Furbert Questions Mr. Brooks Appointment Again

March 26, 2014

The Tourism Authority is “treading on shaky ground when it tries to skirt around the preferential appointment of Mr. Andrew Brooks as its Director of Golf,” Shadow Minister of Tourism Wayne Furbert said last night.

“Our issue at this time is that the Tourism Authority has set two standards – one standard for Bermudians who had to reapply en masse for jobs within the Tourism Authority and another set of rules for Mr. Brooks who continues on to be employed without his post being advertised.

“This case sets a dangerous precedent and it is ironic that the new CEO who has already been elevated to a status beyond the scrutiny of Parliament by receiving an undisclosed amount of public funds as compensation is defending this contemptuous action, which excludes the people of Bermuda from using their hard-earned talents to work for their country.

“We call on the Chairman Mr. David Dodwell to justify why this action was taken and why he believes a Bermudian is not qualified for this position,” added Mr. Furbert.

The Shadow Minister also spoke about this last week, saying that while BDOT workers were “forced to apply for jobs within the new Tourism Authority, a non-Bermudian has a plum post handed to him.”

We asked the Bermuda Tourism Authority for a response, and will update if able.

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  1. swing voter says:

    why do I hear circus clown music whenever this man opens his mouth

    • Axcot says:

      So true. Seriously Furball, stop. Just stop.

    • Yahoo says:

      Flip Flop is just upset that no one paid him any attention the first time he raised this foolishness so he’s trying again.

      Poor attention seeking Flip Flop…

    • LMAO2 says:


  2. haha says:


  3. 1minute says:

    Doesn’t Brooks have like a year or so left on his contract that the PLP gave him? Does Flip-Flop want us to pay him off so he goes away. That is why we are in this predicament, paying $$$ for nothing

    • Watching says:

      Nope get your facts straight. He was provided notice and given plenty of time to make alternate plans, however he was arrogant because the PLP were in power. Then they lost the election but give this man credit, he knows how to play the game. Anyway, old news now as nothing will be done.

  4. Joonya says:

    Stop ya noise Flip FLop.

  5. somuchless says:

    Flip flop. Please go tanning at horseshoe bay on this loverly day and sing to the sharks.

    At least you’ll be doing something constructive.

  6. Bermuda Boy says:

    Furball I have two words for you, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hmmm says:

    Only in Bermuda is hiring the best person for the job considered “preferential treatment.”

  8. Your joking says:

    From the news on the street…always some truth…..would have cost a lot to end his contract…so this is a way of getting something out of Mr Brooks for the money….buy the way..it was under PLP that he was given a 2 year contract …..which was extended because no Bermudian was groomed to take his position at that time….Mr Furbert .When you open your mouth again to say something how about it be on the topic of where all the money went while the PLP hand their hands in the cookie jar..

    • Watching says:

      Not true there was and is a Bermudian that is qualified. Brooks was very tight with some in the PLP and they were doing everything they could to protect him.

  9. Mike Hind says:

    Not really “questioning”, is he?
    More like “outright denunciation”…

  10. blue bird says:

    He and others do not want Bermua to be able to turn our economy around STOP BORROWING $276Million dollars per year which pays him (he lives off the check the Government give to him)
    And maybe pay down the $2.324Billion dollars that he helped to create.
    Which would save Bermuda paying $10Million dollars in IINTEREST every “MONTH”
    Some of those folks in Hamiton Parish cannot be to bright as HE LIVES LARGE while they and all of us help to “PAY HIM”
    Our TAXES and FEES are very HIGH which makes our COST of LIVING very HIGH.And ontop of that we have to BORROW $276Million to pay the 8,000 GOV/QUANGO payroll of $750Million per year PLUS all the benefits and pensions.
    And FURBY and Others think that this will go on FOREVER.

  11. flikel says:

    Why are so many commentators so quick to denounce Furbert? I am no PLP supporter, but as a Bermudian, I would like to know why this post was not advertised. Aren’t all positions supposed to be advertised, before a work permit can be issued?

    If he is the best person for the job, then he should have it. However, how can you determine if he is the best for the job, if you do not advertise the position and solicit applications?

    Yes, the PLP gave him a contract, for a certain job. Why was he automatically given another position, without that position being advertised? I really would like to know this answer.

    • OpenMind1609 says:

      I believe Mr. Brookes is living and working overseas (I understand in our key East Coast market), and thus does not need a work permit as he is not in Bermuda. He is fishing where the fish are.

      Is there another Bermudian on the east Coast with Mr. Brookes qualifications? If so, let please post it here so that we are all aware and can ensure this person gets first dibs at the job once Mr. Brookes contract come up for renewal.

  12. flikel says:

    Why do many people seemingly call Furbert ‘flip flop’. Our ruling party is essentially flip floppers as well.

    First there was a split, with those splitters often denouncing the party from which they came. Then there was a remarriage, with the splitters welcoming the people they tried to run away from. If this isn’t a flip flop…then what is?

    • Lick My Chicken says:

      furbert aka flip flop. now you get it?

  13. North rock says:

    1)Flip has flopped to every known political perspective because he needs a pay cheque and he will prostitute his political beliefs to get that cheque.

    2)The MPs et al who ‘broke away or split’ from, the UBP didnt flip-flop….they got fed up and formed a new Party. They did not merge or marry with the UBP…although admittedly they tried…they formed a new party.

    The OBA may share many of the political philosophies of the UBP but despite the political rhetoric of Laverne, Famous, Flip and others…it was precisely because those MP’s wouldnt tolerate any more ‘same old, same old’ from the Kim Swan UBP that they formed the BDA and then the OBA. As David Lopes once said…the truth is what you think the truth should be..

  14. the ghost says:

    Dr Brown hired him YOU FOOL!!!!!!!

  15. Alvin Williams says:

    Well you are right in one thing about this OBA government; it turns out that it is worst than the former UBP in one respect. The former UBP for the most part manage to hide the dagger when it was going to do something against the interests of Bermudians. This OBA government well it has no scruples. It has a premier that refuses to answer questions even on the floor of the House of parliament. But than one of it’s politicians came right out and said that the OBA does not have to apologize for breaking it’s political promises. Yes sir this government has reach a new low in political debasement.

    • Mike Hind says:

      More false propaganda from Mr. Williams.

      Come on.

  16. Citizen Banned says:

    DREB not only hired him, but praised him to the skies and said how lucky we were to have him. Now Flip Flop is complaining that we’re keeping him on a while longer.

    Bye go away! You are making a fool total of yourself as per usual.

  17. Lennie says:

    He is making all this noise because he wants Kim Swann to get the job.. then Kim Swann will suddenly switch alliances and join the PLP and run against Nandi in #2. Kim has been supporting everything PLP as of late.. Can’t you all see its all politics and nothing else. They couldn’t care less if the man does a great job or not, it just doesn’t fit into their plan. Furbert, you were a waste of time in the UBP and certainly no better in the PLP either. Why not get behind the people working hard to revive our tourism product….oh that’s right, you can’t, this would prove you were a disaster as tourism minister.

    • Hmmm says:

      So does Kim Swan want to leave Bermuda?

    • Paul says:

      Kim Swan, needs a job…. so now he is kissing a** to the PLP…
      kim calls the host of the most disgusting Talk show in BDA…
      kim, we know now what you are all about.
      shame on you …

  18. Evie says:

    @northrock do u really believe what u wrote seriously take the blinders off they both flip flop get real

  19. Rockfish#2 says:

    Furbert’s questions deserve answers! However, since the BTA is funded by the taxpayer, he should direct them to Crockwell.

    • Mike Hind says:

      What questions? Everything in this story was a statement.

  20. Take it Easy! says:

    The PLP called this man all types of names when in the Ubp now all of sudden he is heaven sent! Since u keep on sayin the same thing over and over again I will keep askin where the 800 mil went! Sounds fair to me!

  21. Rockfish#2 says:

    This is what I was referring to, agreed ,it is not a question. Nontheless Crockwell must address this matter.

    “We call on the Chairman Mr. David Dodwell to justify why this action was taken and why he believes a Bermudian is not qualified for this position,” added Mr. Furbert.

  22. Coffee says:

    Start as you mean to finish . Has the BTA started well ? No . Controversy has tainted this body from inception . So shall it end .

  23. Raymond Ray says:

    Contrary to what Mr. Wayne Furbert and others feel, this Pro. has been hired to do a job that he will do in-spite of all the “rah-rah crap” we hear from the Opposition.It’s strange how fast those on the other “team” turned their backs on someone that they’d hired to do a job in the beginning:-(