Prince Edness Charged With 2006 Murder

January 20, 2014

Jason LightbourneA 28 year old man appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Jan 20] facing charges relating to a seven year old murder.

Prince Edness was charged with the murder of Jason Lightbourne [pictured], who was murdered in 2006.

As the charges are indictable and can only be heard in the Supreme Court, Edness did not have to enter a plea.

Edness was remanded in custody and will reappear on January 27th.

Around 4am on Sunday, 23rd July, 2006 18 year old Jason Lightbourne was behind the wheel of a white Daihatsu Charade sedan motorcar traveling in a westerly direction on Ord Road in Paget when he was shot and killed.

[Note: There are very specific rules about commenting on court stories, and as such many are not permitted. If you are not familiar with the rules, please see the guidelines here.]

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  1. justice says:

    About time. Did it really have to take 7 years? Really? Smh.

    • John says:

      Are u for real, do you think evidence is easy to come by. Have you ever investigated anything.

    • sushi says:

      Finaly!!!! The **** gets caught…. hopefully he drops the soap in the shower.

      • Gangdumbstyle says:

        Finally, the only Throne the Price will have will be stainless steel toilet in his 6′ x 6′ cell.

      • roger says:

        i hear he already takes the soap

    • Legal Beagle says:

      Justice, how narrow minder are you? Do you really think solving a murder is always like an episode of NCIS?? Get a life.

  2. 80s says:


  3. Positive says:

    Thank you BPS !!

  4. Kangoocar says:

    Can Min Petingill please get on with changing the laws concerning the minimum sentence these types can receive?? 15 yrs is not nearly long enough, we the public demand protection!!!!

  5. me says:


    • Wait and see says:

      This is only the beginning. I hope that the evidence is enough and fool proof enough to convict the right person. As a taxpayer I don’t want to waste time and money on a trial that will set this individual free or give him a slap on the wrist if he’s found guilty.

  6. Gabbs says:

    Well done BPS

    • shaka zula says:

      Great news !! thumbs up to BPS ,but now we as a people must lobby government to make sure that these people get LIFE in Prison, not the 15 or 25 years,let these sorry ass bastards rot in prison.Take away that field at malabar, and let the prisoners grow there own food, to easy up there with three meals a day,free medical etc..

      • 'nuff sa-d' says:

        Been saying the same thing for months now .. Let the prison farm provide the fish, Co-Ed the live stock and Westgate the veggies.
        With only emergency medical or dental. And the rule for eating Is:- “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”…Non participation in learning/retraining activities will result in a limited diet. All training should be mandatory. No TV, which is to be replaced by reading self help books.

  7. SMH says:



  8. ABOUT TIME says:

    Hopefully they get a conviction then he can be Cox’s little bi@@atch.

    Cox can then show him what a real bad boy is. Prince will be called PRINCESS for the next 25 years plus.

    • peace n love says:

      So immature. How do you know its true. So ready to judge people. Some one probably reading this ignorance that you have written and calling you a Bi@@atch, for being so childish. In any event whoever kills another should be jailed to the fullest of the law. But to be negative and ignorant is noT necessary.

  9. FF says:

    Innocent until proven guilty…and if he has NOT been proven guilty you might wanna hold off on all the “well Done BPS” comments…

    • Just One says:

      Actually the BPS have done their job, up to the DPP now, well done BPS!!!

    • Gangdumbstyle says:

      Sorry…not true! MANY GUILT people walk free because a) the jury is biased, or fearful of repercussion, or the police make an error, a witness doesn’t show up, the victim drops charges, or the prosecution haven’t done a good enough job. That does NOT mean these pieces of trash are innocent! Big difference! Not being “proven” guilty does not mean the charged individual was never “guilty”.

    • Agree says:

      You must be a friend

  10. Islandgirl says:

    This is so comforting. I think about you often Jason. Justice for Jason!

  11. facts says:

    My **** going to be home in no time nothing can’t stick. Bigg up your self .. soon be home

  12. karma says:

    Finally….God doesnt sleep! Its really some wicked ppl in this island and im glad there 1 less on our streets!!!

    • 'nuff sa-d' says:

      Do you think that if there was a god and he was in charge that this case would have taken so long to get to court? Or are you still waiting for JC to come as well.?

  13. SMH says:

    smh!!! i cant say well done bps until the trail and this man is proven gulity… Let the evidence show first… so stop judging like he has be found gulty already… could be another 1 being charged just to charge someone… Mind you I hope that is not the case…

  14. RIP JAY!! says:

    God don’t Sleep!! Justice for Jason. We love and miss you. ORC Family

  15. Who cares it’s only 15 yrs if guilty

    • Gangdumbstyle says:

      sometimes true justice is only served after the guilty get to prison.

  16. Realist says:

    Lets hope this is the start to the remaining unsolved… I’m guessing after 7 years someone decided to open their mouth..May God continue to rest his soul.

  17. R.I.P JASON! FINALLY, finally tears of joy that they got this bad seed. CONGRATULATIONS hats of to some of the POLICE OFFICERS. (YES SOME)We the PUBLIC KNOW who’s the bad ones. Now for the bad ones including a JUDGE don’t DESTROY the EVIDENT.PUBLIC stay in tune and follow this case from the beginning to the very END.

  18. John doe says:

    If you take a life you should give a life 15 years 25 years in prison isnt good enough. capital punishment should be on the books

  19. SMDH says:

    Well its about time!!! Damn nuisance he is…

  20. thisday says:

    One of the most evil guys I have ever met

  21. Good to see this murder is finaly come to the courts!but many more to be solved. Many are part of a revolving door, they are convicted then go in for a few years then back out. Time for a 3 strikes programme and put convicted people away for the rest of there natural lives, and not the 15 or 25 years the court gives..

  22. ToLegit says:

    HaH! Bet you didn’t see that coming…Karma works in peculiar ways 7 years ago came back to bite you in the a**…wicked bastard!

  23. Evelyn says:

    After 7 years though?! Someone’s up west gate singing like a canary!

  24. R U Serious says:

    RIP Jason justice has finally been served. Job well done BPS

  25. Rip Jason gone not forgotten Orc keep ya heads up

  26. broke pocket says:

    I have been waiting for this for a long time,now we can have closure.

  27. Pah says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. By any means…

  28. Agree says:

    Finally another dangerous person off the street. Well done bps

  29. Ladeej says:

    The fact that someone was charged after all this time has to give a measure of comfort to the family. I trust that the judicial system will work and if convicted, this guy, no prince, gets the maximum sentence allowed!! RIP Jason, you were loved by many!

  30. N/A says:

    I’m so glad Jason may finally get some justice, but I would really advise holding off on any celebrations yet, as charging the defendant is only halfway, and if many of you have been aware of the Bermuda justice system lately, justice may not be what you expect. Hopefully this sends a reminder to those other guys who committed unsolved murders though, you may have freedom now, but …..tick tock tick tock

  31. Terry says:

    Is this man in prison or is he amongst the public.
    I know he has been remanded in custody and my comment shoud have have where was he when arrested et al.

  32. #HisPrincess says:

    I love you Prince! Keep your head up & stay safe! Innocent until proven guilty! Bermuda’s judgment on this young man is insane! I’ll be here waiting for you, holding down the fort. 3 months pregnant, can’t raise this baby without you! Xoxo 5th!

    • peace n love says:


    • Hmmm says:

      I refuse to believe this isn’t a joke…

    • smfh says:

      Girl u are an a$$$ sounding real stupid.. only a dumb b***** would get pregnant for this monster and brag about it. Get your life please! U think u the only one “holding” it down?! Trust me there’s tons of dummies like u out there…*****!!!! R.I.P Jason!

    • Agree says:

      Lol lol lol you sound so dopey!!

    • Im WEAK Lmao says:


    • SMDHT says:

      Poor baby

    • disgusted says:

      Miscarriage in favour!!! Take him the hell that hope his ****** *** rots in jail,

      • getyourlife says:

        her and that baby have nothing to do with his sins. reguardless of what he has done, that baby is innocent to this world unlike f***** like you who would really sit up and wish death upon an innocent person. but yet your upset that he has taken a life? ook

        • #HisPrincess says:

          Thanks getyourlife! My baby has nothing to do with his lifestyle. I just know that I have to raise my child RIGHT and pray for Prince! ….. so I guess when BERMUDA finds out who I am they will have nothing but negative things to say when im a very good person BUT all because I am pregnant with a baby for him!

          • DT says:

            @ #HisPrincess… I’m talking to a family member now.. how is it they have no knowledge of you darling?.. Please @least show your face to his family so they can be there for you. Like i said before i know him personally… an I’m also willing to help in anyway i can… #WishingYouTheBest

    • Bermerican says:

      Fort is right. That is one hell of a hiding spot you all live in!

    • Makes No Sense says:

      Lmaoo get your life girl!!!

    • LMAO says:

      Lmaooo girl bye! Get your life please! Sound real dopey.

  33. nok says:

    His princess what a Ahole.

  34. mad says:

    Prince will have a “royal” time in jail

  35. OR.C says:


    soon come

  36. hms says:

    Finally. HMS will have its own Prince of Westgate!

  37. chiraq says:

    Freee princee can’t hold a real ***** down

  38. idc says:

    keep ya head prince bra bless ya heart

  39. #lol says:

    @hisprincess not to late to hit the eject button, don’t waste your life

  40. #lol says:

    Thought here, to get back the 80k it cost to house these animals why don’t we let them fight till the death on pay per view? Prince vs Cox looks like a good start I’d pay to see that!!! And we can have odds on the fights at our new casinos looks like a win win win to me, who’s ya$$$ on?

    • 2Early2celebrate?? says:

      OMG…Funniest thing I have ever read!! Sounds Like Something I would say!!

  41. ds says:

    Be for real people just because you think his evil doesn’t mean he did it. Just remember you weren’t there to witness it….he might just be evil but that doesn’t mean he has done everything that he is accused of.

    • DT says:

      Very true… the sad part is… in Bermuda, people pass judgement so quickly without getting the facts… smh… i know him personally an he isn’t as bad as people think… he is just like you and i.. any other human for that matter is not perfect… We all have flaws… PLEASE tell me… Who are you to throw stones if you live on a glass house

      • Plz says:

        You can claim that you and he are alike but I know one thing for sure this dark creature from hell is not like me!

      • roger says:

        DT You wrote; Who are you to throw stones if you live on a glass house

        I wrote; “people who live IN glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

        You dont live ON a glass house. Don’t you know how to speak English …See this is why we don’t want to employ you people… your education level is laughable

    • Plz says:

      Same as being a liar…nobody believes them, even when they are telling the truth. Poor evil Prince…I feel so sorry for him! NOT!

  42. Erasmus says:


  43. Jahma Gibbons says:

    Im not for or against prince but its so funny how you all have all these things to say about him but how many of you have actually said it to his face?half of you are hiding behind aliases on here!this what I dont like about bermudians neva stand up and speek out.smh

    • whoeveriwannabe says:

      only one scared of prince is b!%*hes like u. lay down wit that bull. worse things can happen to his face believe dat.

      • DT says:

        @whoeveryouwannabe get ya life boo… cause gibbons aounds as if he is correct… go sleep… really… #dontletthebedbugsnite Fool… hmmm

        • DT says:

          @whoeveryouwannabe get ya life boo… cause gibbons sounds as if he is correct… go sleep… really… #dontletthebedbugsbite Fool… hmmm

  44. hms says:

    And these criminals got more rights to Bermuda…they contribute to “nada”…we seriously should think about selling ‘ citizenship’to help pay for these criminals. Or we taxpayers will end up paying for these dangerous freeloaders!!!

  45. hms says:

    Thanks for catching these dangerous ppl..there are more to apprehend..dont stop now

  46. hms says:

    Fools talk louder

  47. Noway says:

    If I could start my life from scratch
    If I could take away the pain off my past
    If I had another chance I would do just that
    I’d give anything jus’ to go right back

  48. POINT IS says:

    Point is why would you even entertain a male like him… now your innocent child has to deal with not having a father around. Yes you maybe a good person but its clear you have some issues in choosing the right men you get involved with. Who in their right mind would want to even open up to a male like Prince knowing the type of person he is…… Not only you’re putting your life in jeopardy but your innocent child has to deal with what may or maynot come in his path, just because he or she is Prince Child. Think about is #hisprincess! I just pray for you and your child on a REAL… God Bless you

  49. MyBrothersKeeper says:

    Finally my brother can truly R.I.P
    Love you Jay Jay
    Miss you every day
    See you soon

  50. roger says:

    Island of Devils….and they werent talking about the animals…it was the people