Video: Pettingill Resigns, Replaced By Moniz

May 22, 2014

The island continues to experience political changes with a second resignation by a member of Cabinet this week, with Mark Pettingill tendering his resignation today [May 22] as Attorney-General.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Premier Michael Dunkley said that Mr. Pettingill resigned in order to take up a position in the private sector, which was previously reported to be at Clarien Bank.

Mr. Pettingill will remain in the House as a backbencher, while Trevor Moniz has replaced him as the new Attorney-General. Mr. Moniz previously served as the Minister of Health and Environment, and he will be replaced by Jeanne Atherden.


The fact that Mr. Pettingill had accepted a job in the private sector was first brought up last Friday [May 16] by Opposition Leader Marc Bean, who said, “The word is coming from the One Bermuda Alliance benches is that our learned Attorney-General has accepted a job at Clarien Bank”

There had been calls from the Opposition for Mr. Pettingill to also resign over the “JetGate” issue, with Mr. Bean saying “Minister Shawn Crockwell and AG Marc Pettingill share responsibility with the disgraced Premier and should also do the honourable thing and resign.”

The new Cabinet will be Michael Dunkley: Premier and National Security, Dr. Grant Gibbons: Economic Development and Education, Shawn Crockwell: Tourism and Transport, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin: Public Works, Wayne Scott: Community, Culture and Sport, Trevor Moniz: Attorney General and Legal Affairs, Jeanne Atherden: Health and Environment, Bob Richards: Finance, and Michael Fahy: Home Affairs.

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  1. whatwillittake says:

    One more to go

    • Justice! says:


      You are absolutely incorrect–the whole damn UBPOBAUBP lot to go!

  2. voter says:

    He must trust Jeanne although he was vexed she took over as opposition senate leader and she’s all the way over in Bahamas attending a commonwealth conference. Notice he’s not stupid he’s keeping all UBP members in his cabinet, he don’t give a s$it what the public’s perception is – he’s laughing all the way to government house

  3. FAN says:

    Soon come!

  4. Now would be the best time for the gay agenda to be put on the order paper,along with the legalization of Mary do ya wanna, you definitely have the right support now if you remember previous discussions and having Michael as the man in charge and Trevor as the AG bringing his ideas to the fore front, to many wont want to rock the boat because they will be to busy eyeing up positions, so slip these two bills in and you will see the Bermuda you have been waiting for.

    Sybil Barrington get ready for your greatest performance yet, because I vote that you would stand and sing the O.B.A’s national anthem, and I promise to show up in clergy attire with a dog collar around my neck.

    • Terry says:

      Dwain…..latt hit goe.
      More deception and far from topic.
      How much they you……

  5. Truth be Told #hashtag says:

    atleast they are manning up unlike the PLP when they pull tricks

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      False, There were resignation under the PLP government, as well as disagreements spoken on the floor of the house by the PLP MPs. Some Ministers even lost their post. I can not recall this being the case for the OBAubp. It took them entire year for anything to come out. It was by force that such has taken place today. It was not sue to their won willingness to owe up to things. Pressure was the reason.

      • Terry says:

        You tell em Ewart
        (consultant paid

      • Comebye Ahh says:

        @BETTY…who resigned and for what?

        Who resigned over the millions lost at Grand Atlantic?
        Who resigned over the $800 million is unaccounted for dollars?
        Who resigned over the Bermuda Cement Co deal?
        Who resigned over the millions in screw ups at Berkeley?
        Who resigned over the TCD deal not going out to tender?
        Who resigned over the Bda Emissions deal?
        Who resigned over Tuckers Point SDO?
        Who resigned over Faith Based Tourism?
        Who resigned over Beyoncé Concert?
        Who resigned when the AG found person expenses paid for with the peoples money?
        Who resigned over Cedar Beams?
        Who resigned over Dame Lois Building?
        Who resigned over Coco Reef gift?
        Who resigned over SDO at Vesey Street
        Who resigned after the PLP minister forgot to sign the Cruise Ship contract?
        Who resigned over the cruise ship pier deal, overspending, gift contract and poor workmanship ?

        Anyone wish to add to this list?

        I bet Betty will pretend not to see this and answer the questions.

        • JustAskin2 says:

          Hmm… you sure have a lot of false and unproven allegations in your list.

          • LiarLiar says:

            They are only unproven because the PLP never had the decency or care for Bermuda to initiate any investigations or ensure laws were updated to ensure that all necessary documents can be procured by the AG to evidence the corruption.

            Actually the most damning evidence that was leaked to teh public resulted in the PLP moving the AG’s office while he was off island and then had him arrested for beign in possession of the “Son of the Soil” doucment.

            A Party with nothing to hide usually doesn’t act in such a manner.

      • 32n64w says:

        Ok, list all the resignations for us Betty. Besides Roban who else did the honourable thing by taking responsibility for their political failures and mismanagement of the public purse, deteriorating voter confidence or unethical behavior?

        Cox? No

        Brown? No

        Burgess? No

        Bean? No

        Burch? No

        So who Betty?

  6. true says:

    there is so much hate agaist the oba, time to move on and let them do there job

    • Hate is a strong word and the truth be told these gentleman in their own right,are good Bermudian role models in their own profession but just making lousy decisions as political leaders.

      So don’t get it twisted or confused, because if you see the majority of our politicians outside of the house of Assembly they get along quite well, and some even have very strong business ties across the floor and party lines.

      They do what they must to please the people and to challenge the nay Sayers, so a day in politrics is a long time, but at the end of the day when they walk away from giving their service to this country,I would like to think they gave the best of their time mostly trying to give back,and that is a lot more then I can say for some of the jokers that come on here with the blogs and the jokers that complain on the talk shows, while got all the mouth never get involve to give back anything to anyone.

      • Comebye Ahh says:

        You have the nerve too call others jokers? Do you read what you post?

  7. North West says:

    He gotta get a job first!

  8. NOk says:

    This is like watching cricket ppl are getting bowled out but know getting any runs.

  9. true says:

    I just wish the plp leave the oba alone and let the do there job to improved our country, it takes more then two years to do that. Plus the PLP was in power for how many years and what they do for our country, oh put us in so much debt that we will never recover. Leave OBA aloe M. Bean

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      It’s unbelievable the ignorance and deliberate untruth by some people.

      “PLP leave the oba alone and let the do there job” – it has nothing to do with the PLP. This jetgate debacle is all the OBA’s fault. First they denied it and then decided to cover it up over the past year. They never addressed the issue. This could have been sorted out within weeks once the Jetgate news was made public, if those involved would have simply told the truth. Unfortunately the for Premier and his two ministers decided to try and hide their wrongdoing by lawyering up and suing two people who were actually telling the truth.

      Also, the OBA government does not need the PLP to pass any legislation because the OBA have the numbers in house. The PLP cannot stop the government passing any legislation – so if the government is not passing legislation and not doing their job it has nothing to do with the PLP and it would be the same if the PLP was the government. So this blame PLP for everything game is no longer going to be accepted. We are not a stupid people, stop insulting us with the same tired rhetoric, it’s the PLP fault to deflect from the poor performance by this government.

      The Debt – Our debt ballooned during the recession because the then government did increase spending during this time. Yes the PLP did create debt. But not let us forget, within one year the OBA government have doubled our debt.

      Also look at how many jobs were lost last year, look at how many jobs have so far been lost this year. And the finance minister says, ‘We’re turning a corner.’

      I don’t understand the need to lie, be misleading, or simply ignorant to the truth to get support for your arguement that is defending something that is ethically wrong.

    • frank says:

      when something is not right it is the oppositions job to point it out it was not right for the graig and mark to stay and it is not right for crockwell to stay he also has to go and as long as he stays the new leader will cath sh===t

  10. enough says:

    I was sorry to see Cannonier go. His sins were much less than many PLP ministers who did not resign. He has been the best premier that the Island has had for many years

    • Impressive says:

      Explain please.

    • Burned says:

      What are you saying?

    • frank says:

      you must be living on another island the guy did not know what he was doing they UBP/OBA set him up to fail

  11. campervan says:

    Dear PLP, Thankyou, thank you, thank you.
    Keep it coming
    love Cayman and switzerland.

    • Are you a drunken idiot!? says:

      Campervan! Ubp/OBA did this to themselves! Stop pretending to be an ignorant moron!!!

      • campervan says:

        6001, 6002, 6003.
        pooh where have all the expats gone?

  12. Coffee says:

    The only thing bigger than Marks Pettigills Ego , is Shawn Crockwells Ego .

    Why the hell is it Sooo quiet …..

    • Burned says:

      Cause he isn’t stupid enough to not have a foothold somewhere. He won’t go anywhere without a huge fight.

    • Redo says:

      He’s greeeeeasy.

    • Mile High Club says:

      You talk about Ego, yet you somehow left our Brown, Burgess and Burch???? LMAO

  13. Ringmaster says:

    Marc Bean needs to watch his back. The skeletons may be rousing and he needs to remember the old adage. When you seek revenge dig two graves. If that’s not enough, keep your friends close and enemies closer.

    • Robert says:

      Watch his bac, is that a threat ?!!!!

      • Ringmaster says:

        No, at least not from me. Leaders come and go, and sometimes they go without any perceived warning. Generally coups come from within a party, as the PLP well knows.

  14. Looking in says:

    What a refreshing change,people being and acting accountable to the voters.
    OBA,Thankyou for showing us democracy is alive and well.
    We were not used to a govt that listens!

    • Burned says:

      They only listen to a specific sector of bermudians and to most foreigners.

  15. Take it Easy! says:

    Meanwhile Ugihur gate, Spring benny gate, spice hill gate, financial audit gate (since 2005), 800mil gate, betting shop gate, Global Hue gate, Faithbase tourism gate NOT ONE F@#$%&* RESIGNATION!!! Clean your own house! Go get them Trevor!!!

  16. somuchless says:

    Ahhhh another day in paradise. Bermuda so much more.

  17. Bull in a hurry says:

    Hey Betty when Bud resigned for passing a planning application through planning on his way out the door for the benefit of his fellow minister why didn’t Zane have to resign also? I suppose you don’t think Zane had anything todo with it right !!! LOL

    • Danielle says:

      We need to stop bringing up the PLP’s history whenever the OBA do wrong. I voted for CHANGE and it really irks me when I hear what the PLP did. Whatever faults the PLP had doesn’t mean its OK for more of the same or worse. A year and a half in and look at all this turmoil. They won the election by a slim majority and probably because a lot of disgusted PLP supporters stayed away from the polls. Before we know it election time will cone around again. They need to seriously get it together and fast.

  18. fried onion says:

    He deserves to go more than anyone because he did not advice his premier getting on that jet was political suicide.

    • frank says:

      in that case if they all got on the jet they all should go 2 down 1 to go

  19. Think... says:

    PLP be careful what you continue to push for. Having TM as the AG has got to be more frightening than MP. Soon you will be left with only the core UBP base as the Cabinet. One of two things will happen, they will do very well (economy, tourism, medical marijuana, decriminalize weed, etc) and through their experience don’t make rookie mistakes and the majority of the population are supportive and re-elect them or they will slash and burn and leave you to govern a third world economy. But hey, politics is a pile of tricks anyway, right?

  20. Eddie Boy says:

    I’m getting a bit suspicous now – it’s starting to look like the old brand is comming back.
    I do wonder if Premier Dunkley is going to push all the Founding OBA members in the back ground
    and bring forward all the people who were originaly UBP. – this appointment of a former UBP MP is
    not the change that many people who basicly supported the PLP were looking for.
    People are asking – is Dunkley going to use the OBA’s brand name and it’s recent misfortunes to bring back the UBP.
    The public perception of the recent political changes is growing with all sorts of speculation .

  21. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Great news and what Bermuda needs going forward!! You are doing the “right thing” Mike Dunkley – and restoring confidence in the Island and the International community – as Pettingill was becoming a big liability for the OBA Gov’t – because he was actively involved in this *Jet-Gate* debacle!! He acted with very poor judgment as an AG!!

    Trevor Moniz is a very good lawyer with many years of political experience from his UBP days and also has an unblemished record – and commands respect in the “Business World” and International arena!!

    Now just “truthfully” inform the BDA community about the $300K and where it went and that will also go a long way – to putting this unnecessary mess behind you – as the new Gov’t!!

  22. sage says:

    Trevor Moniz, arrogance personified.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Really… Give me some provable instances for your statement concerning Trevor Moniz!!

      Your “statement” would be more applicable to Pettingill + his giant EGO and bad *legal judgement*!!

  23. THE OBA leadership and PLP leadership need to “COME TOGETHER”

    These BOLD STEPS would help Bermuda turn around
    1. Pass Resort Gaming Legislation for Resort Hotels immediately
    2, Pass eGaming legislation
    3. Allow Same Sex couples to marry – President Obama has led this in the USA
    4. Put in place a local Lottery available to the planet ONLINE.
    5. Legalize Marijuana for personal use and licensed coffee shops
    6. Immigration reform – Investor citizenship
    7. Allow car rentals for hotel guests
    8. Enact the SAGE REPORT recommendations ASAP

    These items would fire up the economic engines