100WHF Group Exploring Setting Up In Bermuda

January 8, 2015

100 Women in Hedge Funds [100WHF], a global association of more than 13,000 professional women in the alternative investment, asset management, investor and broader financial services industry, is exploring the opportunity to set up a location on the Island, according to the Bermuda Business Development Agency [BDA].

The New York-based group’s Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Pullinger, visited Bermuda last month, when she met with Premier Michael Dunkley and members of the BDA, and spoke with local senior professional women at a dinner organised to drive forward the setting up of an Island-based location of the non-profit society.

[From left] Alison Morrison of the BDA’s Asset Management Industry Focus Group, BDA Chair Caroline Foulger, and Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

100WHF photo

“We were delighted to meet with Amanda from 100WHF on her recent visit to Bermuda,” said BDA Chair Caroline Foulger. “This is a very powerful global organisation for senior women in leadership roles in financial services, and the planned launch of a Bermuda location will provide unparalleled opportunities for women here on the Island through 100WHF’s global network.

“It also offers a great new platform for us to grow international business by spreading the word about Bermuda as a premier jurisdiction,” Ms. Foulger added. “Women are increasingly powerful in major financial services organisations and the ability to tap into this network through a partnership with 100WHF will be of huge benefit to Bermuda’s business sector—and our broader community.”

Formed in 2001, 100WHF has hosted close to 500 industry education events globally, connected more than 250 senior women through peer advisory groups and small dinners, and raised over $36 million for philanthropic causes in the areas of women’s health, education and mentoring. The association welcomes all professionals who have an interest in the mission of the organisation to join.

“I am particularly excited about this opportunity for women in the financial services industry in Bermuda to join a group which has such a global reach,” said Alison Morrison, Managing Director of Oyster Consulting and a member of the BDA’s Asset Management Industry Focus Group. “The chance to help educate, mentor, and expand our own horizons while giving back to the community is something that building a local 100WHF location will provide.”

Fifteen local women attended the December 8 event; each was asked to invite 10 more to join the organisation, with the aim of meeting the minimum criteria of 100 members by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

“We will establish a committee initially to work on an inaugural event which we intend to hold in mid-June,” said Ms Morrison, who hosted the introductory dinner with Appleby’s Sarah Demerling and Elizabeth Denman from Conyers Dill & Pearman.

Ms Pullinger said of her visit: “I was very impressed by the range and depth of experience of the female senior practitioners whom I met with in Bermuda.

“I believe the global 100WHF network will provide some interesting opportunities and connections for professional women in Bermuda across the various industries located on the Island—for peer interactions, unique educational programming, and giving back to the community through our philanthropic initiatives.”

100WHF’s mandate is to advance the role of women in the alternative hedge funds investment industry and also make a difference in the lives of women globally. With education, leverage and philanthropy as its core principles, the association offers members opportunities to attend educational sessions, participate in peer-mentoring, and support fundraising initiatives that benefit women and families, thereby helping women advance their careers while raising millions of dollars for those in need.

Local women interested in becoming a member of 100WHF can register here. The annual fee is $75 and includes the following benefits:

  • Priority registration status for education sessions across the globe
  • Access to 100WHF’s online business network, 100WHF Connect! including exclusive webcasts from 100WHF education events globally
  • Access to 100WHF’s database for Corporate Board opportunities and Not For Profit Board opportunities
  • Invitations to networking events, and small group functions
  • Access to the 100WHF Job Board
  • Regular email communications
  • Volunteer opportunities

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  1. Options says:

    This is good news, please make sure our former Bank of Bermuda and ACE Legal Counsel, former JP MP is given the role here as Legal Counsel

    If only so we don’t have to waste more time in Central Committee debating why a former Premier should not be contesting a Primary for a consistency seat for the next general election

    After hearing that interview on Cherri Jay we are confident the former Premier is no longer too hot or too controversial to rejoin the IB sector

  2. sebring says:


  3. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:


    You are advocating for the employment of a former premier so that the PLP Central Committee no longer has to debate her return to politics?

    The question begs to be answered, why hasn’t she setup her own consulting firm or started a law firm with other partners?

    The employment OPTIONS that she lacks are those that she cannot conceptualize.

    Do not sit and wait for opportunities, create them, Paula. You are strong.