Improv Bermuda To Host “Friday Laffy Hour”

February 5, 2014

Improv Bermuda planning to host “Friday Laffy Hour” at Concious Vibes Café on Water Street in St. George’s on the first Friday of each month, giving everyone the opportunity to have fun with beginner improv games.

Promising a “fun and supportive atmosphere” where “everyone joins in a play session of facilitated improv games designed for total beginners,” the Friday Laffy Hour will take place from 6.00pm through 8.00pm every Friday night, with an entry fee of only $5.

For more information, please email or call 505-7011.


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  1. Upsetwithverdict says:

    I love improv, but live all on the other end of the island and can’t make that time. Could you at some point have something more centrally located or up the westend?

    • Toby Butterfield says:

      You had me at “I love improv”. Hi there, I’m Toby, and I make all the tough decisions at Improv Bermuda. :) This was one of them. I know the location of Laffy Hours is far from convenient for many, but I have reasons, good reasons. I want to support the revival movement in St. George’s and especially CV Cafe which is part of that movement. So if you can deal with the the hassle of the journey and the tiny $5 charge to join us, great rewards await. Belly laughs, a warm fuzzy feeling, an original way to spend a Friday evening AND a more alive and thriving historic-town-of-wonder aka St. George’s.

      Should you be unable to come because you are a giant grumpy-pants, oh wait, you love improv so clearly you aren’t one of those. If you just can’t make it because of the time then check out my Facebook page for info on the other chances to do and see improv on de rock which are all in predictable ol’ Pembroke. Either way I hope to meet you soon. :)