June 2014: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

July 1, 2014

Designed to highlight the beauty of the island, Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” on social media each morning, posting scenic shots to start the day off on a lighter note.

Always popular, they attracted some 15,000 “likes” and shares on Facebook alone, and judged by the amount of reader’s “likes”, June’s most popular photos included a sunrise, ray, longtails, ocean waves, fish, Tobacco Bay, Chaplin Bay, Devonshire Bay, and paddleboarding.

The “Photo of the Day” series is available on Facebook page and Twitter page, as well as both the morning and evening editions of our daily newsletters, which you can sign up for by clicking here.

1] Chaplin Bay

This photo of Chaplin Bay was the month’s most popular, with over 1,000 Facebook likes and shares:

bermuda beach generic 3432424

2] Ray In Water

A ray cruises through the crystal clear waters of Flatt’s Inlet, attracting some 950 likes and shares:

bermuda ray in water generic 231

3] Devonshire Bay

Third on the list was a photo of Devonshire Bay, which generated about 800 likes and shares:

Devonshire Bay Bermuda generic 2312312

4] Longtail

This photo of a Longtail in flight garnered around 720 likes and shares:

bermuda longtail bird generic 23123`

5] Longtails

Longtails made a second appearance in this month’s top 10, achieving around 700 likes and shares:

Bermuda longtail birds generic 2112

6] Hamilton Harbour Sunrise

A glowing sunrise over Hamilton Harbour caught many eyes, with about 700 likes and shares:

Bermuda morning sunset generic 221e121

7] 9 Beaches

Posted on June 10, this shot of paddle-boarding at 9 Beaches attracted about 650 likes and shares:

9 Beaches Standup Paddle-boarding bermuda

8] Tobacco Bay Beach

Beautiful Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George’s pulled in around 590 likes and shares:

tobacco bay bermuda beach generic 342413

9] Ocean in Castle Harbour Area

The unique shot of a rolling ocean wave generated about 560 likes and shares:

bermuda waters waves generic we12e1

10] Fish

This photo of fish scrambling in the clear waters of Flatt’s Inlet for bits of bread attracted around 520 likes and shares:

fish in bermuda water ocean sea generic 32121

Update 10.45am: Post originally had one photo labeled incorrectly; this has been amended. Our apologies!

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  1. Family Man says:

    Great photos!

  2. What this island absolutely “should spend money on are agronomists who can plant palm trees on both sides of every road in Bermuda….thereby enhancing our islands intrinsic beauty…yearly….every year!….plan equity enhancement…increase our equity through intrinsic flora and fauna….as St. Georges has been at the buisness doing….!

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