February 25: Hospitality Career Fair To Be Held

February 23, 2015

The Department of Workforce Development and the Bermuda Hotel Association are inviting interested members of the public to attend a career fair this week centered on the hospitality sector.

A spokesperson said, “The career fair will take place on Wednesday, February 25th 2015 from 10am to 2pm in the conference rooms at Elbow Beach Hotel.

“Participating hotel properties will host stations to help attendees determine areas of interest. Attendees will be provided with the criteria for success in the career of their choice within the hospitality industry. Attendees should come with a functioning email address and latest resume on a flash drive/USB.

“Departments within the hotel industry which will be highlighted at the fair include spa services, food and beverage, maintenance, agronomy, front desk, housekeeping and sales & marketing, among others.

“Registration assistance on the Bermuda Job Board will also be provided at the event.”

“Bermudians seeking a career in this exciting industry are encouraged to attend,” said Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy. “The National Training Plan tells us that in 2012, there were 6,561 jobs in the hotels and hospitality sector.

“Some 5,029 of those jobs were held by Bermudians, which includes spouses of Bermudians and PRC holders. The remainder of jobs — 1,532 — were held by expatriate workers. The data suggests that there are job opportunities for properly qualified Bermudians in the Hotels and Hospitality sector.

“Unfortunately, a lack of understanding and appreciation for the lifestyle that hospitality industry jobs provide, including flexible hours, ability to change positions, and additional income opportunities, still exists.

The Minister added, “We hope that career fairs such as these will help to dispel some of the myths surrounding the industry and highlight some of the many advantages.”

“A number of hospitality programmes are currently offered locally to prepare Bermudians for the industry. For adults, the Bermuda College offers certification and degree courses under the Division of Business Administration and Hospitality. These cover hospitality management as well as culinary arts,” a spokesperson added.

“For young people, the Bermuda Hospitality Institute [BHI] offers a programme promoting hospitality skills as life skills to public school students in grades P4, P6 and M2. The programme is delivered by more than 100 industry volunteers, runs in 14 schools, and is expected to reach all public schools by the end of 2015.

“In the Hotels and Hospitality sector, some of the most populated positions last year were: Waiter/Waitress, Chef de Partie/Cook, Chambermaid, Motor-car Driver, Bartender, Kitchen Assistant, Motor Bus and Limousine Driver, Cashier, Assistant Cook, Hotel Receptionist, Security Officer, and Food and Beverage Manager.

For more information please call: 297-7714.

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  1. San George says:

    Finance minister just raised departure tax by 43% – should do wonders to attract additional tourist as it increases airline ticket prices.

    Bermuda is in an economic depression – government actions like this merely exacerbate the problem.

    No recovery will occur until this government addresses the high cost of housing which is directly related to the cost of credit (mortgage and loan rates)and government’s willingness to subsidize rents.

    Qho Fata Ferunt

    • somuchless says:

      You’re acting like it is $200 dollars. Come on, it’s $15.00 dollars. If you can’t afford that, you better stay home.