Bank Foundation Donates $10 Million To BHCT

April 1, 2014

Bank of Bermuda Foundation made history today with the fulfillment of its $10 million pledge to the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust’s [BHCT] “Why it Matters” campaign.

A spokesperson said, “The largest capital campaign in the island’s history, ‘Why it Matters’ supports the construction of the new Acute Care Wing that will transform King Edward VII Memorial Hospital into a revitalized, state-of-the-art hospital facility.

“Bank of Bermuda Foundation’s tremendous donation is the largest philanthropic contribution made by a local entity in Bermuda’s history. As a supporter of the campaign, Bank of Bermuda Foundation committed its support in 2005. It was the lead donor.

“Its commitment to investing in the quality of care delivered on the island speaks to Bank of Bermuda Foundation’s dedication to improving quality of life for our island community.”

David Lang, Managing Director of Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Philip Butterfield, Chairman of BHCT, and David Hamshere, Chairman of Bank of Bermuda Foundation:

BHCT-BoBF Donation

“On behalf of the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Bank of Bermuda Foundation for this extraordinary gift to Bermuda’s future,” said BHCT Chairman Philip Butterfield.

“Our island will be forever changed thanks to this remarkable gift. Philanthropy has the ability to change lives for the better and we are grateful for this donation and the direct impact it will have on every patient, staff member, and visitor to our hospital.”

David Hamshere, Chairman of Bank of Bermuda Foundation, commented, “Our only hospital touches everyone in the Bermuda community and it is therefore vitally important and appropriate that everyone in Bermuda make a financial contribution now no matter how small.”

“The “Why it Matters” campaign said they must raise an additional $10 million in order to successfully reach its $40 million fundraising goal. BHCT relies heavily on public donations and events to raise these funds. To donate, please contact BHCT offices at 295-2428 or visit online.”

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  1. Bermewjan says:

    Well done Bank of Bermuda Foundation. It’s wonderful to see such significant generosity in action!

  2. John Bates says:

    Well done. Thanks so much.

  3. blue bird says:

    $40Million,man that is Small potatoes,any chance of helping us with the $2.324Billion HUGE DEBT that the PLP/BIU incurred during there (14) year tenure.????

    • ya right says:

      800 million of the 2.3b is from the OBA. If your going to post figures at least be accurate birdie!

  4. Justin says:

    Politics aside, this is a very generous donation. Thank you.

  5. Great story, nice to hear “Bank of Bermuda” again.

  6. lifetime says:

    Ok. Cap G drop the last 10 mil please n thanks!

  7. sage says:

    There is no “Bank of Bermuda” they sold out lock stock and barrel to HSBC years ago. How does the “Bank of Bermuda Foundation” make money, anyone know? Nice gift either way.