Police Release Photos: Examples Of Bad Driving

February 24, 2013

The Bermuda Police and Transport Control Department have released 60+ photos of motorists which they say “illustrate there is still some work to do to encourage the motoring public to change some of its bad driving habits.”

The police said they have revitalised the Selective Traffic Enforcement Programme [STEP] whereby “selected traffic offences are targeted and enforced diligently.”


“Those offences that present the greatest dangers to road users are on our primary list, and include: impaired driving, speeding, driving without due care and attention, using cell phones while driving, disobeying traffic signs and unfastened/improper use of helmet,” a statement from the police said.

“Motorists should be aware that this is a not a complete list of traffic offences, and tickets can be given for many others,” the police statement said. “But over the next few months these offences will be prosecuted stringently and no cautions will be given.”


David Minors, speaking on behalf of the Transport Control Department, said, “The pictures attached underscore the need for education and enforcement on our roads. These pictures show a wide range of offences that include school aged students, business persons and everyday commuters.”

“We believe that 5 deaths and over 27 serious collisions are signs that we must act and we must act now,” said Mr Minors.

The full statement from the Bermuda Police Service follows below:

The Bermuda Police Service, along with our partners in the Road Safety Council and the Transport Control Department, seek to combine education, prevention and enforcement to raise awareness of unsafe driving behaviours and habits.

While we appreciate that most road users are law abiding citizens, the photographs we are releasing today illustrate there is still some work to do to encourage the motoring public to change some of its bad driving habits.

The Bermuda Police Service has begun to “STEP” up its enforcement of dangerous and unlawful driving on Bermuda’s roads. We have revitalised the Selective Traffic Enforcement Programme (STEP) whereby selected traffic offences are targeted and enforced diligently. Those offences that present the greatest dangers to road users are on our primary list, and include:

  • 1. Impaired Driving.
  • 2. Speeding.
  • 3. Driving Without Due Care and Attention / Dangerous Manner.
  • 4. Using cell phones (etc.) while driving.
  • 5. Disobeying traffic signs.
  • 6. Unfastened/improper use of helmets.

Motorists should be aware that this is a not a complete list of traffic offences, and tickets can be given for many others. But over the next few months these offences will be prosecuted stringently and no cautions will be given.

The Bermuda Police Service takes this opportunity to encourage all drivers and riders to adhere to the traffic laws and help to make Bermuda’s roads safer.

Please do your part:

  • Slow down.
  • Pay attention.
  • Exercise care, caution, courtesy and patience.
  • Don’t drink and drive.

The Transport Control Department’s full statement follows below:

The Transport Control Department (TCD) stands today in full support and in conjunction with the Bermuda Police Service. Enforcement of the law is an important component in making our roads safer.

Therefore, we applaud the Bermuda Police Service for their work to enforce the rules of the roads. Education is the area where the TCD can play a role. We will educate the community regarding the dangers of bad driving habits, while providing driving tips to improve the situation on the roads.

The pictures attached underscore the need for education and enforcement on our roads. These pictures show a wide range of offences that include school aged students, business persons and everyday commuters.

In the next few months, TCD will commence with our 2013 Road Safety Education Campaign. The campaign is designed to highlight specific topics of road safety each month to educate, enlighten and inform the community.

We recognize that the twin pillars of Road Safety are Education and Enforcement. We will do our part and we have been ensured that the BPS will be stepping up their enforcement. For information on road safety, including safe driving tips, as well as road safety legislation, please visit the Bermuda Road Safety Council’s website – www.bermudaroadsafety.com.

If you want /need a refresher on the rules of the road, the Traffic Code Handbook is available at our offices (TCD) for a nominal fee. Additionally, the Road Safety Office is available to answer any questions, concerns or to field any suggestions with regards to Road Safety – 298-2349 or dsminors@gov.bm.

We believe that 5 deaths and over 27 serious collisions are signs that we must act and we must act now.

On behalf of the Road Safety Section – TCD,

David Sinclair Minors
Road Safety Officer


Click to enlarge images:

- Amended at 5.22pm to reflect the second statement being from the Transport Control Department

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  1. Black says:

    Are you f*%^^&g kidding me? Why are the police out here taking pictures like the damn paparazzi instead of finding these MURDERERS walking around?

    • Micro says:

      As if the traffic section of the police force has anything to do with solving murders…

      But remember that the next time you have to slam on brakes to let some idiot squeeze in or give them time to get back in their lane. Personally I do neither.

      • Black says:

        It doesn’t matter. That doesn’t negate the point and most of these are of people sitting in traffic. They just went out to rush hour traffic after 5 and took pictures of people sitting in their cars talking on the phone. Lazy a__es can’t even get proper examples.

        I have a solution for the a__es on bikes but most of you brain dead Bermudians would be against it. Neither do I but that’s not the point.

        • Black Soil says:

          If bikes can’t move-on as per normal, then traffic will be backed up to hell. THIS IS REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!

          • Black Soil says:

            Where the hell are the pictures of the motor cycle police running around like Krazy a$$holes???!!!!!

            • 3rd laner says:

              Could you imagine if bikes would line up like cars have to, no third lane overtaking wow you are correct the lines of traffic will stretch the the length of Bermuda(slight exaggeration).

              Where are the “fast” ferries, why cut out stops, is there a better way of getting around, is there enforced car pooling, does everyone driving a car “really” know how to drive or do they just know forward and backward(sometimes backwards) stay on my side of the road(which can be hugging the side walks or tire on the middle line never in the middle of your side of the road) and you don’t always need to turn to the right before u turn left and vice versa.

              until we have vehicles that drive themselves there will always be accidents, or bionic ears and eyes with a 8 core processor in our brains to help process what happens around us better.

      • Just us says:

        Why there are no pictures of the bus train running that big red and white stop sign on Church Street? Nor are there and pictures of buses, trucks and cars sitting in the cross sections of the roads on a red light in Hamilton… And show some samples of vehicles that have been used a crunch bar, including the police cars…

        • truthhurts says:

          if these motorist are being pointed out then the on duty and off duty POLICE OFFICERS should be recorded also because i see some bs traffic violations by the so called enforcers of the law so i believe if they were more frequently watched they would be less likely to point the finger.

    • Rick Rock says:

      5 road deaths in the first 35 days this year exceeded even the Bermuda murder rate.

      • Black says:

        So. How many people have been shot and didn’t die? That’s a personal problem, bike riders only kill themselves for their foolish actions at some early hour in the morning. Gang members are out here shooting, robbing and killing people, including innocent people. Whenever they talk about traffic offenses the only people who are penalized are people with cars when the real offenders on their little bikes – the road menaces get off free.

        • Impressive says:

          Black you sound ignorant now,, Yes Murders are terrible and should be addressed as quickly and aggressively as possible, however the courtesy and general behavior on Bermuda’s roads are deplorable, in my opinion, and also leads to death, so they both issues are important.

          • Black Soil says:

            If cops start pulling over people who are doing little more than just going to work, then there will be effing riots!!!!

    • Bozey says:

      @Black…just another form of murder! Texting while driving, third lane riding/driving!? Come on think about it!!

  2. Family Man says:

    We need some dash-cam videos to rival the Russians.

  3. Aliker says:

    The motorbike users are the worst! They think there is a third lane particularly at rush hour on Harbour Road……it’s a wonder there are not more accidents! Interesting that a good deal of the photos show people using their cell phones while driving! I thought this was against the law???

    • Dave says:

      So you drive a car,, probably by yourself. Like most over poluters who have to sit and wait and burn fuel in the long line of other wasteful people. We who ride bikes polute less and get to work in half the time and you’re just jealous.Nothing at all wrong with the third lane, it reduces traffic congestion. No people should not use phones while driving and the police should be ticketing more for that offence.

      • Ty says:

        @Dave.. “Nothing at all wrong with the third lane”…. Until someone knocks your a__ back in your own lane huh!!!

      • Anbu says:

        Could quite possibly be me!!!! What kind of bike u ride mate? What color? Fill me in and I’ll keep an eye out for you……arrogant pr@&k !!!!!! Just don’t hold me up gettin to work when someone flattens your dumbass!!!! Try and leave a little room for me to drive on past. Idiots

      • Grubster says:

        I drive west in the morning and every day there’s an idiot on a bike coming round the corner on the wrong side of the road on the south shore near the Paget lights. Some days there are several idiots

      • Impressive says:

        C’mon Dave, be for real. Nothing at all wrong with the third lane? We people in cars are just jealous??, what next.

      • Crazy Lady says:

        Hey Dave… Do u really believe that? Well let me enlighten u. I hate third lane traffic . If I catch u on my side on the road, I’m speeding up. I also drive as close to that middle line as possible. I love watching the fear on your faces. When u relies I’m not making room for u. Lol

        • George says:

          Crazy Lady – you won’t be laughing/loving the experience when you’re prosecuted for manslaughter -so think about that before you decide to entertain yourself by not avoiding a potential accident!

          Although Dave’s original post is a little over the top I think his point is valid, the reason bikes use the third lane is because we have a problem with traffic congestion period. If bikes didn’t use a ‘third lane’ traffic congestion would be a lot worse. That’s no excuse for poor driving/inconsiderate drivers but if the police and road safety folks are serious about addressing this issue specifically they need to have a serious look at the main arteries that come in/go out of Hamilton.

          While there is a serious issue with East Broadway (because you have three main roads leading into one)the problem is not as bad on Northshore/Middle Road for example.

          Sorry to say t but I do agree with Dave on one main point and that is if you do drive in a car into Hamilton on these problematic roads by yourself every day then you are part of the problem!

          • Crazy Lady says:

            So it ok if I have to pull over n damage my car because u decide th make my side the thief lane. Oh well, to damn bad.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          You’re the one who needs to be enlightened thats if you are inept enough to understand.


          Rule of the Road

          (70) The rule of the road in Bermuda is to the left. Keep as near to the left as practicable, unless about to overtake or turn to the right. (This rule does not apply where there are special traffic arrangements as in one-way streets or roundabouts.)

          (74) If you are yourself being overtaken, do not speed up or pull out from the left or near side in such a manner that the overtaking vehicle is unable to pass.

          • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

            @ Tommy Chong: Does that rule about keeping to the far left (70) refer to bikes too? Or is it OK to overtake as many cars as possible (which is what 3rd lane-ing is)? Please note that most of those 3rd Lane-ers are over the yellow line. Is that OK too?

            • Tommy Chong says:

              The answer to your question Pastor Syl is Yes & No. The traffic laws read that if a vehicle is either stopped or going below the maximum speed limit its ok to overtake providing it is a safe area & there are no vehicles coming on the other side that would be affected. While I can see that some in the photos are veering into oncoming traffic which is a definite example of due care others aren’t but all seem to be overtaking stopped vehicles or ones doing less then the limit. Some of these photos are confusing to me as there appears to be no law broken & make me wonder if the persons who submitted the photos to bernews have read the road traffic act. I can’t stand it when someone on a bike or in a car overtakes recklessly but these images seem a bit bias on motorcyclist especially when some people in cars do the same plus drive just as aggressively as if on a bike even though their car can do more damage. This was my point to Crazy Lady’s attitude towards cyclist when she full well knows that she is in a vehicle that weighs a ton & could kill someone easily by driving the way she says she does.

      • richard says:

        First and foremost Dave, it’s against the law. Like it or not Dave, it is the law and until amended, must be respected.Your weak argument is nothing short of poor deflection.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Overlooking the car drivers that instead of stopping on the correct side of a stop sign instead have half their car across it & into the main street? Or the car drivers that instead of pulling up behind a bike that is waiting at a stop sign would rather pull up next to them (why do this?, you still have to wait for the bike to drive off first) forcing the bike rider over to the side of the road? Or the driver blasting their stereo & trying to text while driving? Or the driver that doesn’t pull over completely to the side of the road, sits there for a minute then just opens their door without looking to see if any one is coming? Or the drivers that overtake long lines of traffic that they have to go onto the wrong side of the road to do so & feel it’s OK to do if there are oncoming bikes as long as their not cars?

      Traffic violations are traffic violations, doesn’t matter if it’s via bike or car. The problem here in Bermuda (sure it exists other places as well) is that everyone thinks their an expert driver/rider but take a look at the number of walls on the road side or the number of flipped cars or road fatalities would easily tell you otherwise.

  4. Ty says:

    How many of you recognize yourselves in these pictures but are the first to say… No… Not me.. That’s exactly why some of you wake up DEAD the next day.

  5. Rebel says:

    exactly, catch the gun mon! you should see the motor bikes in the morning traffic at paget stop lights, where are the police for that? go fnd the guns

  6. Come On Man!!! says:

    I didn’t see any pictures of Police driving while on the phone or double parking and parking on double yellow lines and loading zones which I have pictures of. Practice what you preach.

    • Blu topaz says:

      They can do all those. They r exempted from the laws. Fact I heard on a road safety show

    • Bobthebuilder says:

      Diddo. I definitely agree. The police are some of the worst offenders when it comes to cell phones improper parking etc etc etc

  7. Micro says:

    Lol at the guy on the push bike.
    Yes cyclists, the laws of the road apply to you as well.

  8. OBAers says:

    Don’t they look like OBA voters?

    • ok says:

      whatever that is supposed to mean.

      • Family Man says:

        I think he means they don’t look like rising stars who would hold their friend’s cigarettes for them and make those hand gestures that look like W’s.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        I think he means they are on their way to work.

  9. Billy Mays says:

    The third lane may irritate car drivers like Aliker, but in most cases, when done with care, it’s not unsafe, particularly in slow or stopped rush hour traffic on straight sections of road. Harbour Road does not meet this description btw. Drivers – both car and bike – who text or hold phones while talking, present a real hazard to themselves and others. So do aggressive drivers who act as though the own the road. Also, the lazy parents who can’t be asked to put their children in car seats, or even belt them in at all, should be arrested for child endangerment. This is widespread.

    • richard says:

      Deflection–driving in the third lane is unlawful—-end of story!!

  10. Blu topaz says:

    Wtf does these pictures hv to do with OBA! These may b bad drivers but they aren’t the ones dying on our roads.

  11. Patricia says:

    You all better be aware. No more warnings. You know the rules. too much of these bike riders and third lanes. I hope they do crack down and HARD! Leave home a little earlier from now on. Just blatant disregard for rules of the road. Look out: :)

  12. Ty says:

    Pic number 61 is funny as hell.. Whoever that is makes it look like everyone else is on the wrong side of the road..

  13. M.P. MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

    I see young people , old people , white people , black people , males and females . Stupid people of all ages gender and races are represented in the madness .

  14. Cali Girl says:

    All those 3rd lane bike riders deserve whatever comes their way. Maybe not today or tomorrow but one day it will not go as planned and they will end up laid out or even worse dead.

  15. bull says:

    what about these idoit drivers keep on going over the center lines and anust moving when a vehicel is inches away,

  16. Sorry Sir says:

    Oh Fat bie. What’s diss hurr. You mean to tell me dat de people doin’ dumb crap on de islands roads aren’t de young people who speed but de average Joe (Not Jose) goin’ to and from work?
    Oh man, guess ders a lot of hypocrites out der dat have lots of splainin’ to do.

    I’ve been saying it for years now: Why do police do nothing about the third lane? Oh right, I forgot, they do it themselves. Silly me.

  17. Bobthebuilder says:

    Everyone wishing bad on people just cause you don’t like the way they drive. Smh. You don’t know your speaking word curses and most times it doubles back on you 3 fold.
    Watch you mouth.
    The tongue weighs virtually nothing but not even the strongest men can sometimes hold them.
    Life and death is in the tongue.

  18. Sorry Sir says:

    and I get called “The a-hole who hugs the yellow line coming up to Paget lights at 5:00″ and “People like you get people killed”

    How about this one: Don’t create a third lane.

  19. Toodle-oo says:

    These pictures are a load of BS. With the exception of the car drivers on their damn cell phones you’d be led to believe that all of our ‘bad drivers’ are on 2 wheeled vehicles.
    Where’s the videos of car drivers who approach junctions like they have no intentions of stopping ? The trucks being driven like they’re small sports cars ? Taxis and cars overtaking , well into the other lane,whilst there is oncoming traffic? The cars and trucks who turn off the road without indicating whatsoever ? The fools who stop to let traffic out of a side gate (so polite but illegal) on a rainy day without looking to see if there’s anyone behind them who may not be expecting it? The pictures of all the illegal license plates on cars ? The audio video of cars with massive stereos a booming ?
    And lastly , that overused term ‘driving while under the influence’ . How about catching all the people who are driving under the influence of crack ,coke and herb ? Booze is NOT the only intoxicant that people operate vehicles under the influence of , and they’re all mindbenders !

  20. Hmmm says:

    If the police ticketed each and every one of these offenders two things would have been achieved (1) a big message would have been sent to the community that reckless driving wont be tolerated anymore and (2) some revenue would have been generated and put toward our national debt!!!!

    • Family Man says:

      I hope the police start handing out tickets like confetti. I’d rather these idiots pay down the debt than have them raise taxes on the law abiding citizens.

  21. Bout time says:

    Riders and drivers have been getting worse and worse over the last few years. Renently I’ve seen so many people turn without indicating and others jumping red lights. And peddle cyclists, cycling 2 and 3 a breast and always riding through red.
    Admittedly, I’m a third lane rider when the cars are stationary, but I’m willing to sit in line if need be.
    Plus we’re over a Billion in debt, every extra fine helps reduce the debt. I say increase the fines, use the extra money to hire more traffic police.

  22. mixitup says:

    These photo’s are from 2007-2008

    • Anbu says:

      And if they are so what this s@$t been goin on since we’ll before then. Always tryin to detract from the issues. Smh

    • Mad Dawg says:

      You’re so full of s@!t. Many of these photos are of people using cell phones, oresumably against the law. Cell phone usage while driving became illegal in 2010. So you think the Police were photographing people using cell phones 3 years prior to it becoming illegal.

  23. Come On Man!!! says:

    They’ll be doing what they do best. Stand on the side of the road look for easy targets in order to generate revenue. Not targeting the real dangerous offenders. Give me a break.

  24. Mark says:

    Yeah, so when was the last time there was a death or serious injury caused by riding (at a reasonable speed) in the third lane on a straight road like East Broadway?

    How about we crack down on the drunk driving that is likely the cause of many of these deaths? A random breathalyser every weekend night on one or more of the main routes out of Hamilton/St. Geo/Somerset would be a great start.

    • Anbu says:

      Dude the only reason there hasn’t been is because the car drivers actually get out of your way. It’s friggin ridiculous!!! People in cars, you outweigh the bikes by at least a couple thousand lbs. what the hell are u moving for?! U wanna send these idiots a message?, start opening doors when u see them coming and then say u dropped ur cigarette or something! LMFAO no sympathy for you idiots

      • Billy Mays says:

        Anbu, the behaviour you are suggesting is sociopathic. Seek professional help immediately.

        • Anbu says:

          Nah not sociopathic, just tired of payin assloads of money to replace mirrors. Professional help u say? It’s called a sense of humor, so get one. Anyone who read it will have at least giggled at bit if they’ve been on the receiving end of a clipped mirror. Cheesums some people always gotta go so deep with things.

  25. RawOnion says:

    What the police should do is film some cycle riders and their actions. I ride in from the west mornings and there are some riders who ride and pass cautiously and there are some who ride like they are late everyday. Nothing is wrong with passing stationary cars but when the traffic is coming in the opposite direction then cyclist need to stop the 3rd lane. The there are the people on cell phones…from cycles to big rigs, I see them texting away everyday, all day.

  26. That's me says:

    How often has overtaking cars on a bike resulted in death?????? How often has driving and on the phone resulted in death???????? Death on our roads happen after to many alcoholic beverages and speed!!!!! Get a life you ignorant people!

  27. Dentist says:

    build a tunnel from harbour road to town or dockyard to spanish point!!! the traffics ridiculious in the morning thats the bottom line!!! i dont ride bikes period! but if bikes didnt pass cars and they stayed in line, traffic would be backed up to southampton!

  28. S#$t Happens says:

    I see so many police driving and talking on their phones when i am driving. Next time i am going to try and catch a picture and post it.

  29. SMH says:

    If I was one of the motorists in these pictures , I would MAKE RIGHT OFF.

  30. Pure idiots! says:

    Some of these are totally idiotic comments!!! Police are exempt from using mobile devices when driving, read the law. We complain about Police inaction, yet 5 road deaths in as many weeks is cause for the Police to start making the public aware of what dangerous/unsafe riding/driving practices may bring. Would you rather they wait until someone dies from one of these practices before doing something? Then you would be complaining about their lack of action. Be aware and safe on the roads is the message. Better to be proactive than reactive!!! Perhaps pics of those who died, at the scene of an accident would be more appropriate?!! Think of the families who have lost loved ones on the roads, I’m sure they would welcome whatever the Police are trying to achieve here. Oh, and I am sure we are all aware there are several Depts in the Police Service- the road police don’t investigate gun murders, they police the roads!!!!

  31. laughorcry says:

    do you realize the amount of traffic there would be if all the motor bikes stayed in traffic? it is bad enough that most cars only ever have 1 person in it, but for all those car drivers like douchbag ‘micro’ who dont make space for bikes, whats the point? you are sitting there in your car with a/c and music and shelter from the elements, why cant you just let the bikes go through? you arent going to get to work any faster, no matter what. you are just an example of a sad bitter little person. it is nothing to step on the brake pedal, but you not doing it, out of spite is frankly pathetic.

    the worst drivers are those in four wheels, and that is a fact. im sure all motorbike drivers can agree with me when i say that i have lost count of the amount of times a car has almost hit me, not because i was driving dangerously or in an erratic, but because they were on their cell phone, or because they didnt indicate. i thought using a cell phone while driving was illegal. maybe if the cops actually enforced the law, and instead of picking on bikes, ACTUALLY ENFORCE THE CELL PHONE LAW!!!! then people would get the point and not use their cellphones, which has been proven to be one of the most dangerous things a person can do while driving.

    im so glad my tax dollars went toward the police and their photography field trip. arent they supposed to be paid to enforce the law?!?!!?!!?

    • ok says:

      I agree. Cars are the worst offenders and the police always pick on the bikes. I can count numerous times when i have almost been hit by a car, and have slid out once before in wet weather because a person in a car stopped to let someone out of a gate which im sure is illegal.

      Cars are the worst and the ones who try to stop bikes from third laning are just spiteful. You are in a comfy car, protected from rain, sitting on a cushioned seat with back support and listening to music. Bikes can be annoying to ride sometimes and spitefulness of car drivers does not help!

    • Black says:

      That’s not true and not an excuse for why they ride reckless and end up hitting cars and holding up other people. If it isn’t going to get you to work any faster stay where you are. You bike riders are annoying. You don’t own the road and when they scrape your bodies up off the pavement you damn right I’m going to be in my car chilling blasting music. While I enjoy seeing that I do not enjoy waiting in traffic why the EMT’s try and get your heart beating again. Every-time I see one of you maniacs speeding down the road dipping in between cars I always so to myself I’d drive right around you should you crash. You all are the worst drivers and the accident records indicate that. Males on bikes are the worst drivers. Fact. Oh and taxi drivers. Fact.

      • Tommy Chong says:


        (2) No person shall play, or cause or allow any person to play any wireless set installed or carried in a motor car—
        (a) between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m.; or
        ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1947
        this Act.
        (b) between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight, in such a manner that the sound emitted from such wireless set is audible at a distance in excess of 30 feet from the motor car.
        (3) Any person who contravenes subsection (1) or (2) commits an offence against this Act.

        So I guess if someone sees you blasting your music they have the right to make you turn it down.

  32. Kim Smith says:

    And the number of people blatantly going through red lights is increasing daily. Oh yes, and the number of little children NOT in a car seat… or even sitting down in the back seat… but standing in between the front seats. I thought that was a law too?

  33. Sers says:

    The police aren’t out taking photos. All those pretty ill cameras you see up on the poles “CCTV” also take still pictures.

  34. Who done it says:

    There certainly some idiots in that middle lane but i think this is over kill. how many of the deaths are during the daily commute? I think they should ticket all car drivers with only one person, then the bike riders would not be stuck in traffic as long while obeying the rules of the road… Want to upset some of the car drivers then all the bike riders should go single file to work, ten bikes in a row and the speed limit. See how quickly the car drivers will start to go crazy

    • Grubster says:

      Always surprised there aren’t more accidents in the morning. So many people driving kids to school also adds to the chaos. I know there are some school buses and I also know that lots of people would not be happy about putting their younger children on a Cedarbidge bus for instance, but school buses would certainly cut the traffic down. Having said that, I don’t know how much this would cost and in the present economic times, I know this would not be a priority

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Amen and agreed!

    • Sorry Sir says:

      So your solution is to ticket peoples freedom to drive a car?

      You’re a smart one, aren’t you?

  35. Stop Complaining for 1 Second says:

    @ Black
    You seem so bent that pictures supplied by the BPS of people breaking the law. Who said that police officers took the pictures, and even if they do so what. The facts remain that the people shown in the pictures were breaking the rules of the road, while others were putting not just themselves but other road users at risk.
    Look at the amount of people on cellphones and a few of them arent even looking at the road.
    What example are riders setting for the young. There are a few pictures of school children making a third lane.
    I have witnessed tourists following locals, overtaking cars on the wrong side.
    Its no wonder we dont have more accidents.

  36. media says:

    The question would seem to be – Why haven’t they been consistently ticketing people all these years for these kinds of offenses? In the meantime the overall standard of driving has got worse and worse as people realise that the police are not out there with any real presence. I say it’s about time.

    • Kim Smith says:

      @media. I’m wondering if you read Dr. Froncioni’s piece about how the police failed to even ask the offending party in a car accident if they had been drinking, let alone breathalyse them, because of the amount of paperwork that would be involved (or words to that effect). People have been getting away with ‘bad behaviour’ for so long that it’s really no wonder we are where we are now.

  37. Lightbulb... says:

    I am for this 100 percent! If there where more police on the street I will guarantee you that every single tye of crime would decrease!

  38. Triangle Drifter says:

    Getting pics of infractions such as speeding & yapping on the phone are easy. Getting pics of all the other idiot things Bermuda drivers do or don’t do on the roads, not so easy. There is tailgating, failing to signal, failing to signal in good time, dangerous driving in any genre one can think of, no consideration of others when driving, inappropriate speed for road conditions (not necessarily high speed), failing to take appropriate action for emergency vehicles (stopping dead in the road is not appropriate action), lights on high beam (Bermuda roads really are well lit. Try driving outside of a city elsewhere).

    The laws are there. BPS, get out there & enforce them. Set up those ticket writing partys at Paget lights in the morning & get all those bikes blocking the westbound lane. Get all of those cell phone yappers who somehow are soooo important that they must talk while they drive. Get all of those who fail to signal. That is dangerous driving. Those flashy things were not installed just to park outside KFC or Leasure Time.

    • Grubster says:

      Agree, but despite moaning about bike drivers near Paget lights, don’t want the police there all the time as just adds to the morning commute. however, would be happy with cameras at the lights and to prosecute all those who jump the lights, those bike riders who crowd the first car at the lights and those on the wrong side of the road.

  39. Frank says:

    All you need to do is install dash cams in every petrol car and i am sure there is one for police bikes
    they show everything / sound as well
    change the laws Mr AG and use in court.
    it will also make police officers more accountable in there duties

    this is well worth it. playing back things seen in front of a police vehicle for crimes can only help not hinder

    also portable electronic speed traps set up

    the extra tickets that can be given will pay for easily

  40. Grubster says:

    I would like the police to really target the drink driving problem in Bermuda, which is endemic. Random Friday (or any night) night on all roads out of town and breathalyze everyone. Have seen so many in bars and restaurants drinking and then get in their cars and drive home. Will get a real cross section of the population.

    • Bobbobbob says:

      I spent 14 years in Bermuda, and we all know this a Joke, i have seen 5 x people die in front off me during my journeys on the roads there, there was one year that 18 people died according to statistic,s but there was another 3 x Humans died in Jan that had injuries from the Dec the year before, that would have been a total of 21.

  41. Building a better Bermuda says:

    Just a thought, how bout putting a couple of cops at some of the core intersections in the city during rush hour, pulling over and ticketing those who stop in the middle of the intersections. Could have put a huge dent in the national debt this past week with the way traffic has been with the road works on King Street.

    Also, several unmarked police cars outfitted with front and rear high def, speed monitoring devices and a couple of officers, driving the roads catching people in the act. Just driving from Somerset to St G would pay off the operation.

  42. What Do You THink says:

    I remember back in the 90s the Police, Fire and Hospital had PR on the television and radio which involved lil tips and reminders of how to prevent accidents and incidents that may happen from day to day. I dont see that anymore nor do I see it on any of the social media as ads or reminders. The photos provided show a host of traffic conditions which may lead to an accident or even an altercation between two motorist. There is no real solution to our rush hour problems cause after a while we will go right back to doing what we are use to doing on the roads. Those in the Emergency Services do a traffic course which is different from what you do when you take a TCD test for driving, mind you their is designed for speed to get to a scene safely but I do believe that same course can be implemented for 32kph use also. So when those getting licenses for the first time or doing driving courses it can be taught the proper way to drive and ride on the road. Also anyone who has been convicted of a traffic offense and they are disqualified from driving they should do the safe drivers road course before getting their license back. It will take more then a generation to change our driving habits..case and point, how long did it take to stamp out “Pack Racing”

  43. Kathy says:

    Why doesn’t Bermuda consider creating a bike lane (for example, from Coral Beach tennis club all the way into Hamilton). There should be an incentive for driving a bike, not a penalty for wanting to overtake the cars! Who wants to wait in the rain behind all the cars going into Hamilton (one person per car BTW) when you are on the bike. By the time you get to Hamilton, you have to turn around and go home to change your wet clothes.

    WAKE UP BERMUDA and give incentives to those who are ecologically responsible drivers!

  44. BrainFoodSpecial says:

    Let the numbers do the talking … How many road fatalities does Bermuda have due to the third lane commuters? Imagine how much longer the lines of traffic would be if bikes weren’t allowed to get around idle traffic. People make bad decisions all the time and unfortunately it may cost a person their life but it was a personal choice that was made by the individual. We may not see the boys in blue around every corner (thank God) but we are certainly aware that they could be around the next, and that thought keeps most drivers in check. We are always going to have the risk takers and law breakers, and while they may get away with it the morning that you see them, it eventually catches up with them at a later time. I am against cell phone usage while driving, blatant traffic offenses, and due care but with the morning congestion, I don’t see how eliminating the third lane is going to help. Same way that the speed limit is 35 k/m but anything over 50 is considered speeding, I think the same leniency should remain for the third lane but, ticket those that blatantly abuse it.

    Also, there are over 30,000 licensed vehicles on the road and 365 days in a year .. right? If 20 or less die on the road in a year (the numbers fluctuate), then the ratio doesn’t look so bad. Road fatalities are magnified because we are a tight knit community, and the person that loses their life is most times known by a large number of people. I’m not trying to sound insensitive (I too have lost love ones on the road) but when looking at the figures and thinking on a larger scale, for the amount of traffic we have on our roads it doesn’t look as bad as the media and a number of individuals portray.

  45. Fran Moore says:

    I agree with Kathy – there should be an incentive for driving a bike, not a penalty for wanting to overtake the cars, AND there should be a ‘penalty or charge’ for cars containing only ONE person to encourage car sharing & cut down on the number of cars entering Hamilton.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Poor driving habits & congestion are separate issues. Agree that bike riding should be encouraged. 1 car takes up the same parking space as 4-5 bikes. The single occupant car could be a efficient as bikes space wise if people car pooled, but they don’t. The vast majority are single occupant driven by perfectly healthy people who are capable of riding bikes.

      Penalize the single occupant cars by manning the carpark entrances at rush hours & charging them double to park & make them park in the least desirable places.

      Encourage bikes by increasing parking in the most desirable areas at the expense of car parking. Even with so many bike riding IB people being chased off the Island, these days it is still tough to park a bike.

  46. Kim Smith says:

    Please let’s also not rule out how we might instill in people a regard and respect for the laws that are put in place BY US such that we can live together safely.

  47. Argosy says:

    How about TURNING OFF those stupid fog lights?

  48. Xman says:

    From Monday to Friday at 7.30am to 9am there is a line of traffic that spans from Warrick Secondary School to the City of Hamilton
    on both Middle Road and Harbour road with South Road Traffic starting from Elbow Beach Hotel.
    From the eastern end the Traffic spans from Flatts to the City of Hamilton on the North Shore Road.
    I haven’t even mentioned the 4.30 t0 6 pm traffic proplem going out of the City of Hamilton.
    The real problem is the Traffic travels at 5 -8 mph all the way thus the people on Motor Bikes have the ability to
    nip in and out of he traffic making there time span lingering in this traffic shorter.- infect it is culture or a way of life that
    we are going to have to accept. I have seen, Off Duty Policeman, Business people, MP’s – yep’ I said MP’s, Clergyman,and just about every other
    walk of life make a traffic nip in and out of the traffic on the Monday to friday Traffic hassard.
    I’m not saying it’s right but it’s a way of Bermudian life thats not going to stop unless the Govt. come up with a concrete plan to ease the weekday traffic problems.
    The weekday traffic problems do bring out some bad habits like the use of Cell phones and people concentrating on loud music while driving because of the slow stop and go speed speed which can last up to 35 40 minutes in a car.
    I know of no normal person in Bermuda on a Motor Bike
    who is going to stay behind a car for a full 35 minutes all the way into the
    City of Hamilton.– the average Motor Bike Rider overtakes 15 – 30 cars – and thats a very conservative rider.
    Else for the Police taking Pictures : -I wonder if they could show us some pictures of people doing breaking and entering,
    people selling Drugs or some gang members.– traffic is easy prey!

    • Sorry Sir says:

      Could make public transportation free for those times.

      I’m just glad I was able to find an apartment in walking distance to work. No need to worry about traffic in the morning anymore. lol

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Ah Yes! Great Idea! The only problem is this would be the job of government to make this possible. Since government has already stated they are going to increase the amount charged on public transportation taxes I doubt they are going to agree.

        Great idea BDAGOV make it more expensive for those who already cant afford to pay for a vehicle 7 at the same time encourage more traffic congestion.

  49. Dee Dee says:

    Let’s be real. During rush hour if the bikes stayed in lane never exercising third lane with caution, no one would get work on home on time.

  50. Deliverance says:

    every time any govt brings up the traffic problem/solutions all of a sudden the public all want to put in their 2 cents. the real problem is public transportation and the lack thereof. the buses should be smaller BUT more frequent and drive thru more places. I live on Berry Hill and have no bus service here! I would take the bus everywhere if I didn’t have to either walk down thru the hospital to Point Finger or up Tee Street to Middle Road in HEELS!

  51. A thought for you says:

    The ones the police need to take off the road are the taxi drivers they think they own the road I’m had to stop short numerous of times because they just pull out of driveways like they have the right of way

  52. Kiskadee says:

    It’s the bike riders who sit on your tail and when you have to stop suddenly they are into the back of your car. This happened to us and the young man promised to get it fixed . We knew him and believed he would but he never did. We are senior citizens and had to pay for it ourselves.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Why don’t you look at the photos above & see that everyone including ones in cars are up on each others tails not just the bike riders.

  53. alex says:

    is no one else concerned by the number of car drivers in this string who seem to be almost salivating at the opportunity to witness a motorcyclist die for simply trying to circumvent some of the traffic?

    many “third lane” drivers are safely exercising their right to pass slow traffic. of course there are idiots out there, but the vast majority of cycles are helping traffic move more efficiently.

    there should be a tax on anyone entering town between 7:30 and 9:30 in a single occupancy car. HOV lanes exist all over the world, so the technology is already out there to enforce this.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I am but the cage drivers should also be concerned about the ones they tailgate especially if they rear end the wrong one who’s strong enough to get up after & grips them out of the window of their cage. Hey maybe they won’t mind as every caged bird should be free to fly, fly so high in the sky.

  54. Chris says:

    Don’t see any photos of the taxi drivers who think it is OK to treat the Birdcage as a roundabout, or that use of indicators is discretionary.

  55. Deliverance says:

    I have one request to ALL drivers: INDICATE!

  56. Come On Man!!! says:

    Are they gonna ticket honking your horn just to greet some one you know. Its only for warning purposes. Just saying.

  57. Come On Man!!! says:

    Its crazy that certain times of the year when they need to generate more revenue they come out with this wacka-doodle crap. New minister new routine. If I don’t wanna wear my seat belt and have my destiny in my own hands and I’m not harming anyone but myself and the insurance company hence my premiums . So freekin what. Money Money Money Money!!! Money!!

  58. ALL R GULITY says:

    Well, ok…May I suggest that all bike riders stay in line and lets see how long it takes everyone from the West end to get in to Hamilton on any given day! I will test this myself (and leave home a 1/2 hour earlier) but I will be sure to let my employers know I will be late for work. I must add it is quite frustrating to have to leave home a whole 45minutes early just to commute from Warwick/S’pton to town on a bike. Like really, if it were not for all those damn single passenger cars this commute would take 15/20mins easy.

    Notwithstanding, I have seen and shook my head at the invincible lot that do overtake carelessly. Moreover, I will admit I do take the third lane when safe to do so.

    It is so unfortunate that some commenter’s (car drivers) are willing to commit premeditated vehicular homicide because they choose to drive (most times alone) to Hamilton, which adds to the already frustrating traffic congestion. I mean really, there are only a few ways to get into Hamilton. Maybe they (authorities) need to take count of how many cars, trucks and bikes are entering the city limits during rush hour. Then come up with solutions that will assist with alleviating the traffic congestion problems.

    To be fair to all commuters, May I suggest they make a mandatory rule/law regarding car-pooling (two or more passengers rule) during rush hour traffic (7AM to 9AM & 4:00PM to 6:00PM) for those commuting into and out of the City limits. Ticket those that do not comply; just the same ticket those riding without due care and attention.
    Safe travels to one & all!

  59. Aliker says:

    Having already commented on the “third lane drivers” I would like to thank the jerk who nearly took off my driverside mirror this morning on East Broadway. Smacked it really hard in rush hour traffic and kept on going without even a second glance. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

  60. god1st says:


  61. Rock Watcher says:

    All this ‘third lane’ talk is amusing. It is NOT an offence to overtake, which is all this is! The only offence would be ‘driving without due care and attention’ if for some reason there was an accident or collision caused by a rider’s actions! As for the person who thinks it illegal to let vehicles out of junctions!! Well well – I sometimes wonder how some people get a driving license!

    • Tommy Chong says:


      I guess there are drivers who never learned about the interruption of traffic law.

  62. Y-Gurl says:

    What a joke, why don’t these BPS clowns get focused on the real issues instead of taking pictures, sure these are EASY violations to spot, how about doing some real police work and getting tough on serious crime and drink driving, sometimes that can be spotted by the placing of a brown bag to the mouth while driving, I guess when you can’t to the real job then taking pictures is a close second

  63. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Letting people out is an old Bermudian politeness that I am glad still exists. However, we used to signal the driver behind us that we were going to slow down or stop. Now, people just stop dead with no warning. This is what is dangerous. Even tapping your brakes twice before stopping (so your brake lights flash) is a warning to the person behind. Same with indicators. They allow the next person to plan their next action, whether it is the person behind or the oncoming driver. We all have to remember that nobody can read minds.

  64. Rock Watcher says:

    Well said Syl – you seem to have a grasp on the situation! Maybe you should be the new Road Safety Officer as we do not hear much from the current one or the Council!!
    Years ago there was a column in the weekend paper, which I assisted with, informing the public of various road safety issues! Laura Saints was Road Safety Officer then!
    So many people just do not understand the rules of the road and even the very basic ones!!
    Here are a couple:
    A yellow centre line means no parking either side of the road (that’s all – nothing to do with overtaking)
    Indicators should be used 50 – 60m before you make the turn – not as you make it!!
    I won’t get into cell phones and seat belts – that’s obvious – please!!
    Children (ALL) under 70lbs need to be in a suitable car seat in ANY vehicle (taxi / truck / GP car (ha)
    Anything other than a green light means STOP!

    Some others that maze me:
    Why do people change the front lights of vehicles to show red, green, blue or anything other than what was there originally – the white lights were there for a reason you numpties!
    Bus drivers that only use one hand – the left is constantly holding something more important, but not the steering wheel!
    Taxis’ that double park by Chatham House on Front St and outside of PWC on Church St (taking away voucher parking spaces) and on the sidewalk at Hamilton Princess!
    Double parking outside KFC and Leisure Time!

    I could go on but most people will just say ‘what too do naw!’

  65. DONALD CAVE says:

    I have ridden motorcycle in many countries,that does not make me any a better driver, what makes me a better driver is that i have taken the Florida M.S.F.course ” Motorcycle Safety Foundation”.


    You pass that test you get a part “A”. towards license and may be better insurance rates .

    The course teaches you how to manage risk and keep you alive while riding a motorcycle or scooter.

    The inside lane is not for overtaking but it is much safer location,as there is always a means of escape. From the car driver you will hear… Oh! i did not see you.

    Loud motorcycle exhausts do not save lives, skill does that !

    I do not endorse poor driving skills. I do applaud precision riding.
    Stop the tailgating.

    With respect to the third SUICIDE LANE, those riders are not going away any time soon, for them it is about managing risk,or that of being rear ended by a car or alternately taking your chances riding the yellow line.
    Some interesting thoughts :-
    Where is the Police precision riding team ?
    Put School Bus stops directly at school gates. Eliminate all unused side walks,nobody walks today, increase road width, build that INSIDE third lane where practicable. IMPROVE road markings and signage.
    Improve Paget traffic light bottle neck with a car/ truck third lane.
    Install Trafic lights at bottom of Strawberry hill Paget,
    Restore the Railway R.O W for tourist scooters.
    Support motorcycle riding.
    Stop the complaining and do something real.
    The 21st century is here .

  66. AH Stirling says:

    I must say that some of the photos leave lot to be desired, such as talking on the mobile whilst driving. However, splitting lanes is doing everyone a favour. There have been tests in other countries whereby they prevented motorcyclist from splitting lanes and the traffic was backed up more than ever. So instead of preventing the splitting of lanes make sure it is done safely. Those who are the road safety council obviously have never lived anywhere else. Because if they had they would not even suggest such nonsense.