Black Friday Sales: Promos & Opening Times

November 28, 2013

[Updated] A host of the island’s retailers are gearing up to offer deeply discounted rates for Black Friday, an American shopping tradition which has picked up steam in Bermuda in recent years.

Digicel on Church Street will open at 9pm tonight, CellOne will open at midnight, the Annex will open at 4am, Brown & Co will open at 4am, the Phoenix on Reid Street will open at 4am, P-Tech will open at 4am, Gibbons Company will open at 5am, Coopers will open at 6am and other stores will also be getting in on the action.

Last year saw hundreds of shoppers out in the wee hours of the morning to take advantage of Black Friday sale prices, and this year can be expected to be the same, with Digicel’s “pre-sale” attracting overnight campers outside their door earlier this week.

Below you can find some of the promotions being offered by the island’s major retailers:

Annex Toys:


Brown & Co:








Gibbons Company, click poster to enlarge to readable size:






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  1. sayitaintso says:

    You really think you are saving?

    • crackattack says:

      yes, actually, you are

      • me me says:

        No u are not really. Been pricing different things around the island. 43 ” tv black friday special at m&. 635 regular price 625 at pricerite. A lot of things are not reall savings. And definitly not big savings. But the experience is what is nice for some. And if it encourages people to shop BDA why complain. Just please be smart everybody. Look at regular prices. Shop around compare prices. Stick to ur shopping list and christmas list. Look at fine print and regulations on contracts. Not a lot of imprumptu purchases and u can enjoy the experience and not have regrets when the bills come later.