revenues over the short term, it would benefit the business community by reducing cost, and likewise, it will benefit the people of Bermuda who are struggling day to day with mortgages, rents, and every day living expenses.

More importantly, it will allow for the accumulation of savings and spur investments by individuals and business, thus being a catalyst for new economic growth. This new growth in our economy at these lower tax/duty rates will ensure higher government revenues over the mid and long term as a result of an expanded tax base.

We have noticed that the OBA has spared no effort to offer concessions and tax relief to corporations and big business, a policy which the PLP has and continues to support, but they have done very little to assist Mr & Mrs Bermuda in their every day challenges. Our policy suggestion will reduce the cost of living for the people of Bermuda, and also leave more money in their pockets for purposes that they themselves are best positioned to determine.

Our Shadow Finance Minister, David Burt, understands the need for urgency in this matter, and offers his assistance to Minister Richards in the spirit of bipartisanship and in realization that Bermuda comes before any specific political party.

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  1. Bird says:

    The economy is so bad that only Kiskadees can make deposits on new cars.

    • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

      WHAT a POWERFUL REPLY and strong Opposition Party. Well done Mr Bean. You will hear the outcry from the regular OBA die-hard followers as they fear such a strong response. Their Minister Mr Richards was fast asleep and appeared very aloof on the news. The OBA have NO PLAN OR SOLUTION to move Bermuda forward. THE OBA have no Idea of how to assist the average Bermudian during these most difficult times.

      NO matter the rhetoric they espouse, the reality is lived daily by the average man whom is suffering out there. They know the the real story and live it. The words of the OBA troops will not help them, nor make them want to listen. Folks know whom cares more. Or is the interest of the OBA merely that of the wealthy and selected group in Bermuda, at present that is how it looks.

      Thanks for putting forward ideas to help move our country forward. This is something I have yet to see from the OBA party. This suggest they have NO ideas or Solutions.

      Let the OBA haters continue to shout out their usual nonsense in an attempt to discredit your brillant ideas. This is the kind of pre-election behaviours they displayed and not once did the OBA leaders shout it down. Keep talking Mr Bean, folks do not like to see such brilliants coming from you, so they will keep pushing out ignorants.

      • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

        Nr. Bean your powerful response will be a fight by the OBA fans to push you down. Keep pushing on. The PLP sound more stronger and together in an attempt to rebuild our economy. I am most pleased with the ideas coming out of the party. Keep working on behalf of Bermuda.

        I am concern that the OBA have failed to provide a plan to re-build our economy. It is clear they have no ideas or Plan. The Minister failed to present any realistic plan to move Bermuda forward. He is lacking in great knowledge on what will push Bermuda forward and provide the 2000 jobs as promised by the OBA. It is evident that will are now more likely to see 2000 less jobs by the this OBA government.

        The OBA fans will display a level of anger as they know your response is powerful. More so you presented ideas, which is what they did not expect, and a willing to work together for the good of Bermuda. Well done !! Wait for their negative and distasteful comments to follow. It is their only weapon of defence to defend their government whom lacks any creditable plan for Bermuda. I understand their dying need to put down the PLP in hopes of rising the OBA, but it will not work this time, as folks are living the real reality of Bermuda right now. Those who live it, feel it.

        Listen to the sad outcry of mean spiritedness, and distasteful comments coming from the OBA fans ……… it comes……………

        • Navin R. Johnson says:

          Did you change your name Betty?

          • m3ke says:

            So that was your best response?? Navin you are a troll.

            • navin johnson says:

              thank you M3ke but I believe that honor goes to Betty/Tramsparency

  2. js says:

    I was with Mr. Bean until he talked about offering the assistance of David Burt

    that pretty much sums up the extant of Bermuda’s economy

    on the one side you have multinational corporate institutions owned by foreign interests

    on the other side you have small time businesses more hustles than anything else owned by local interests

    those established long held local businesses need to cement the middle otherwise the whole thing will collapse

    pity there wasn’t a bailout or concessions made for Trimingham Bros

    • 1minute says:

      There was a concession for Triminghams… they were allowed to sell the building to a big multinational bank that torn it down and wiped them off the face of the earth.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        If only the demise of Triminghams were that simple.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Triminghams are safe for 10 generations its the employees that worked for peanuts that felt it. LMAO

        • WhoJahBless says:

          Triminghams = Old money!

        • Deliverance says:

          Triminghams LOST the building to the bank as it was collateral. So they made NO MONEY from that.

          • Mazumbo says:

            So they made NO MONEY from that!!!!!!!!!! Please that money goes back to pirate days. LMAO

    • Hmmm says:

      Why hasn’t he made Burt resign ? Alcoholgate!!!!

  3. ohyea! says:


  4. Serious Though says:

    There are Bermudian’s who have money real cash$$ , instead of looking for foreign investors, Charity begin at home, find ways to treat Bermudian investors like foreign investors (offer even better benefits) to start up any new investments. Govt have no money, we the people are in serious debt!

  5. Bermuda Boy says:

    PLP give it up, YOU ARE Hasbeens. No one wants to hear you.

    • no fool says:

      Wrong. the ubpOBA was the most hyped propaganda I’ve EVER witnessed in my day in politics.

      ubpOBA PROPAGANDA fooled the masses to believe they could save the economy and create 2000 jobs. Oh wait, its more like we are going to lose 2,000 jobs instead.

      And whats the ubpOBA plan for moving us forward. A bunch of “f&&k all mixed with some blame the PLP”.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        “the ubpOBA was the most hyped propaganda I’ve EVER witnessed in my day in politics.”

        You must be new to politics then………….


  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    8 months into the PLP administration they were just getting into full swing running around the world celebrating. They had left the UBP ship on autopilot, wisely, & gone on a champagne diet.

    Many, self included, had hoped that the OBA would get off to a better start. They are doing better than the PLP ever did but much more is expected of them, especially from the PLP supporters who were satisfied with the dismal PLP performance but expect instant magic from the OBA.

    While it is nice that they hold the OBA in such high esteem, the OBA has a tough time ahead given the dogs breakfast that the PLP left them.

  7. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    Online gaming and mining the seabed? Really?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      @zombie, do some research on Malta, Gibralter, The Channel islands, and come back to us and explain the negatives in the idea of Online Gambling. Before you speak, make sure you do the research. Google helped me, and maybe it will help you. 35 billion a year industry, with global markets? I love the idea, and I’m sure the law firms, accountant firms, banks, I T firms, and advertising firms here also love the idea. btw, can you or your pals suggest at least two other ideas that can assist us, I mean, excluding offering status to certain people and selling off our limited land? Better yet, suggest one idea for us please, because the OBA “business gurus” are not providing us anything.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        This comes from the party that was telling us last August that “the economy is rebounding”. No credibility.

    • Really says:

      Might as well go all the way and frack

  8. watching says:

    When will the OBA directly address these proposals from the PLP? I personally think they have merit. Will they solve every issue? Likely not. But they do have merit and deserve to be addressed especially when the OBA doesn’t seem to be offering anything else in the form of solutions.

    • Terry says:

      Why the hell did the PLP not address same when they were in power.

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    Marc Bean on the money again! Triangle drifter, can you offer a critique of Bean’s statement. Good ideas to me, but hey, what do I know? Actually, what does the OBA know, because they sure seem to be clueless? Under Marc Bean, it appears that the PLP have a much sounder grasp of economics then they previously had, and, they surely have much more to offer Bermuda then the OBA. I am especially interested in the idea of reducing customs duties and payroll tax, something that would help everybody. Marc Bean’s statements on the economy have been excellent, and reveals much about him and the “new PLP”. He even offers a bipartisan approach to the OBA, something that must make some people in the OBA very uncomfortable. I am very impressed with the Opposition Leader, and the current Premier can learn a lot from him.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      So in his model where does the Government pick up the lost revenue? Where will the money come from wellfair, helth, education, sports…. come on his suggestions are only half an idea. True that might be more than what we see the OBA producing 8 months in but that is the problem with PLP ideas from the beginning no thought to how it will be done. In this case the process is more important than the end game……….


  10. Economics 101 says:

    The OBA “have done very little to assist Mr & Mrs Bermuda in their every day challenges” – The PLP just don’t understand… it really is pathetic and sad that a countries so recent ex-leaders could be so shortsighted. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life. Helping big business is akin to teaching Bermudians to fish. Giving people handouts would only see the money squandered and the people come back for more… solidifying big business will bring more money into the island and thereby into the pockets of industrious go-getters willing to do what it takes to put themselves in a position to compete. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds”.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Read the statement again….very slowly…..Bean is speaking economics 402, not 101. I know it’s painful for many who realize their beloved OBA are empty on solutions, but I would suggest that you take on board the PLPs ideas.

      • Hmmm says:

        ideas is all they got, anyone can have ideas…airline, undersea oil, undersea gold, fish, weather research, algae as a fuel source, International Sailing, Sports Centre, Movies licencing, Webhosting, diamond production, magma, Premier Music Studios. wine production, interplaentary travel, trams, cable car ride from Dockyard to Hamilton, Triangle Holywwod theme park and Salt Water Export.

        These are not governments work, these are private enterprise work. If there was value in it we would have people busting down the doors.

  11. @ concerned citizen “the PLP had a sounder grasp about economics”! Sure they did when MR. Cox (not Paula) was at the helm! And 2 think Mr. bean and Mr. Burt have a better economic understanding the Bob Richards is hilarious! Both of them together couldn’t stand in his shoes! BTW Who put us in debt!? The very ones u stated and the very ones u support! Get real!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      @cavello bay, I said “have”, not “had” ……but I understand your point. The PLP is responsible for the debt, but the people you support, including Minister Richards, are clueless, and promised/fooled you into thinking that they know what they are doing. Meanwhile, Bean, Burt and others are providing solutions, solutions that either you are unwilling or unable to address. These are the younger members in the PLP, yet they are proving to be capable leaders with a sound grasp of economics. So, maybe Richards can dismiss the ideas from the PLP, but that would still leave him AND you, clueless as to the simple world of sound economic principles and polices. Btw, what do you think of the proposal to cut payroll tax and customs duties? Let’s hear your thoughts on it…..the pros and the cons. In your opinion, will it benefit us(you, me,and everybody else), or prove to be negative. I mean come on, if you can claim that Bean or Burt cannot walk in Minister Richards shoes, then you certainly have the ability to critique The Opposition Leaders statement! If you cannot, then I can only assume that you are making comments in ignorance. Your turn my dear…….

      • sonso says:

        you sound like a friggin salesman trying to lure swing voters back to the PLP camp!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          No, he is just a high volume koolaid consumer.

        • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

          @ Triangle Drifer (Die-Hard OBA/UBP) ……….OBA/UBP has recently Put us in massive debt: PLP at least invested monies in major Capital projects and Social agenda. Also, PLP develop debt over a period of 14 years. Now the OBAubp has put Bermuda in debt in just over 6 MONTHS. This $800m is to cover FUTURE shortfalls, not previous ones, so no it was not spent by the PLP. This isn’t “blame the PLP” day. This is new debt we are about to take out that has nothing to do with PLP. The OBAubp fail to have a plan to address our growing debt,yet they promised the people they would lower it with in no time. May be you should ask, why are the OBAubp putting the country is such a HUGE DEBT? OR is that too hard for you to figure out? Why? Because the OBA?UBP fail to have a viable plan to address our economy and generate alternative Revenue streams. It looks like the only plan of the OBA is to “Borrow”, much of what they accused the PLP of doing pre-election. This is killing the OBA fans that PLP has provided some brilliant ideas….NOW LETS WORK TOGETHER…………BUILD BERMUDA

          only difference is the PLP was reducing spending and the OBA has no viable plan to turn the economy around and has increased spending, according to the rating agency by as much as 12%..

          Further, If you are paying close attention.. recall now…the PLP’s downgrade came as a result of our dependence on the USA economy and since the US was downgraded so where we….OBA was downgrade due to their own non-existing plan and increased spending… I accept no one knows the future and hey the wind may blow some extra revenue this way… or the OBA will use the debt the borrowed to show grow….. you know borrow 1 mil put it in your saving acct. then saying I’m a great saver… will you be woodwinked again…

          OBA/UBP lack a plan to get Bermuda moving forward. Ideas from the PLP is brilliant move to work to bring about growth in Bermuda’s economy. We must work together to build this country or sink as one.

          The reality is OBA should examine the ideas put forward by the PLP, since they have none, if they are really serious about working together as one as promised pre-election. Stop with the nonsense OBA fans and get real on what can OBA or PLP do to build this country back as one.

          • Navin R. Johnson says:

            Hi Betty/transparency for real

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            actually the PLP only start really turning the debt on durring the plp’s great ones rule (cause that is what it was, he acted as the ruler)2008-to presant really. I wish you would put up offical numbers you and everyone else will see when the money started drainning out of this country wish the AG had the power to really follow the money I think you would not be suprised on where I think it ends.

            LOL the PLP would have a very long road in getting a vote from me again.

  12. swing voter says:

    Foreign investment, including the tourist dollar is the key brother Bean. Bermudians continue to loose jobs because the entire service industry is flat…that’s what we Bermudians did for the big money foreign investors for years Bean, we provided support services, government and private services. The previous governments strategy worked, kick the foreigners out, and let then take their money with them. Do you see the result of your stupid policy? Do you understand the effect the term limit policy had across the board for all of us? Or are you in denial like your comrades.

  13. Hmmm says:

    So, if these were such great ideas, why didn’t the PLP do them. We were struggling for 5 years under the PLP after they burst the bubble. Those job numbers tell a story, just not the one the PLP are telling.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      You OBA folk are very weak debaters. Is the UBP the same as the OBA? If you say no….because Craig is the Leader, then the same applies to the leaders of the PLP. You mention bubble…which bubble? You must be talking about the credit bubble, which did burst, but credit is created by banks, not the PLP. Your silly statement insinuates that the PLP created the GLOBAL CREDIT bubble, and then decided to burst it……hahahaha, hey buddy, some of us can think you know…….btw, this “blame it on the PLP” game is over……but feel free to preach it for the next few years!

      • Hmmm says:

        No the PLP expanded an economy that was already overheated. You don’t spend like the PLP did. It had to end and couldn’t be sustained. All that Infrastructure spending, how much $$$ does it generate above and beyond what was already being generated….very little to negative, so the country receives no return on the money it borrowed and spent…that is why we are in a mess. What were the income generators for the good of the country ?

        • sonso says:

          exactly! the PLP should have been saving, saving, saving during the hay times in Bermuda, so that when the stinky stuff started to hit the fan, they government had the money to be able to spend, spend spend. think of all of the capital projects that have been “proposed” that werent half bad ideas, that have gone quiet because the funding is just not there?
          right now the government could have been well into a capital spending campaign around the island to support the economy at home.

          • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

            Yet the OBA/UBP are not saving either. They have put us in debt in over a short period of just 6 months, while the PLP build our debt in over 14 years….what a great difference.

            Now the OBAubp has put Bermuda in debt in just over 6 MONTHS. This $800m is to cover FUTURE shortfalls, not previous ones, so no it was not spent by the PLP. This isn’t “blame the PLP” day. This is new debt we are about to take out that has nothing to do with PLP. The OBAubp fail to have a plan to address our growing debt,yet they promised the people they would lower it with in no time. May be you should ask, why are the OBAubp putting the country is such a HUGE DEBT? OR is that too hard for you to figure out?

            • Navin R. Johnson says:


            • Hmmm says:

              It’s very difficult to save when your outgoings (as a direct result of the PLP) are higher than your incomings (as a direct result of the PLP).

              The additional borrowing was done to cover future shortfalls caused by the PLP. It was done to secure a lower rate of interest now than would be available in the future.

              If the PLP had invested in assets that would generate future income for the country then we would not have this problem. What did the PLP build that generates income for the country above and beyond that which was already being generated?????

            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              again correction the PLP build debt from 2008-to dec 2013 and beyond through the short sightedness they they have.


      • Barracuda says:

        Your team lost mate , why?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        “You OBA folk are very weak debaters”

        This line right here shows your debating stregth right there……………..

        LOL answer the how for these “new” plp ideas and you might get a better responce. Comeon I’m sure those in the know in your party could tell you what to write in responce.

  14. Verbal Kint says:

    Spice Hill. Spring Benny Road. Still no answers from Mr. Bean.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Ask the OBA who are the owners of the pink beach club, who they just gave a multi million tax concession too. You know, the owners that the OBA refuse to reveal to the public? Let me check the pink beach story to see if you asked a similar question! Hmmmmmm. It must kill you folks to see the PLP as an effective opposition and a REAL government in waiting, especially when you also realize the farce that the OBA is! Bean for Premier! Haha!

      • Hmmm says:

        Well go on then who are the owners?

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          I have no idea who the owners are. That’s the question. We all know who the Greens are, and prior to them being granted a concession. So why can’t the OBA tells us who the pink beach owners are?

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            So I guess you read the news report yesterday about the owners of Pink Beach. No OBA members, or anyone connected with the OBA. Now will you stop the stupid childish innuendos? You obviously know nothing.

      • E$ says:

        OBA…owners of the pink beach club. you are retarded lmao. you must believe everything ya ppl tell you.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        I’ll have time to care about Pink Beach Club after Mr. Bean clears the decks and answers the Spice Hill/Spring Benny questions. First come, first served. Nice attempt at throwing a blanket over it, though. Obfuscation, got to love it.

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          I don’t think he has anything to respond to? Sylvan Richards is dealing with similar appeals, and public ally stated that he will do as other ministers have done….follow the law. But if you require a response, beyond what Bean has stated on numerous occasions, then go up to Planning and reds the files….

          • Concerned Citizen says:


          • Verbal Kint says:

            I’ve read it. It doesn’t address his motives. It would be much easier if Mr. Bean would answer as to what his motives were in making the decisions. Then we would all know, but he has stated that he won’t answer any more questions. Consequently, I get to ask the same one over and over. Or he could just answer the question and then I will stop. That’s how it works. Simple isn’t it?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Stay “the strong opposition” you where never to be the government in past or in the present form the PLP must change.


    • God Grant Me The Serenity says:

      Add another S to the list – Ships Hill. The not so honourable seems to have an affinity to Ss

  15. campervan says:

    I don’t give credence to the opinions of redneck, xenophobic anti gay individuals.
    I just cant get past his prejudice, and neither would Obama.
    He would be a big hit in Russia though, they currently have Neanderthal views on the gay community.
    Don’t let this hater NEAR any real power or one segment of the community is sure to suffer.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Stop talking about Premier Craig Cannonaire like that!

      • Hmmm says:

        so you respond to truth with pathetic school yard humour…yet you critic debate. How much do the PLP pay you to write your nonsense. Let’s have the real truths.

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Oh my gracious, you cannot read either. Who are the owners of pink Beach, the persons whom the OBA refuse to reveal when they granted the concession?

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Calling the Leader redneck, xenophobic, with Neanderthal views are not facts, just opinions. The irony is that the Premier shares the same views……so why you give him a pass……oh I forgot…….

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Has Bean fired Burt the bootlegger yet, or is he too weak as a leader?

            • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

              Has the Premier fired MP Outerbridge for her … Please watch you silly mouth as it makes little sense< there is no comparison between the two cases. Nandi …, and so she should be what the OBA so named as "RECALL".. aha.Stop with your silly foolishness ..

              • Verbal Kint says:

                Actually, the potential criminal penalties for the two cases are about the same.

              • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                The potential criminal liability for illegally selling alcohol includes prison. Burt should be kicked out. But I guess Bean is a weak leader.

                • Concerned Citizen says:

                  Hey Zombie, can you tell us who is the leader of the OBA? I will give 3 attempts, but trust me, whomever you name is not as strong a leader as Marc Bean. If they was, they would be the Premier today……..btw, Craig is not the correct response!

                  • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                    Childish. Grow up.

                  • LOL (original TM*) says:

                    Your debating skills are getting worse in this thread alone…….


  16. navin johnson says:

    There is NOTHING that anyone connected to the PLP can say that is worth listening to..they lied to everyone and pillaged the economy with foolish self centered policy for 14 years and are nothing more than a joke….listening to Mr.Bean is like listening to someone who is brain dead….

    • Barracuda says:


    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That about sums up the situation as briefly as possible

    • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

      Navin, most folks have expressed they are very pleased with Mr Bean’s statement. I think this is why you and your army of OBAubp die-hards are working hard in an attempt to discredit his statement. Your leader and Minister Mr Richards come across some what aloof and out of touch with the reality of our economy and the needs of the average man. The OBAubp have no answers to our dying economy and if they did why keep it a secret, get on with the job.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Most folks you listen too………..


    • M3ke says:


  17. Concerned Citizen says:

    Anyway, let’s hear your opinion on tax reform and tax breaks please. Attacking Bean and the PLP will not help you in any way. I want to hear from you so called business minded people out there in cyber land. I bet that Minister Richards is going to take some of these suggestions and work with the PLP. I know, I know, it’s painful for some of you folk……but… this space! Haha

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      And your list if the income generating businesses that grew up and established themselves during the 14- year attempt at running the country we gave the PLP.

    • navin johnson says:

      They have nothing to say Concerned Citizen…they are the party who raised taxes in 2010 despite concern from the IB community and every employer in Bermuda…jobs were lost, raises were not given and they reversed policy far too late…tax increases were followed by tax breaks…why should anyone believe what they have to say? Shut up Mr. Bean and stay out of the way while the OBA fights to save Bermuda if, in fact, it can be saved….seriously the duo of Bean and Burt to save our Economy?

  18. HeyBye says:

    Bda is suffering from 14 years of “EB” instilled “I got mine” governance,damaging Bda coffers and now it has to be all repaired plus more, in eight months.
    They have no moral grounds to suggest or criticize.

  19. @ concerned citizen ” no need to argue about the PLP they had 14 years to make an impact for Bermuda, instead the were just riding on the UBP train until the money went and disappeared!” They had NO IDEAS HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS, BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN THE HAVE THE SOLUTIONS!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Its People like YOU that just can’t except the FACT that the PLP Screwed US!! And you would sit there and defend a man/men that give land away, and goes missing when the questions are asked, and a man selling alcohol without a license ON the internet! How shady is THAT!! You better tell the PLP to get Dale Butler, Kim Wilson, and there are a couple of good ministers left within the PLP 2 even stand a chance of getting back in POWER!! BTW no need to give my opinions on payroll tax and customs duties because you wouldn’t even agree if my opinion was a good one!! Only because PLP diehards like u can’t even see past your nose!!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Who gave land away? Why the focus on Burt and swizzle, yet silence about Nandi(2 months of silence)? Hahahaha! I’m sure you would like Dale and Kim, no surprise there. But feel free to comment on the tax ideas, as you never know, I just might agree with you. Would you care to at least try?

      • God Grant Me The Serenity says:

        Kim who? HAAAAAAAAAASAAAAAAAAASSAAA!!!!!!!! Funny. Articulate but not the sharpest tool in the box. Kim who? I have fallen off my chair and rolling about the floor. No need for meals today. I am bursting at the seams already.

    • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

      Cavello bay sounds like you fear this strong Opposition leader and party. It is evident by the nonsense you espouse daily. The OBA/ubp have failed this country. They have no ideas of how to move Bermuda’s economy forward. If they did you would be singing be able to outline their plan. This and other OBA are not able to do. WHERE IS THE OBA PLAN OR IDEAS TO MOVE BERMUDA FORWARD? WHERE ARE THE IDEAS TO ASSIST THE AVERAGE BERMUDIAN? Your Minister Richard is very much asleep and aloof. The OBA sang out promises pre-election but are falling off the wall quickly. Folks out there are hurting, they tell the real and true stories, so nothing what the OBA troops write will change the reality of Bermuda now.

  20. Luis Suarez says:


    Back to the drawing board, and can I say, they have to be damn good, after all your lot got us in this mess.

    • Really says:

      Yeah could just to back to the favorite smokescreen anti gay talk like its important and top of the list

  21. A. Little says:

    Politicians win gold medals in the Natty Best Island Political Games.

    Mr. Speaker, please allow me the opportunity to present some well deserved gold medals to the following politicians.

    Dale B. wins gold for unwavering loyalty in the face of immense adversity.

    Randy H. wins gold for overstepping party boundaries and ‘finishing well’.

    Wayne F. wins gold for the slippery flip flop manoeuvre.

    Marc B. wins gold for huffing and puffing distracting rhetoric.

    Craig C. wins gold for hopeful dreams and visions of future prosperity.

    Mark P. wins gold for airing dirty laundry.

    Michael D. wins gold for hyping up some criminal statistics.

    Pamela G-P.wins gold for valiant first aid attempts at the hospital.

    Mr. Speaker, ifinit weren’t such a vexxing reesasshun, we would have more gold to hand out…..oh vell, maybe nex yuur.

    Patience, peace and love and unity,we all in this together people.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Wish everyone on the island thought that but the PLP has never shown me that they are in it for all Bermudains at the end of the day with them you have to qualify as a “real Bermudian” they never stated who the real Bermudian where just that those that aren’t with them aren’t “real”……….


  22. 32n64w says:

    Stoneleigh Capital LLC is the new owner of Pink Beach.

  23. Really says:

    The PLP are seething they can’t swindle any more out of the people’s coffers millions could be spent and overrun and profiteered on mr beans ideas but ALAS he can’t make himself the CEO

  24. Alvin Williams says:

    I wonder why we don’t hear any more about the so-called internal factors driving the recession in Bermuda so popular when the anti-Bermudian one term OBA government was the political opposition and in the run up to the election? Oh yea you convince Bermudians that is was all the fault of the former PLP government and that you had two thousands jobs already to go. Now that the OBA is the government; the truth is very unpalatable and the watch word now is in regard to Bermuda’s economic recovery; ‘Hurry up and wait Bermuda for your economic salvation.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      I thought you were against expats Alvin?

      What would you say if the island imported a few hundred seabed miners and internet gambling experts?

  25. O'Brien says:

    Honest question – can anyone say what Marc Bean’s education and credentials are? I know he trained to be a pilot at some point, but his online bio is very vague on this point.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      He apparently has no degrees or credential, aside from a pilot’s license. His greatest success appears to be getting an untendered consulting position with the previous Government for several hundred thousand dollars. If anyone in the PLP would like to give us his sterling credentials, I would be glad to retract all that.

  26. Come Correct says:

    Sea bed mining, job makers incentive act….youainksers. Last time the oba gave the retail industry an incentive to hire they were labeled as being all for the employer and not the workers. Do you have the know how and infrastructure to mine a sea bed? I sure as hell don’t. So I guess that means more foreigners…another staple in the plp complaints manual. I guess the plp was too busy sippin the bubbly to notice that yatch, what was it? The octopus? You know that one that belonged to Bill Gates’ left nut. The one with the submarine that no one saw leave the harbor. What the f@ck do you think they were here for, a so much less Bermudaful vacation? lol talk about a set up. If we had anything in our sea bed we’d be stingin rails through Benjamins right now.

  27. For real says:

    Mark Bean and you people who support the PLP need to take a back seat,you had your turn its over and the people are suffering because of your parties greed

  28. funny says:

    The basics are the plp without a doubt caused our massive debt without any help and now people expect the
    Oba to wave a magic wand and wipe out the debt create jobs after plp drove away business this cannot happen in such a short period. I do agree that the oba could be much more vocal but who knows what is going on behind the doors measure twice cut once. If I were in charge I would want to be sure that the vision put forth makes sense and is likely to be a success and get support from the public otherwise it will not fly. We need to have a plan that moves the country forward in th right direction. The ideas the plp are rehashing are not new, the oba and most everyone know the choices they list but it is the implementation that is important and cannot be just thrown together. I wont say give them time and be soft on them as I agree time is short and action is needed but make sure you think quickly and come with at least one good start soon. Smartest move imo is gaming as it would create jobs short and long term and there has been enough study that it would be viable write up the referendum put the case forward asap.


  29. Smh says:

    OBA will only be in power for 1 term and that’s it ok so to my PLP keep learning every day so that when we WIN back Govt. we will be ready to lead this island to the Promise Land!!!

    • God Grant Me The Serenity says:

      And how many terms did Paula Cox serve. Certainly one cannot possibly ly do worse.

    • Deliverance says:

      WTH is the Promised Land? Look “Smh” nobody is going to vote for your gay bashing xenophobic party. Nobody.

  30. god1st says:

    @ Concerned Citizen

    Thank you.

  31. god1st says:

    @ Come Correct

    You need guidance still.

  32. Shirley Richardson says:

    Some of you people writing this trash are just plain stupid, for one the whole idea of developing sea bed mining, was shared with Mark Bean by former Preimer David Saul, in fact he tried to get the UBP to invest into that potential money making industry,but I guess Grant Gibbons and his rich friends, did’nt have the patience to wait, and invest in Bermudians, they would rather sell Bermuda to the highest bidder, for quick cash, The PLP’s policy suggestions are good one’s and I know it really upset you haters, but the reality is that for many, the OBA is proving to be one big disapointment to some of their own supporters, they have not put forth any programs to assist the struggling people of this country, They are for the wall steet boys. The blame game has played out,and the double talk from the head of this government,are just words he’s been programed to say.

    • Bermyman says:

      You can suggest things but it does not mean they are practical or implementable at this stage, particularly with the lack of financing available in the present climate.

      Sea Bed mining is extremely expensive and would require significant interest from a large Mining conglomerate. At the moment it can be undertaken in similar jurisdictions with lower operational costs. The Impact to the Eco system is also a major factor and also the severe weather Bermuda is susceptible to in the winter and hurricane season. In reality it is a pipe dream that is not a realistic option, not would it necessarily provide jobs in large numbers for Bermudians.

      What is realistic is passing legislation on Gaming which should have been done years ago by the previous government. Gaming will boost tourism, hotel development and government revenues.

      Online gaming in turn will also boost Government revenues if it is taxable. In reality many offshore gaming jurisdictions already exist and Bermuda would need to have some sort of Unique selling point were they to pry them away from their existing operations.

      In reality the PLP are playing the role of armchair politicians quite well, making pie in the sky suggestions while in reality they know that there currently does not exist the infrastructure or investment interest to kick start any of these ideas. That requires time and effort and realistic expectations.

      Bermuda is not an economic environment currently that will attract investment, our costs are too high and we have a significant lack of skilled labour that will work in fields like seabed mining or Casino based Hotel tourism.

      In the last 14 years we have priced ourselves out and failed to train and educate our workforce to do anything outside of performing highly inefficient civil service tasks.

      We are reaping what the PLP sowed and there is no quick fix. But if they had such an opportunity before why did they not diversify our economy when they had the chance??

    • Hmmm says:

      Shirley it was the PLP who allowed Bank Of Bermuda to be sold to HSBC by doing away with the 60:40 rule….The PLP also racked up the Debt. They sold your future from right under your noses and you thanked them for it and still do.

  33. God 1st says:

    @ Shirley Richardson

    Excellent point of view. You certainly breath new life into bermuda.

    • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

      Well said Mr Richardson, is is evident that the OBA fans fear such a strong leader as Mark, and more so that fact that he brings to the table SOLUTIONS AND IDEAS, which is lacking of their leaders and MR Richards. FOR REAL

    • Bermyman says:


  34. OMG says:

    Hi Famous and Laverne……glad to see you are still lost in the matrix..them “green” pills are powerful huh?

  35. god1st says:

    @ OMG

    Your response has nothing to do with the subject matter.

    Nothing but venom has come out of your dirty mouth, why not
    acknowledge that my leader has offered great solutions and

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      But has failed to say how it would be done…….

      LOL mot saying the OBA have done better with there message but if you have an idea reasearce it first and be the first to tell us how it would be done I will not vote for that I will vote for a sensible, complete idea which must inclued the how it’s foccussing on the process that will help Bermuda not some idea that ultimatly can’t work here. Crunch the numbers see if it is infact fessable to do and come back to try to convince us.


  36. god1st says:

    @Smh says:

    August 22, 2013 at 12:04 am

    OBA will only be in power for 1 term and that’s it ok so to my PLP keep learning every day so that when we WIN back Govt. we will be ready to lead this island to the Promise Land!!!

    Very TRUE!!!! I Love reading your beautiful comments.

    • Hmmm says:

      There is no promise land. From here on in its graft until you die. PLP made sure of that. thanks PLP

  37. campervan says:

    The PLP would rather trash the sea bed and the eco system in a fruitless attempt to look under rocks for cash than consider granting citizenship to hard working time-honoured expatriate members of the community who would give the economy a well needed boost.
    What type of warped socialist values do these people have when they are happy to see workers put decades of their sweated labour in to a community, tax them yet deny them equal rights 20 years later?
    Where does that mentality fit into the socialist ideal of equality, liberty and fraternity?

  38. What Do You Think says:

    Bermyman I guess you don’t know… Bermuda priced its self out of the market back in the 1970s when the then Tourism Minister C.V. Jim Woolridge stated that as a country we need to attract tourist with an income of $50,00 per yr. We are in the next millennium and here in 2013. How many tourist who decide to come to our shores makes $50,00 per year ? A few and those who make them huge bucks rather not come here. My rating of the OBA thus far sucks. It appears more people are unemployed now then ever before. Those who find a job can’t even brag about it cause it may not be as secure as they wished only to find out they are there temping. The OBA promised jobs but I feel that they didn’t do their homework. Nothing is a quick fix but it has been some sad stories all round. The Banks, the utility companies all except one to my knowledge Cell One are turning the screws tighter on people whos ends are not even meeting. I don’t understand why a company would want to take out a page ad in the daily paper to address understanding your bill !!!! They seem pretty clear 5,10 and 15yrs ago then cut you off because you missed one payment. All the rest of them need to follow CellOnes lead.. They reduce the reconnection fee, they allow you to go over due by one month and if you can pay the over due prior to the end of the month they will keep your connection going and they do way more then the average provider in keep their customers happy. That to me is keep the economy afloat. OBA need to take some of that page and find out what is actually needed to keep LOCALS employed and those looking to get into the work force employed. Employers stop road blocking we locals with stupid claims of no experience, over qualified, we not training no new employees, its slow. Get the people employed to reinvent your business, your work place that one person you may hire that you was doubtful about would be the one person to spark creativity and increase sales and revenue.

    • Bermyman says:

      Bermuda is priced out of the market because the cost of goods and services are too high, Operational costs are too high and staff costs are too high. Nothing to do with Jim and the 1970′s.

      You need investment and revenue for companies to be able to hire people, in order to do that you need people who are spending money in the economy in order for business to remain healthy and employ. Business cannot just employ people for the sake of it, they need the financial ability to. We have lost significant $$$ in the economy as many expat workers have left our shores and IB companies have left, they put money into the economy. At the moment not enough of the working population has enough $$$ to pay for the non-working or Government working part of the population. There is no quick fix, the OBA cannot magically create jobs in 8 months.

      By your logic you have little grasp of how an economy works. You seem to think that jobs are just handed out willy nilly and that business can just pay as many people as they want to work for them. It may work like that previously if you worked for Government but that is the reason we have Billions of dollars in national debt and we cannot longer afford to pay government wages. That is the type of logic that put us in the mess in the first place.

      Think about it, you want a job, go wash pots, scrub floors, clean offices or work at Buzz. Jobs that many Bermudians have turned their noses up to for decades. You talk about Cell one!? well maybe if you are struggling to pay your bill you should maybe not have a cell phone then you won’t have a bill to pay!? The entitlement in Bermuda is our own worst enemy when it comes to becoming employed.

      We reap what the PLP have sowed.

  39. LOL (original TM*) says:

    This is why politics will not advance Bermuda just look at the quality of our politicans…………


  40. Scot says:

    Fishing american angler 9 fillet knife with Bassmaster has been a complete wash out.

    Your gear means the rod, started to tighten it and then put on ice in a cooler.