Photos: Car Crashes Over Wall, Upside Down

August 7, 2014

[Updated] There was a car collision on South Shore Road in Devonshire, near Gillian’s, which has resulted in the car crashing over the wall and landing upside down.

It is not clear whether the passenger[s] have been injured, however the car has sustained serious damage, and parts of the vehicle can be seen strewn across the field the car landed in.

The circumstances surrounding this collision are unclear at this time, as the car is just sitting there unattended and emergency services are not present, however will update with additional information as able.

Update 2.15pm: A police spokesperson said, “At 1:22am police were on mobile patrol when then responded to a report of a single vehicle collision that took place 100 yards south of South Road and Vickers Bay Road in Devonshire.

“Upon officers arrival it was ascertained that the driver lost control of his vehicle resulting in his car flipping over a wall and landing in a garden.

“The 33 year old Devonshire man was initially arrested on suspicion of driving whilst impaired however he passed the test. He was issued a Moving Violation Ticket and released.”

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  1. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Wow. How on earth could someone crash into a wall on what appears to be an almost straight stretch of road?

    • KidsAreDumb says:

      pre-work shots!

    • Tough Love says:

      Roads are wet. Maybe they tried to speed and their tires spun out.

      • micro says:

        Kinda hard to spin out in a front wheel drive vehicle under acceleration; locking up the wheels braking hard would do that tho.

    • Kunta says:

      Nobody wants to plant de corn but everybody wants to raid de barn.
      Hope they’re ok.

  2. Jammy Dodger says:

    Especially with our stringent speed limits and drink driving laws.

    • Derp de derp! says:

      speed has nothing to do with that, but of course common sense would have told you that

  3. Derp de derp! says:

    This twit should get an award for “Dumbest Thing on Wheels!”

    Straight road, they go in wrong lane hit a wall at a sharp enough angle to break it, not only do they keep going through the wall and over, they somehow FLIP the car both vertically and horizontally! IMPOSSIBLE!

    DERP DE DERP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. C says:

    Could have been avoiding an animal running across the street or maybe someone coming on their side of the road. The roads r slippery. Let’s not assume speed and alcohol yet.

    • @ C. There are various possibilities…One of cause being, the individual may have had a heart attach or some other medical ailment, like a “Stroke”.
      I honestly believe for something like this to happen on any straight road, if it’s not speed then it must of been medical.

      • Relocated Now says:

        Yup, could have been a heart attack causing him to stomp down hard on the accelerator so that the car careened through fifteen feet of solid stone wall, tearing apart the front end and flipped into a farmers field facing the opposite direction. Fortunately they seemed to have survived that ‘heart attack’ and left the scene before anyone else arrived.

        Or it could have been an alien abduction.

        Or it could have been a combination of alcohol and speed and a sudden realisation of what the consequences might be if they were caught at the scene causing the driver to flee.

  5. the correct facts says:

    To much speculation

    • please explain says:

      Too much speed.

      • Loud pipes save lives says:

        I don’t always buy into the “too much speed” argument but what I do see planet of is not enough awareness of surroundings and adapting to changing road conditions. Bermudians tend to be becoming very complacent with driving, stop randomly to chat, not using indicators, driving so close to the car in front you appear to want to touch the fabric of the back seat and just a general lack of awareness. Yes speed is a killer, and drugs and alcohol but we can’t speculate what happened here, only wonder what happened by the poor driving we see here daily.

    • Linda Wales says:

      Why are we always so quick to assume the worse? We are so quick to speculate without knowing any facts when what we should be doing is praying that that whomever was in the car is alright. Gosh people have some compassion and stop being so damn judgmental. Especially when you don’t even know the facts. SMDH!!

  6. Whistling Frog says:

    Hope everyone is Ok. Thank goodness it missed the pole…

  7. non of ya business says:

    Im saying you people really need to be quiet with ya stupid a$$ comments because you do not know what happened. Judgemental people. Smh

  8. Grizz says:

    why would you call someone a “Twat” and you don’t even know what happened? As previously stated, they could have been trying to prevent hitting something in the road. You are a complete a hole!!

  9. Expat says:

    My driving test lasted 20 mins. I had to manoeuvre between cones (tons of room) and park. I then went out on the road for 15 mins. As long as you know the roads and one ways by TCD you pass.

    There were no emergency stops or any kind of defensive driving. I do not know if such things are even taught here. Looking at how many people leave hardly any stopping distance is also alarming.

    The test needs to be more comprehensive. There are too many people getting hurt and killed on the roads for this not be an important issue

    • Anon Ymous says:

      Hear, hear…been saying the same thing for years! Hope no-one was seriously injured.

    • Loud pipes save lives says:

      Agreed, with out tight and turny roads and more and more traffic bermuda needs to get upto speed with more defensive driver training.

  10. STFU says:

    Until and only UNTIL you have all the facts STFU. I just hope the driver is fine.

  11. JH says:

    Before anyone calls this driver a twit or even worse, please understand that the car could have simply and gently floated over the wall and slowly turned upside down. This may have happened at less than 35 k as well. The driver was probably not to blame at all. He was probbaly swerving to avoid a dog, or a PRC.

  12. ole Onion says:

    For a drinks more ! A little sleep deprivation ! N BOOM IN YA FACE & ON YA BACK !!!
    Would’ve been better to take a taxi !!

  13. Theresa T. says:

    My gold Yaris is in my Yard!!!!!

  14. mae85 says:

    No one even knows what time it happened…. this person could have fell asleep at the wheel…. ya’ll need to stop with ur assumptions n judgmental a$$’s!!

  15. Need Peace says:

    Hmmm! No report from the BPS? I have seen and heard of less serious accidents than this. Was this just an oversight by BPS or were they notified? Good reporting Bernews!

  16. pebblebeach says:

    Hope everyone involved is well…there goes my darn corn crop…

  17. filobedo21 says:

    And the last time I remember a car landing in this farmer’s field, the young driver died in the crash… not a word from the BPS as to if it was just speeding, alcohol related nothing. I bet the driver just walked away before the police arrived… IMH

  18. Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

    If walls could talk, this one would have soooo many stories to tell. Hopeful that no one was injured. I’ve been in this very spot and seen an accident which left the car in even more of a horrific state but the driver walked away. The rebuilding of this wall puts $’s in someone’s pocket regularly.

  19. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Who pays for the wall to be fixed if the car is “reported” stolen. The insurance company of the “stolen” car? Please tell me.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Truth is killin, me: There is a fee from all insurers which covers hit and run accidents or vehicles stolen… But its something the insurance companies are directly responsible for under a certain act.

      • Expat says:

        If that’s the case, I’m sure the insurance companies just pass that fee onto us and it is factored into our premiums.

      • Voter (original) says:

        I believe it is only to cover injury to a person, not vehicular or other property damage. A bike hit my car, even though it was insured the company refused to pay a penny.nso be sure they won’t pay to fix the wall or replace the damaged crops

  20. Tyred says:

    Just saw the car loaded on a truck heading along Victoria street, looks a mess.

  21. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The USA car rental companies are watching us and so are their insurances Companies.
    Wonder how long it will be before we get on their stop lists.

  22. LeRocher says:

    Well so much for nice Bermuda corn and vegys….lol

  23. Declan Harrison says:

    The driver either nodded off to sleep, was under the influence of something, or was distracted by something like texting.

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