Michael Douglas To Narrate “Ocean Vet” Series

December 22, 2014

Movie star Michael Douglas has agreed to work with Gass Productions and Ocean Vet to narrate the series on behalf of Dr. Neil Burnie, the producers revealed today.

Ocean Vet — a 12-part television series which explores Bermuda’s varied marine life through the eyes of veterinarian Dr. Neil Burnie — began filming earlier this year, with the series having been pre-sold to Cineflix Rights, a leading, independent UK television content distributor.

Unfortunately Dr. Burnie died following a marine accident last month, however Ocean Vet pledged to continue the series, saying: “To Neil, Ocean Vet was his dream; we have this dream in our hands and his legacy by our side. With great honour and pride we will share Neil’s dream with the world.”

Photo courtesy of Ocean Vet, taken by Choy Aming


A post on Ocean Vet’s official social media page today said, “It’s been a very busy few months in the UK, we have been hard at work to ensure Ocean Vet continues and becomes stronger.

“The delivery to networks is now pushed back to December 2015. We still have a considerable amount of work ahead to get the series into its slightly altered format. Everything is now scheduled and work is underway.

“In consideration of the changes we have revised some elements in the original trailer to include new footage and express a more ‘team’ feel to the series. Something necessary as Neil didn’t finish the narration and some underwater pieces to camera. We will be back in Bermuda in June to re-shoot some parts of the series.

“Finally we would also like to reveal that Michael Douglas has agreed to work with Gass Productions and Ocean Vet to narrate the series on behalf of Neil, something we are immensely proud of.”

You can watch the Ocean Vet trailer here.

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  1. Me says:

    Wow…that’s big news!

  2. Onion says:

    Congratulations to all involved.

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Kudos to Michael Douglas………. this will be a big boost to Neil’s legacy and promotion of the island

  4. Onion Soup says:

    If you click on the trailer, several of GassProductions’ clips from the series are shown. The filming is brilliant and the background music is divine. Neil Burnie was a true force of nature and this promises to be the ultimate celebration of his dedication to Bermuda’s sea life and his enormous talent as a vet. Having Michael Douglas narrate will no doubt be a huge draw. Kudos to everyone involved!!

  5. Tony Brannon says:

    Michael Douglas…… Thank you, thank you, thank you !
    This is very generous of you. Neil is smiling from afar xx