57% Think Bermuda Day Should Be On May 24th

December 13, 2014

According to a recent poll by Global Research, 57% percent stated that Bermuda Day should continue to be celebrated on the 24th of May.

After last year’s Bermuda Day, an online petition — which gained 696 signatures — was started calling for “the necessary changes to observe Bermuda Day on the Friday before the last Monday of May each year.”

Chart provided by Global Research

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In addition the Opposition recently tabled a Bill [PDF] to change the date saying, “The amendment has as its principle aim to effect a long holiday weekend by observe the Bermuda Day on Friday before the last Monday in May when many economic social benefits will enure to the Bermuda economy and School children participating in the Bermuda Day Parade.”

In describing the methodology, Global Research said they utilised Computer Assisted Telephone Interview [CATI] to interview 400 registered voters between December 1 – 8 2014.

The results were weighted to be representative of Bermuda’s population on the following factors: age, race, gender, the margin of error for the study is +/- 5% at the 95% confidence level, and some chart percentages may add to more than 100% due to multiple mentions.

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  1. DreamCatcher says:

    I agree! There’s nothing progressive about moving the holiday. Make the proper preparations and enjoy the 3 day weekend opportunities when they do roll every few years. The parade is over in daylight.

  2. wow says:

    I did not realize the majority of people on this island have a subnormal level of intelligence.

  3. John E. Thorne says:

    The 24th May holiday should not be changed however, when the 24th falls on a Saturday or Sunday it could be celebrated on the Friday before instead of the Monday after the weekend. That way most people would not have to work the next day on those years.

    • Unearthed says:

      It’s called Bermuda Day. It’s just traditionally held on the 24th of May.

      So you would rather celebrate Bermuda Day on a Tuesday instead of a Friday?

      • Dude says:

        I’m 50 and it was ALWAYS called “24th of May” holiday. I don’t know who or why ‘they’ decided to call it something else. My guess is a tiny segment of our society didn’t like the association with the U.K. But that’s another story. The holiday IS the 24th of May… just like Christmas is the 25th December.

        • Unearthed says:

          For 50 years you have been living under a rock. Let me ask you a question. What do you call the parade they have on May 24th?

          Can you please do yourself a favor and read up on Bermuda’s holidays before you post nonsense.

          • Dude says:

            sorry mate, never been to the parade on 24th May…. in fact, I didn’t know there was one until I came home from university. the only parade I remember growing up was at Easter with all the beautiful floats. anyway, besides the point. never been to any parade on 24th may, I was too busy pitching myself overboard. have a happy Christmas.

  4. Time Shall Tell says:

    I can’t see how moving it to match a U.S. holiday would attract more tourist since the Bermuda tourism product is open for business 365 days of the year anyhow. I also agree with John E. Thorne above me with his view on the subject.

    • Unearthed says:

      “The Bermuda tourism product is open for business 365 days of the year.”

      Have you forgotten that we don’t have a 365 day summer? We are not in the Caribbean. Have you ever noticed that more tourists actually visit Bermuda during the summer months?

      Furthermore, are you not getting the logic? If the holiday is placed on the Friday, it will be much easier for an American tourist to plan a trip to come to Bermuda. Heck, any potential visitor will find it easier to plan since it will be on a weekend. Not to mention, most people won’t have to go to work the next day.

      The holiday is not called the 24th of May. It’s called Bermuda Day and if the 24th of May fell on a Saturday or a Sunday the parade would be held on the Friday or Monday anyway.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        You forget that even though we don’t have a 365 day summer that even now the hotel rates are high enough to still be open for business. Besides, anyone who has ever worked in the hospitality industry knows that May is a good month for tourism in Bermuda so your point it mute.

        Please explain your logic that just because there’s a holiday in Bermuda the same day as the U.S. that it would make it easier to plan a trip? So by your logic the average tourist wants to plan a vacation around their own countries busy holiday to go to another country on their holiday where most of the average tourist attractions would be busy already?

        You forget that the Bermuda day name was a recent change with it also previously known as Victoria Day, Empire Day, and Commonwealth Day. However any born Bermudian has always referred to the holiday as 24 of May Holiday & has always been centered on (when possible) or around that given day.

  5. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    I’m with those who think the holiday should stay as it is. Nothing would be gained by having the holiday matched to the weekend, in fact it might be lost in aligning it more closely with the US Memorial Day weekend. I wonder how many would take the opportunity for a shopping long weekend with the specials on offer in the US.

    I also recall it trying to be changed once before and it not going so well.

    May 24 is, quite simply, May 24.

  6. Huh ? says:

    And people complain that Bermudians don’t know all of their history – well whether you like it or not this holiday is part of our heritage and should stay where it is.

  7. Varied says:

    I think the benefit was more for local businesses vs any tourism/Memorial Day angle. But if the poll results are accurate, can’t fault the government for staying with status quo

  8. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    Change it pls to the last Friday in May!

  9. Bee Man says:

    Really it is 57% of 400 people

  10. Creamy says:

    Another failure for Bean.

    • PBanks says:

      Bear in mind that it wasn’t Marc Bean, or any PLP member, who proposed the holiday date change in the first place. This isn’t a political issue.

  11. Clarke L Jones says:

    Considering what the day originally celebrated a change is in order to make it a real Bermuda Day celebration instead of one that has changed over time from the Queens birthday,to Empire day to Commonwealth day, at least in the future if there is Independence you already have a day picked out.

  12. Palm Frond says:

    Bummer to come from overseas and find shops closed, transportation on public holiday schedule.
    Leave it as a family holiday on the 24th, or rarely to overlap with a U.S. long weekend.

    • Palm Frond says:

      “It’s the 24th of May, if we don’t get a holiday we will all run away.”
      Old saying.
      Anyone remember hearing or know when it was a hot topic in the past?