Video: PLP “Stand Strong” With Bean & Burt

February 20, 2014

The PLP held a press conference today [Feb 20], with Deputy Leader Derrick Burgess saying the Progressive Labour Party are “standing strong” for Marc Bean and David Burt and were there to show their “collective support for them.”

A total of ten PLP MPs and Senators were present including Senator Renee Ming, Senator Diallo Rabain, MP Zane DeSilva, MP Rolfe Commissiong, MP Wayne Furbert, MP Michael Weeks, MP Glenn Blakeney, MP Walter Roban and MP Michael Scott.


“We would like to make it very clear; our members will not be silenced by legal threats or any legal action in order to suppress the truth,” said Mr. Burgess.

“And the Premier cannot hide behind legal threats as his own version of events has been challenged by his own Cabinet Minister.

“Ultimately, Bermudians must decide who spoke the truth, as the integrity of our whole system of governance is being tested in a manner that this country has never witnessed before.”

Mr. Burgess added, “We need jobs for our people and the Premier is putting this at risk by his refusal to speak to a relationship with a potential developer.

“There is an RFP process underway, and improper contact can derail this process and delay any development.

“Our country cannot afford that outcome and that is why it is important for the Premier to explain the nature of his relationship with Mr. Nathan Landow.”

Mr Burgess’ full statement follows below:

We in the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party are standing strong for our Leader , the Hon. Marc Bean and the Shadow Minister of Finance, David Burt and we are here today to show our collective support for them.

We were extremely disturbed that during the Motion to Adjourn in the House of Parliament, on Friday, December 13, 2013, Premier Craig Cannonier and Minister Shawn Crockwell and Attorney General Mark Pettingill leveled serious allegations on our leader regarding a telephone conversation that was held between the Opposition Leader and the Premier.

Needless to say, we found it unacceptable that such allegations would be leveled at a time when the Opposition leader was not in the chamber as he was attending to family matters.

It is our opinion that Parliamentary protocol requires that accusations such as those made by the Premier should have waited until our Leader was present in Parliament, to look his accusers in the face and provide his own response.

We therefore believe that our Leader had no choice but to respond to those allegations in a parliamentary “Personal Explanation” as his reputation was sullied when those three Honorable Members alleged that the Opposition leader threatened to undermine the referendum on gaming.

Moreover, our faith in the integrity of our Parliament was severely tested when Minister Crockwell and AG Pettingill taunted that they overhead the telephone conversation between the Premier and the Opposition Leader, as the Premier admitted to sharing this conversation with his Ministers via speakerphone, without the decency of informing the Opposition Leader of this circumstance.

These actions were conducted in bad faith and reflect the character of the individuals involved.

We consider the actions of the Premier and his colleagues to be a willful intent to solidify their political position through deceit.

We further consider the assertion offered by the Shadow Finance Minister, David Burt, that the Premier offered IT consulting work on the absentee balloting system to his private IT company with the money saved from abandoning the referendum equally disturbing. The Premier admitted on February 14 to having discussed absentee balloting in the meeting that he had with MP Burt on December 10, 2013.

Why would the Premier need to discuss this matter with MP Burt when he has the entire Government IT Department at his disposal.

The Premier’s deflections do not add up! I have always found MP Burt to be a man of integrity and I am confident that my Parliamentary colleagues agree.

As I stated in Parliament on Friday, February 14, 2014, Premier Cannonier also asked to meet with me on December 11, and during that meeting he suggested to me that I use my influence to convince the PLP Caucus to support the OBA effort to bypass the referendum process.

Needless to say, I informed the Premier that he should be having that conversation with the Leader of the Opposition, not the Deputy Leader.

The Premier also denied the meeting ever took place and said that “I had no need to call any of the opposition members for anything”.

The Premier has gone on record stating that his business manager, Mr. Stephen Dacosta, was only “bumming a ride” with him when he, along with Ministers Crockwell and Pettingill traveled to Washington DC last year.

However, yesterday on the Sherri Simmons talk show, Minister Crockwell told the public that Mr. Dacosta was there because of his “expertise” on golf, and he also revealed that Mr. DaCosta was an active participant in the official exchange of information meetings.

There are now two conflicting versions of what happened in Washington DC, one by the Premier and one in contradiction by Minister Crockwell.

We would like to make it very clear; our members will not be silenced by legal threats or any legal action in order to suppress the truth.

And the Premier cannot hide behind legal threats as his own version of events has been challenged by his own Cabinet Minister.

Ultimately, Bermudians must decide who spoke the truth, as the integrity of our whole system of governance is being tested in a manner that this country has never witnessed before.

The truth must prevail and the Premier must stop ducking the questions and reveal to the country the nature of his relationship with Mr. Nathan Landow.

Any potential development is far too important to the future of this country.

We need jobs for our people and the Premier is putting this at risk by his refusal to speak to a relationship with a potential developer.

There is an RFP process underway, and improper contact can derail this process and delay any development.

Our country cannot afford that outcome and that is why it is important for the Premier to explain the nature of his relationship with Mr. Nathan Landow.


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  1. Truth Seeker says:

    One thing I agree with is, in order to now move forward an independent party must listen to all parties involved and come to an unbiased decision and put this mess to bed. I say the loser should remove themselves from politics altogether. From my limited experience the one who runs to seek legal advice has something to hide. This is getting more interesting by the day. I say just release the recording so joke public can judge for themselves.

    • All Mouth says:

      you do know the recording has nothing to do with jetgate correct?!

      • Truth Seeker says:

        Yes I do know that. But I honestly do not think the Premier has a leg to stand on. Unless he recorded the meeting with MP Burt.

        • Suzie Quattro says:

          With respect to the meeting with Burt, it is Burt who made allegations, and it is Burt who has to prove the allegations. The Premier doesn’t have to prove a thing.

          • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

            Agreed, but there are many ways of obtain the evidence needed, if it exists.

            Evidence is not just HE said/HE said, it can be emails, accounts of meetings (prior to the announcement that the referendum is to be replaced with legislation) any memoranda of understanding (also pre referendum cancellation notice).

            I would think Bean & Burt should have the opportunity to find evidence from the Government’s current files on gaming (pre referendum cancellation) that brings to light whether there were any official understandings in place between ANY parties prior to the cancellation of the referendum. And, if there are any documents that present a strong case for the premier, he is equally entitled to present them in Court.

            I am NOT saying that documents exists, I am saying that Burt & Bean have the right to find out IF they existed before the announcement by the premier. And in any format, i.e., emails, letters and/or other official documents, etc.

            Thus, the Court may grant an order for the defendants’ legal counsel to examine the Government’s gaming documents with a fine tooth comb.

            London, England

        • aceboy says:

          What???? So now you are saying BECAUSE the Premier didn’t record the conversation he’s guilty? Wasn’t the PLP ranting about privacy issues in relation to the Nadi Outerbridge situation?

          But…he’s guilty because he didn’t record conversations about alledged bribes????

          You guys cannot keep your facts straight and make no logical sense at all.

          It is Burt and Bean who don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Hmmm says:

      The recording has nothing to do with this.

      No Bean or Burt in the group…interesting.

    • Serious Though says:

      More POPCORN and Heineken Please! this reality show is going to be No#1 in BDA

  2. more than enough says:

    landow, will most likely not want anything to do with bermuda, or these clowns anymore!

    • ME says:


    • Greed Killed Bermuda says:

      Given his background, that would be a good thing for Bermuda.

      If Ewart was associated like the premier with anyone of his background a certain media would have been running scandal stories on the front page daily. But becuase its the OBA this one media ignores the person…..

      just do a quick google search!

  3. Hmmm says:

    Spice Valley?

  4. Pravda says:

    STAY TUNED says Burgess.

    Is there is a revolution being orchestrated. Dangerous times ahead ?
    Bermuda is in trouble.

    The intimidation of Derek Burgess “speak” is loud and clear. 1981 lurks bigger than ever before – This is not looking good.

    Derek Burgess – “I am from the bible belt – Hamilton parish”.
    Religion has been at the core of all mayhem since the dawn of man.

    Bermuda is at the crossroads of success of failure – the way this all plays out will decide “Should I stay or should I go”…

    • Shi-Vaughn Lee says:

      It’s Derrick… not Derek.. :)

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Ha! Burgess trying to associate himself with religion. Good one.

      • Redmen says:

        Bible belt eh?? Hmm Redneck, Tea Party type, Bubble Person etc… come to mind. Sounds about Right!! :)

    • Get off the pipe! says:

      Yeah, I guess that’s why the Ten Commandments are hanging in many court houses throughout the western world and the reason why most laws in the Western Hemisphere are based on Judeo-Christian principles…..because they cause much “mayhem” in those democracies as opposed the the peace, safety and championing of human rights that is the hallmark of communist, God forbidding, atheist countries like The Soviet Union and China. But hey, I guess because Pravda said it and it sounded somewhat intelligent then it must be true right?

  5. watching says:

    Stand Strong PLP. Stand Strong Marc and David. We don’t have to hide behind lawyers and press officers. Marc has given interviews since the day he was elected. The ones that can’t speak to people off the cuff are the ones that often are hiding something.

    • Family Man says:

      Like the one who refused to answer plantation questions?

  6. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    “Politics makes strange bedfellows”

    Charles Dudley Warner (American Editor and Author, 1829-1900)

  7. HeyBye says:

    All I can say is clowns and idiots.

  8. Joonya says:

    Does Roban have a green wrist strap on??
    Oh, BTW Weeks how many units have you sold in Grand Atlantic?

  9. somuchless says:

    Both the Oba and the PLP need to speak the truth.

    The PLP have done so much to this island it’s ashame. You’ll gain my respect if you speak up about the millions and friends and family contracts etc.

    Both parties have a bunch of liars in them and these people need to be booted.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      I agree ;-)
      The party that goes first, will win the next election.

    • GOD1ST says:

      Stop Making Excuses for the unethical behavior of PCC and N.O .

  10. Chartery says:

    “Why would the Premier need to discuss this matter with MP Burt when he has the entire Government IT Department at his disposal.”

    Gov ITO doesn’t do software dev. Burt’s company project manages software dev for Gov.

    • Greed Killed Bermuda says:

      What does that have to do with anything? Why would the Premier call Burt to his office. Why Burt?

      and the premier admits he spoke about absentee balloting – Burt’s story looks more likely to be true.

  11. Sad… very, very sad… says:

    Anybody seen the ‘Refresh’ button? Wait, perhaps we need to have a ‘Restart’ or ‘Renew’ button… we’re too far along to refresh the page and load up the same pile-of-tricks.

    • PBanks says:

      Reset the dial? Wait that was so 2011…

      • Greed Killed Bermuda says:

        LMAO – INDEED!!!

        I do kinda miss those corny Paula Cox quotes.

        Building one another together was another one… All style – no substance.

  12. It's about time! says:

    Hold on a minute….WTF are these yoyo’s going on about??? The lawsuit is for SLANDER!!! Mr. Bean and Mr. Burt accused the Premier and two of his colleagues of talking about BRIBES….basically, corruption!! The Premier is responding those utterances!! He is not trying to silence anything else…as this bunch would have you believe!

    All they are going on about is what they perceive the Premier is not divulging regarding “jet gate” and the “overheard” conversation between Mr. Bean and the Premier with regards to gaming and the referendum.

    Please answer to and support the allegations made by your MP’s Bean and Burt…stop trying to spin everything in every other direction!!

    • Who says:

      Its one thing to walk in a room and “overhear” a conversation of the Premier but its another when people are knowingly invited to listen in on a private conversation.They could have excused themselves but they CHOSE to stay unbeknownst to the opposition leader! Im supposed to trust this man as my leader? That speaks so much for your character and what you will turn a blind eye too! Take off the blinders!! This alleged jetgate fiasco would only confirm Mr Premiers, apparently shady character!!

  13. somuchless says:

    PLP. Standing strong or standing wrong? They really need to change their slogan. Bunch of Creeps.

  14. Poo says:

    What is this “standing strong” and how can I use it to get it to wind friends and influence people?

    • Poo says:

      ha ha “wind”….meant “win”

    • Say Whhhaaaaattttt? says:

      Rather not listed to any more BS this week. PLP if you cant be the government, be a GREAT oppossition and lead by example and not by destruction. Smoke, Mirrors and distractions are what caused you the last election which is why I voted OBA this last time.

      Even if the Premeire did something wrong, at this point I still would not vote PLP because while the faces have changed within the party, very little else has.

      Hint: If you want to be the governing party again – work for it! Show me that you have real focus, real answers, and a plan and if the OBA don’t make things better than perhaps I might give the PLP a shot.

      It seems the PLP is trying anything to make a party member move party, or resign so they can go back to the polls and hopefully win a seat and take over.

      Instead , use the next three years to regroup and get credible people involved in the PLP and WORK on a real plan for Bermuda instead of these childish rants. Nobody will win here….except the lawyers of course!

  15. another world says:

    complain complain….

    That’s all I’m hearing! O.B.A are trying to fix all the problems that were cause by that ‘weak’ party….

    If they ‘Stand Strong’ then the people of Bermuda would have voted them back in….

    These bi’s got nothing better to do…..

  16. yello says:

    This is ridiculous!!!! Get on with improving our country this is wasting so much time!!

  17. Need Peace says:

    I would expect any Opposition, no matter who they are, to seek questions to these highly irregular occurrences and thought provoking activities of the Premier of this country. There are allegations against him that if they were above reproach, he would have long addressed them. This Jetgate issue is too serious to ignore. MP Dunkley, a seasoned politician, had the right mind not to attend. However, MPs Pettingill and Crockwell, still green, should be grilled about this as well.

    It appears that Mr. Landow’s reputation precedes him, which is very unfortunate for the OBA.

    To this end, I pray for peace!

  18. Coffee says:

    If there is even a hint of the possibility of corruption in any government , the Opposition has a civil duty to expose and highlight the act or acts as soon as possible no matter where , who or when it happened .

    • Greed Killed Bermuda says:

      Someone with sense finally.

      The UBP/OBA did it all the time! Isn’t that what we want?

      • haha says:

        What are you two morons blabbing on about?! WHERE’S THE FACKIN PROOF FOR THE LAST TIME?! Wait…they ank got none. And what corruption under the UBP, laughable at best. Think you need to see what happened the last 14 years to know your answer.

        • inna says:

          the difference between alleged corruption under the UBP vs the PLP?? the UBP made the island A LOT of money at the same time. the PLP… not so much!

    • Redmen says:

      @ Coffee

      Then if there was ‘even a hint of a possibility of corruption’ as they would have us believe why didn’t either of them report it to the police or the Governor?

      Why wait five more months and only blab about it in the HOA and on a televised show? Hmmm??? LMAO

  19. Marge says:

    I think all concerned Bermudians, are fed up with both parties… PLEASE FAC, sort this matter out we have had enough of party politics.
    Lord, what is going on this Island ?

  20. 21 BLACKJACK says:

    Not a very convincing number by my account. Clown college applications being accepted.

  21. newconfidence says:

    no thanks. plp spin and hogwash. you accuse the man of something, prove it.

  22. Triangle Drifter says:

    Soooooo….if Bean & Burt lose & have ot come up with plenty coin to pay the Governments legal bills for the case plus damages awards, will this smiling lot still be standing strong & help pay what is awarded by the court?

    Just wondering?

    • 21 BLACKJACK says:

      wanna bet the plp/biu will foot the bill.

      • Say Whhhaaaaattttt? says:

        The BIU never pay out or if they do its minimal. Ask anyone you know in the BIU what they got paid the last time they striked. I remember my uncles being on strike many many years ago for a pay increase. The strike went on for over a week (maybe two). I don’t remember the exact time and details but I do remember them being angry that they received no monetary compensation from their Union. All they got was a $20 or so voucher for groceries from, you guessed it, the BIUs own CO-OP supermarket. In the end they got the extra .5% or 1% increase they were fighting for but the reality was that even with the increase, they made no more – maybe less when they factored in wages lost while striking.

  23. TWIST and Shout says:

    This all just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

    Our competitors in our key markets are eating this up.

    Certainly they are thinking they hit the jack pot–watching our jack-@sses shoot Bermuda in its own foot.

    You just can’t script this stuff

    Well down Bermuda based politicians–you guys take the prize!

  24. ….One in the chamber says:

    Stand still people…and watch ya henemys fall…

    People you cannot take your eyes off of our HOME AFFAIRS, a horseman strategically placed in that Ministry to open your flood gates and move while you are distracted each time you are distracted he opens the gates a little wider…Before you know it, your majority vote is irrelevant, you are unemployed and your voice and your children’s voice is muted.

    Your king’s carcass is smelling up their sinking ship and attracting large predators, one can only surmise that the stench will be gone soon (how does not matter) and whatever is left floating will be gobbled up or sink. They cannot last, they cannot govern, they cannot lead. Patience and planning are required now. Nothing more.

    Now for the PLP. Remember who and what put you in opposition. Remember her tactics and manipulative manner. Had she come right by the people of course you would still be governing the country. But not the case, you were taught an invaluable lesson by the people. Do not forget the lesson, do not attempt to rule by fear or otherwise hoodwink the people. There are far too many of us and far too few of you. You would do right to get on the doorsteps and stay in touch with your supporters and never allow them to feel neglected in any way ever again. Neglect leads to mistrust and mistrust can lead to instability and voter abstention…very bad things.

  25. Bermuda boy says:

    You can always tell when the PLP BIU are telling lies….if their lips are moving, they are …….

  26. Mr.Ungawa Bundolo says:

    Nah loonk….aww u byes gottah stop aww dis fulishness…n’behayusselves……this to me is a waste o’de tax dollahs dat ve pay you as saleries…personally…I don’t pay you to carry on like dis…….do vhat I pay you fuah or step away from de vicket n’let de battah bat!

  27. Mr.Ungawa Bundolo says:

    I really don’t care!…just do as your tole…and remember who tole you.We…pay …you…to do a job….now stop wasting our most valuable asset (time),and get on with the task set out for you!Nahhh!………..!

  28. Redmen says:

    Desperation politics at its worst, Throw lots of mud and hope enough of it sticks as this is a deliberate and pathetic attempt to ‘win’in the court of public opinion. No doubt should Mr. Bean & Mr. Burt get their knuckles rightly smacked it will be the cue for ‘The UBP white man is out to get us…’ nonsense.

    They better have a few wealthy benefactors who are willing to put up lots of $$$$ as if (when) they lose hopefully the Premiere will sue them to the hilt. Blabbing in the HOA is one thing in public another.