21-Foot Wellcraft Towed By Good Samaritan

January 26, 2015

A 21-foot Wellcraft that was unable to restart its engine, leaving it disabled in Great Sound, was recently rescued by a passing good Samaritan, who assisted the vessel in returning to its moorings at Jews Bay.

The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said, “Bermuda Radio received a cellular call from four persons on board a 21-foot Wellcraft advising that they were disabled in Great Sound in the vicinity of Morgan’s Point, unable to restart the engine, and requested assistance.

“While in communication with the vessel, a passing good Samaritan stopped and offered to help the disabled vessel, subsequently towing the powercraft safely back to its moorings at Jews Bay.”

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  1. Northshore says:

    Always good to help a fellow boater,,, good for you Samaritan !!

  2. T Lion says:

    It would be good if these amateur sailors knew how to fix engines, or better still, didn’t depart with a faulty one.

    • what... says:

      We’ll all remember when you need a tow…. Engines break down without notice.. even the best mechanic can’t repair his own engine without the right tools and parts

      Thanks to the friendly boater that lent a hand!!!!

  3. Mr L. Adasuarus says:

    It is surely time for such amateurs to be banned from the seas? They are a danger to themselves and other sailors…

  4. Friend of stranded says:

    Actually mr t lion, their engine blew up, so enough of your pompousness…

  5. Ginger G says:

    T Lion is right – as my father always said “The sea is perfectly safe until you forget it’s extremely dangerous”. Amateurs should be accompanied.