Minister: 10% Grocery Talks “Fruitful & Frank”

June 26, 2014

Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy JP described discussions at a stakeholder meeting this morning regarding the future of the grocery store 10% discount initiative as “fruitful and frank.”

Present at the meeting were representatives from Butterfield and Vallis, Lindos Group of Companies, BGA, AC Brewer, The Marketplace, The Supermart ltd and Viking Foods.

The Minister said: “The meeting today was very constructive and it is obvious that grocers and wholesalers are sensitive to the needs of the people and remain willing to help in this regard.

“We all committed to meet again in four to six weeks to discuss potential solutions which collaboratively we feel will be best for the community. Accordingly, I will continue to keep the public informed as we approach year-end as to how we plan to move forward.”

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    Thank you Min Fahy for your continuos hard work in finding a solution to the 10% discount from the grocers come time that it expires!! The OBA is continuing to fight the good fight for all concerned whether they want the help or not!!! What a refreshing change from pre election Dec, 2012, the previous plp government would have been more worried about getting a good parking space outside Port a Call at 4.45pm each day!!! Funny I haven’t seen many of them in there since they lost the election?? I can only assume when you don’t have access to the finances of BDA, your income drops dramatically and you find it a lot tougher to afford the price of good wine!!!!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      NOW you have at least talked to the Grocery Owners. Now it the time to report back…..oooh you finally got it…. REALLY ….NOw it was “fruitful and frank.” REALLY!! great moving forward….. keep it real….

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        What does “FRUITFUL INCLUDE?”………..more 10% with on increase in foods from week to week….or no 10% or more breaks from the Wholesalers….I will wait for the feedback..of Transparency and Honesty.

        • X man says:

          This is one of the very rare few times that I would agree with you Betty Trump.
          But – Lets get real’ – nothing is going to happen and nothing will happen unless the Wholesaler
          or the Retailer can get something out of if — no matter how much discount is given it still comes down
          to covering operational cost, loss and profit.– thats business !

  2. Will you assist your people…by assisting grocerystores?…
    yes…or no?

  3. Food is essential and you arethe ones who can help.

  4. You care about us ….right?

  5. Terry says:

    See above.
    These guys own Bermuda.

    See above.

    • Evie says:

      Now Minister you are sure you met with them right ??? Hahahahaha

  6. Cardine Alice says:

    If it’s really affecting their profits lets see their accounts and mark-ups and let the people decide who they should support. $12 for a £1 Iceland fishfingers at Lindos takes the biscuit!

    Why not introduce a “government loaf” type policy etc on the staples. That would help more needy families.

  7. wondering says:

    having first hand knowledge of the inner runnings of one or more of the companies present, they are actually in partnership with each other. some stores owe the wholesalers 100s of thousands in arrears……go figure. if the wholesaler can afford to allow some stores to owe 100s of thousands past 90 days says a lot. perhaps the wholesaler has markups that could be lessened and they would still make a killing……….do some research into the % of markup – sometimes to 25+%

  8. somuchless says:

    Just do something good for the people. No wait in politricks you’re only concerned about one thing. Yourself.

    10% on one day of the week hmmmm. Well I’ve seen it for my own eyes. The prices are still rising so if you think as a consumer you’re really saving? You’re not. Sad but true. These stores will get you till they break you.

  9. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The mark up at Supermarkets is minimal so the Bermuda public can hope for at best 10 % discount which only impacts food.

    What about the rest of the pie ?

    Why should the food industry suffer as they are not exactly “roiling in it”. Only a few ” cash in” on the 10% ,many don’t need it ,so who is benefiting? Certainly not every one and not this country.

    The Economy of a country is based on more than just one segment and the Government should know this.

    The more irons you have in the fire ………..

    There is only one way that this country is ever going to get back on its feet and that is through a reduction in taxation ,which, is now days a very large percentage of people’s income which goes for taxes and Government fees, that money ,then get paid out in interest and unnecessary capital projects and wasteful spending and does not put “food on the table”.

    Subsistence living will eventually destroy a people, to put it bluntly it is fixed income like pensions.
    Does the Government think that people take pleasure in going to collect their un employment check that is some what a demoralizing band aid .

    They keep talking about jobs,what jobs are they talking about ,we all need to move on to newer sustainable horizons.

    I do not Manage this country, you do!

    We can not go on living hand to mouth . Where is the Red Carpet.

    There are several items on my shopping list and they are not food.

    1 ) Stop the unproductive stupid political in fighting.
    2 ) Get off your rear ends and manage this countries Business
    3 ) Dramatically reduce taxation ,you are crushing us.” We the people”.
    4 ) You you tell us to re invent our selves, take your own advice.

    5 ) All of you, give the Premier the tools he needs to get our island home back in its feet

    Mr. Premier

    One Man speaks and we all listen.
    One hundred men speak and no body listens to the noise.

  10. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    What is it that makes our cost of living beyond the reach
    of the average person and visitor ? Is it any one of these or all of these
    and if so what are you and I going to do about it ?

    Just Complain ! Ha !

    It is all these or any one of these before the item hits the shelves.

    Supplier Profit
    Inland Freight
    Air Freight
    Ocean freight
    Peanuts ; string; bubble wrap.
    Miscellaneous charges
    Agency fees
    Local Transportation
    Stevedore services
    fuel costs
    *Import duty etc
    Damaged Merchandise
    And if you don’t sell it the store owner “EATS IT “

  11. In-spite of what the O.B.A. Govt. along the big grocery stores attempt doing to please the people, for some reason they’re always an inch too short or a penny too much :-( How many of the smaller stores reduced their prices? Exactly, none!
    We can’t blame the O.B.A. for the inflation rate level here on the Island this has been in motion looooong before the One Bermuda Alliance came into existence, so please get it right before, “talking off the wall”