Johnson To Release “Selling Bermuda” Today

May 7, 2014

Ayo Johnson Bermuda[Updated] Ayo Johnson — founder of Think Media — announced that the company’s first digital journal, Politica, goes live as of 11 a.m. today [May 7].

Mr. Johnson [pictured] said he and his team spent months developing the site, the company’s infrastructure, while researching “Selling Bermuda” a lengthy report on his inquiry into Premier Craig Cannonier’s relationship with US developer Nathan Landow.

The report is understood to involve the “Jetgate” situation, which saw the Premier, two Cabinet Ministers and the manager of the Premier’s gas station accept a ride on a private jet.

A statement from Mr. Johnson said, “Think Media addresses concerns about the quality of local reporting with a robust system of accountability that includes a commitment to the highest ethical principles and is the first media company in Bermuda to appoint an independent Public Editor [IPE].

Local columnist, Bryant Trew, who has accepted the one-year appointment, said: “Bermuda is at a crossroad socially, politically and economically. As such, our future will best be served when the public is informed by thorough and balanced news reporting.

“Ayo has proposed a model that prioritizes journalism ethics, policies and values, through the application of Codes of Practice and Conduct.

“Additionally, the Statement of Ethical Principles that Think Media has subscribed to holds great potential for readers. Given Ayo’s ambitious vision, along with his diverse political reporting career in Bermuda, I am happy to support his efforts by accepting the role of Independent Public Editor.”

Mr. Trew’s role is that of an ombudsman – fielding and investigating complaints about Think Media’s journalistic products and reporting his findings to the public. He is also free to launch investigations on his own accord.

Readers may submit their questions and concerns directly to the IPE’s private email address at

Mr. Johnson said, “The public should take note that the IPE does not preview or discuss articles with Think Media’s reporters/editors prior to publication. Additionally, the IPE is not ordinarily advised of articles under development or the schedule of publication. Succinctly, the IPE is not involved in the actual development of content.

“In a similar fashion, questions and statements submitted by the IPE are not scheduled or edited by Think Media prior to publication. The public should also be advised that Think Media’s reporters and editors are not provided with the names of persons who submit questions, complaints or suggestions, to the IPE.

“Residents can access the journal by visiting and clicking on the Politica icon. Alternatively, residents can go directly to

“Think Media wants to bring high quality, high integrity journalism, which is independent of powerful political and economic forces, to vulnerable communities around the world.

“Our immediate focus is Bermuda and the other populated remnants of the British empire.

“It is hoped that Think Media’s journalism will be supported primarily through small fees paid directly by its readers and audiences.”

Mr. Johnson added, “We would like to thank the hundreds of Bermudians who gave feedback and ideas for the development of this new venture over the last few months by participating in our online survey, focus groups and social media discussions.”

“You are making history by helping to incubate a new institution which we hope will lead the way in transforming the media landscape, for Bermuda and beyond.”

He added: “We are also grateful to Glenn Jones, who agreed to serve as guest editor for Politica’s first feature length report, and donated many hours of his time to ensure that the article met rigorous standards of journalistic excellence.

“Finally, Bermuda has seen an unprecedented partnership between multiple media houses in recent days, as Politica’s launch was announced.

“Bermuda Sun, Channel 82, Bermuda Broadcasting, Magic 102.7 and Irie 98.3 should be commended for embracing the vision of transforming the media landscape in the public interest.”

Update 11.54am: Mr. Johnson’s website is now live and can be accessed here. The site is using  a paywall system — as Mr. Johnson explained that is how he hopes to support the lengthy work involved to produce the content – however the sign-up is only $3.

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  1. Coffee says:

    Well done AYO . Will your enterprise live a long and successful life . Now onto your breakout story , will it hurt or help Bermuda ? I guess only time will tell .

    As far as I can tell , everybody involved in Your lead story will prove to be upstanding and honest brokers . Let the chips fall where they may .

  2. J Starling says:

    I’m looking forward to the launch story, and I find the innovative structure (its own ombudsman, an independent public editor) to be very interesting.

    I look forward to its success and complementing our existing media.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Congratulations Mr. Johnson, Well done !! keep pushing for great investigative reporting! I hope to read a variety of articles that are exciting. This is a new day in journalism in Bermuda. GREAT !!

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        Mr. Johnson the interview on Straight Talk was most revealing. I was most impressed with your interview, and found it informative and an eye-opener. Well done !! Keep pushing on, and not shift from your stand on how you would proceed as a journalist.

  3. Archie says:

    Ambitious, yes, likely to be successful? I doubt it. While there is some demand for in-depth reporting, nowadays the media is moving the other way as the demand intensifies for reporting in the here and now.

    It will inform the debate which is to be welcomed, but to be truly successful in worlds other than politics its content is going to have to be updated regularly, ie daily, its topics should be broad and its content relevant.

    We will see.

  4. Mumbojumbo says:

    Grats bye your on your way ,be mindful of hearsay,he said she said.It is ussually half of what you see and none of what you hear.Take item #2 on the manifesto ,to do with tax structure …please you can have it….take it….seriously though….if you have a thing as successful and equishius , people of other countries are actually envious to start….to change this van mean omly one thing….indenture….immagine a govt. That cannot control its spending…..that does not see it’s basic needs and infistructure maintained ,bridges ,roads,ferries,and no muney…it’s been spent….well that is what is being fixed now….then the same people spent it foolishly….wants to restructure a thing as fundimental as taxation?..
    To what end….to have more money to spend!This action would surely have an adverse affect……what they want with this is muney percieved to be coming in ,with that they would seek to borrow…there by putting you and I further in debt.
    How much a loaf of bread in Jamaica….clothes must be phenominal at their dollar value ,..that’s why you see boxes and boxes shipped back from workers from there working here ….

  5. anon says:

    This article be renamed Selling Out Bermuda! Making yet another tempest in a tea cup “Jetgate saga” when Bermuda has much bigger problems to deal with. Ayo’s time would have been much better spent on investigating where $ went missing during the previous Administration or what our current Financial situation really is. Now that’s a tempest. This is just more detraction, detraction, detraction. Sad but predictable.

  6. I'll keep my $3 says:

    I’ll just listen to the talk show.

  7. Notright says:

    This is simply not right. . . You, Mr. Johnson, speak on freedom of journalists to speak the truth, freedom of expression so all points of view are present – - BUT then demand money for your supposed report? I think not?!!!

    This is how he will attempt to raise revenue for the site – - not illegal, but it is certainly disingenuous.

    Not Right

  8. Toodle-oo says:

    It will be very interesting to see what other articles and events he chooses to ‘investigate and report’.
    I think we could all do with an expose on Uighergate !

    Otherwise this comes across as just another ‘combined opposition’ organization like all the moaning and attacks and marches and silent sit ins and re-writing of history and on and on and on .

  9. Navin Johnson says:

    Who funded Mr Johnson? Always seemed very biased as a reporter…..beating a dead horse with JETGATE. I will not waste $3.00 or 3 cents …….

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Only bias as he is revealing the lies told by the OBAubp. This is killing you and others.

      • Navin Johnson says:

        Someday Betty all of the PLP garbage will come out … statute of limitations will save the them.. Only a matter of time

  10. Coffee says:

    Humpy dumpty sat on a …..

    All the Kings horses and all the Kings men ….

    Haha. Aaahahaha …

    Wait for it you awl..

  11. Mark says:

    Never heard of him. Guess Bean and Furball are keeping quiet so some other KoolAid drinker has to rattle a can.

  12. Lynne Winfield says:

    Read the article, great piece of investigative reporting. This is what reporters are supposed to be doing, spending time and effort researching their story. Reporters in Bermuda are overworked, underpaid, and barely have time to react to a story, let alone be proactive and do substantial investigation. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Johnson’s informative investigative journalism.

  13. swing voter says:

    Heck I’ll pay $3….to access BERNEWS ;-)