2015 Racket Blazers Junior Tournament Series

March 24, 2015

Grotto Bay Tennis Club announced the schedule for the 2015 Racket Blazers Junior Tournament Series, with Series 1 set to be held on Saturday, March 28th at Grotto Bay Beach Hotel and Tennis Club, and is aimed at encouraging all standards of players.

Sponsored by Executive Jet and Cargo Services provider Cedar Aviation Services Ltd, this competition is designed for up and coming junior tennis players aged between five and 12 years.

Anthony Richardson, Managing Director of Cedar Aviation, said: “We believe sports in general, and tennis in particular, help to develop discipline, stamina, confidence, fair play and friendships that have life-long benefits.

“This is why we are sponsoring Series 1 of the Racket Blazers Tournament. Our sponsorship goal is to encourage as many of our young players as possible to participate in tennis in a family friendly environment. Regular participation will also help them to take their game to the next level and maintain healthy lifestyles”

Romar Douglas, organizer of the tournament and club owner, said: “The club would like to thank Anthony Richardson and Cedar Aviation for their valued sponsorship of this event. Their support allows us to continue to provide opportunities for our younger players to practice their skills and develop their competitive game.”

The competition is organized using the Quick Start tennis format, which utilizes shorter, narrower courts and 3 different balls that have varying levels of compression. This method helps build the young player’s skills more quickly, making them more enthusiastic about continuing to play and improve.

The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 28th starting at 9:00 am for 8 and under and 1:00 pm for 12 and under. This Saturday’s tournament will be the first in the series with Series 2 and Series 3 being held in June and November respectively.

To sign your child up for the tournament, contact Tournament Director Romar Douglas at 293-3420 or 335-7000 or Tracy Astwood at 703-7935.

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