Historical Video: A Look Around Bermuda In 1967

February 21, 2015

Take a step back in time with this video, which spends a full 30 minutes showing off Bermuda in 1967, with the footage including a look at scenes from around the island.

Opening with aerial shots as visitors presumably make their way to Bermuda, the footage includes views of the City of Hamilton, island hotels, and other sights sure to be scene by visitors to the island, but also offers views of police at work, flamingos, bustling traffic, and ships and boats going about their daily business.

Video courtesy of Youtuber Ken Butz

The video’s description says, “Scenes from the Bermudiana Hotel, including the exterior and views from balcony, the City of Hamilton, Hamilton Harbour, Whites Island, Pitts Bay Road and Front Garden, Barrs Bay, Front Street from ferry dock, Albuoy’s Point and the old Bank of Bermuda, the Hamilton Princess, and the Great Sound.

“The taxi ride shows an open air produce street market, South Shore beaches, St. James church in Sandy’s, Flatt’s Inlet, and the Coral Island Hotel.

“The views of Hamilton include Queen and Reid Streets, Front Street, the Longtail Club and Penthouse Restaurant balcony, police directing traffic in Birdcage, and the Par-La-Ville Park moongate.”

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Comments (5)

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  1. From Family says:

    Thank you I’m gonna watch it!

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Interesting but skip to 4:30 to begin to see anything of real interest.

  3. Just a matter of time says:

    Nice. The Hamilton street scenes starting at 22:33 are pretty amazing. Except for the style of vehicles, not much has changed!

  4. Sinclair says:

    Thank you kindly for preserving that footage of a simpler time in a true paradise.

    I was 2 years old when that footage was taken and it brought back a flood of memories of seeing my parents ride those scooters, sometimes with all four of the family on the bike …with no helmets.

    A time when people interacted with people, and nature …so much time spent shooting the breeze camping, fishing or relaxing by the sea.

    I wonder what my kids today will remember of their childhood days here in Bermuda.