Family Centre Campaign Appeals For Donations

November 4, 2013

While many companies and organizations prepare for their year-end activities or for the close of their fiscal year, Family Centre is focused on the increased needs presented by many families in recent months.

A spokesperson said, “This year-end campaign is to ensure the continuation of vital services while government works to strengthen the economy. A strong economy starts with people who are emotionally and physically well. Family Centre explains that each year they must push harder for the same, or more dollars because the need for assistance from families has increased year upon year for the past 5 years.

“With the increased demand for services this year due to our high rate of unemployment,it is concerning to see the number of families who are struggling to meet basic needs. Family Centre’s work is to provide supportive counseling and parent education groups, along with healthy youth programmes to keep youth on positive paths.”

Martha Dismont, Family Centre Executive Director explains, “It has become very difficult to simply provide these services when so many families are concerned about where their next meal is coming from, and whether they have enough money to buy their child a new pair of shoes.

“As recently reported in the newspaper, individuals are beginning to get quite depressed about being without meaningful employment. It is critical that we get dollars flowing in this community if for no other reason than to uplift the spirit of our resident population.

“We must acknowledge all of the families that are doing their best to keep their heads above water, and we need to consider what type of social safety net we should have had in place and now must put in place to support families until the economy is back on its feet.”

Last year, through the support of good friend, Mr. Kirk Kitson, Family Centre raised an additional $200k to eliminate a deficit position due to funding cuts. Mr. Kitson has assured Family Centre he would once again help to get the remaining funds for the year.

In this very difficult economic climate, Family Centre hopes that the community will once again show their support which will assist the many families that are in need. 2012 fundraising efforts would not have been possible without the support of the community, and their commitment to services that strengthen children and their families.

Family Centre is simultaneously embarking upon a year-end campaign to set up a reserve operating fund to ensure long term financial sustainability as an organization. This fund will be funded with revenue from many different strategies, including entreprenurial endeavors.

Family Centre is seeking local and overseas support with this campaign to help to begin to strengthen this fund. They believe that securing a fund for regular operating costs over the long term is fiscally prudent and is critically necessary. Donors in Bermuda have been extraordinarily generous and Family Centre has expressed gratitude for their support knowing the economic challenges in the community.

Frank Amaral, Fund Development Committee Chair shares, “Family Centre is unique in its mandate in that it is the only health service provider on island to provide an integrated approach to helping families.

“Not only do they provide intervention counseling services they are also proactive in the community with preventative programs such as the Youth Development Zone. Supporting the work of the Family Centre is even more critical today given the increased demand for services. We ask that members of our community “step-up” and make a donation to our annual year-end campaign.”

Any interested people who wants to help make a difference for a family with a donation, please call 232.1116. and to make a donation online please visit here.

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