Michael Douglas’ Post Sets Facebook Buzzing

April 1, 2014

Actor and producer Michael Douglas recently paid a visit to Bermuda, with a Facebook post showing him on a beach garnering a tremendous amount of attention.

The post, made on Mr. Douglas’ official fan page, said, “Just returned from Bermuda, the home of my mothers family for the last 400 years! The family has had a cottage colony called Ariel Sands for the past 60 years. Now we are building a new one… very exciting.”

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Added to the social network late last night [Mar 31], the post has already attracted almost 2,000 comments, more than 1,000 shares, and nearly 40,000 “likes” among Mr. Douglas’ one million Facebook fans.

Mr. Douglas is set to feature in documentary film, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, that will screen at the upcoming Bermuda Documentary Festival.

According to a Bermuda Docs spokesperson, “the film is about the larger-than-life music and show business figure who managed top acts, was boyfriend to Sharon Stone, and is friends with the Dalai Lama.

“His rollicking story is told in the film by his pals, who include Michael Douglas, Alice Cooper, Willie Nelson, Sylvester Stallone, Anne Murray, and many more. The film is the directorial debut of Mike Myers.”

The famous actor and former Bermuda resident is the son of Bermudian Diana Dill, who is an accomplished actress in her own right.

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  1. Ess Ess Dee says:

    Keep posting Mike! Appreesh

  2. Bermewjan says:

    Thanks for the positive PR for your island home Michael. Your fellow Bermudians are most grateful!

    • Mazumbo says:

      Might as well get ride of de Tourism Board.

      • Justin says:

        No, that would be a PLP approach. An OBA approach would be to ask him to JOIN the Tourism Authority for an undisclosed salary so they could take advantage of his star status to rejuvinate tourism even further.

        The PLP is filled with people that think like you and that’s why I’m glad they aren’t in charge.

      • Chingas says:

        @ Mazumbo The BDOT ceased to be at midnight of March 31st. Your comment is irrevelant as usual.

  3. subscriber says:

    Amazing what a change in Government can do to create an air of optimism for the future. I didn’t expect the ship to start turning around this quickly though!

    • WhistleBlower says:

      Amazing how some lay in wait with daggers to exact revenge instead of being encouraging!!!
      There is still hope for you on a therapists’ couch subscriber

  4. watching says:

    So Ariel sands is being redeveloped? into what?

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      where does it say Ariel Sands is being redeveloped?

      it states…’we are building a new one’

      (which might mean they are building a new cottage colony!)

      • watching says:

        ok then where are they building a new cottage colony?

    • Jobs for them that are out of work for starters…

  5. Justin says:

    Let’s hear what Flip-Flop Furbert says about this one! LOL

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      we DON’T want to hear anything from flip flop!

    • WhistleBlower says:

      How about sharing something positive instead of hate filled vile character assassinations? Maybe you could join subscriber for some therapy for your inability to let go!

      • nuffin but the truth says:

        I did let go,I let go along with many others…which is why Bermuda got a change of Government!

        You are the one along with many others that need therapy,but then,it’s probably too late for you!

  6. Di says:

    Did Michael Douglas’s family arrive on board “The Sea Venture” in 1609?

    • Island Girl says:

      No, but possibly amongst the 1612 colonists who settled the Island.

      • Di says:

        Can Michael confirm this..Amongst the 1612 colonist who settled
        in Bermuda?

      • Di says:

        they arrived on the “Plough” in 1612?

      • BDA says:

        arrived some time in the 1630s actually, first Dill child was born in Bermuda 1636

  7. RJ says:

    Michael Douglas is also a Bermudian himself!

    • Brooke says:

      Actually he is born American. His mother is Bermudian so he has status.

      • RJ says:

        Same thing. He’s Bermudian.

      • 32n64w says:

        There is no difference between a Bermudian and status Bermudian. Both have the same rights to vote, buy property, work, etc.

        This hasn’t stopped certain xenophobic elements of PLP/BIU and their narrow-minded supporters, however, from trying to redefine what it means to be Bermudian through the creation of second class citizens which, given the nexus of the party/union and some of the reasons for their formation, are completely hypocritical and illogical. Therefore and sadly … hardly surprising.

        • Citizen Banned says:

          Indeed those who are born here of Bermudian parents are still only Bermudian by Status. I clearly remember having to get my daughter’s “Papuss” when she was young. Not enough to be born at KEMH of two Bermudian parents, you still got to go an get the Status stamp and certificate at immigration.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            If you have status you are Bermudian. Period.

  8. yello says:

    This is great positive publicity for our island!!!!


  10. find d truth says:

    Sweet and all. But what where they doin in bermuda 400 years ago. Hm wish they taught us bermudian youth about our colonial history, since we have to acknowledge someones else amazing 400yr history on the island.

  11. find d truth says:

    Bermudian families worked as slaves for free. To later earn their status. Now rich people Buy* what my relatives died and faught for.

    • Citizen Banned says:

      Come on Fine-d-troof: Did they work for free then earn status? Or did they die and then ‘faught’ for it?

      Or are you prone to exaggeration?

  12. A Smith says:

    Great publicity for Bermuda!

  13. Stephen Thomson says:

    If his mother was Bermudian, no matter where he was born, he is Bermudian. Where on earth do people get the idea that he must be born in Bermuda to be Bermudian. I was born in Bermuda and my father was Canadian and Bermudian. Therefore, I am Bermudian AND Canadian.
    When immigrants to the US swear allegiance to the US, they become American. Not status American….whole hearted fully and completely American. Bermuda needs to grow up. Our population is shrinking…we need more Bermudians. Get rid of the ridiculous word Status …they are Bermudian just like me and I am proud of them all.

    • Family Man says:

      Well said , but there’s a few Bermudians I’m not so proud of.

  14. watching says:

    Just read more info. Nowhere does it state that they are redeveloping it for tourism. It could be just being redeveloped for family use.

    • Again, regardless of what’s happening there it’ll be WORK for BERMUDIANS that wish / qualified to work…