Michael Douglas: My Friend The Late Neil Burnie

January 19, 2016

Actor Michael Douglas has highlighted his role with the Ocean Vet documentary series in a post on Facebook, adding photos of himself recording his narration while mentioning the late Dr. Neil Burnie and “Bermuda’s incredible marine life.”

In the Facebook post, Douglas said, “I recently recorded the narration for an 11-part new documentary series, Ocean Vet, about my friend the late Neil Burnie, protecting and learning about Bermuda’s incredible marine life. Neil was our vet when we lived in Bermuda.”


Ocean Vet – a 12-part television series which explores Bermuda’s varied marine life through the eyes of Dr. Burnie – began filming in 2014, with the series having been pre-sold to Cineflix Rights, a leading independent UK television content distributor.

The well-known Dr. Burnie died following a marine accident on November 11, and was later buried at sea. In addition to his work with animals and ocean advocacy, Dr. Burnie was also involved in the music world, and played the saxophone.

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  1. paperboy says:

    Thank you Mr. Douglas. An act of generosity in support of Dr. Burnie who cherished our oceans and our island.

  2. Jennie Hennigar says:

    Thank you for your tribute. Very nice.

  3. The Magic of Reality says:

    Neil believed in the magic of the ocean….

    ” oh the whales and sharks of the oceans,
    Seem to call to me
    While my body is hear high on the dry land
    My soul is deep in the sea” – Neil Burnie

  4. Saundra Cowen says:

    Thank you Mr. Douglas!