Video: Paula Cox Speaks At Financial Summit

August 5, 2014

Paula Cox – former Premier and Minister of Finance — spoke at the Financial Literacy Summit 2014, which was held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago a few weeks ago.

Ms. Cox said, “I think it was very productive. We talked about financial education in simple terms so that an ordinary person can understand it.

“This is a time with tremendous complexity, and people are worried about their dollars, they are worried about not having enough in their bank accounts, and they are looking for strategies which can help them to be more successful.”

Paula Cox on her experience at the Financial Literacy Summit 2014:

“Today was stimulating on a number of fronts, because it told you what was going on, what the prospects were. We were also treated to hearing from some young people who certainly have what it takes to be successful and we could learn a lesson from them.

“I think you always learn when you listen to people who have experience and expertise, and we must always remember and recognize that life is about learning and no one should stagnate.

“We can’t afford to be complacent; it’s too challenging and too competitive at this time.”

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  1. aceboy says:

    We talked about financial education in simple terms so that an ordinary person can understand it.

    So, you were preaching to the *ordinary people* as opposed to the extraordinary, like yourself?

    lol That’s pretty funny coming from the worst Finance Minister (self professed Cog) Bermuda has ever seen and the second worst Premier.

    Did you use all of the extra long wordy sentences to make yourself sound really smart and really annunciate every word in that faux British accent?

    • George Brown?! says:

      Paula Cox was one of the few involved in the former PLP government that had good intentions and no ulterior motives. Unfortunately, she was forced to make decisions by her former political friends that I don’t believe she normally would have. Yes she should have stood her ground, but we see where others had been pushed out before her. In my opinion I believe she was both brave and foolish to take over as leader after the Brown years. The damage was done and she was left holding the bag and made to be the scapegoat while the real problems walked quietly away from the scene.

  2. Bermuda Bouy says:

    She was talking about finance, Hmmm. :-)

  3. Meeee says:

    Holy shmoly! Bermuda’s “Frankensteine of Finance” speaking on finance? Who attends these things? Who was listening?

  4. San George says:

    You mean like spending less than you earn so that the people running the country don’t bankrupt us – very simple.

  5. Gun Slinger says:

    She should have been speaking at the Financial Illiteracy Summit.

  6. Lizbeth says:

    Ms. Cox, Can you please start a business teaching financial literacy to your fellow Bermudians. We will pay you.

  7. pressing the flush says:

    clearly she was being very clear and let us be clear about this,she was wearing green which was quite clear to see,so I hope you are all clear about it now.

  8. Mark says:

    Pretty sporty for a mere “Cog in the wheel” with no input (but direct responsibility) for our financial mess.

  9. Errin Butterfield says:


  10. MAKE MY DAY says:

    I guess she told everyone how to almost “bankrupt” an Island – with terrible fiscal management and possible malfeasance!!!

    Surely she could NOT tell anyone (with a straight face) that she had a positive effect on the Island as both the supposed finance minister and Premier – as the deficit *NOSE-DIVED* to over 2 $BILLION in debt – during her and Browns tenure!!!

  11. charles says:

    Just like any of you characters who can give sage advice to anyone after you’ve crashed your car, ruined a good relationship, lost an opportunity, burned the dinner, missed a flight… guys get the drift ?