New Fee Introduced For Disposal Of Sewage

March 18, 2015

The Ministry of Public Works is advising waste haulers that deliver wastewater and septage to the Tynes Bay Septage Receiving facility there will be a new disposal fee rate implemented on April 1st 2015.

This new fee rate is $15 per ton for any septage or wastewater disposed of at the facility located at the Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Plant Industrial Site.

A spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works has operated the Tynes Bay Septage Receiving Facility since 1987 and is a service that is currently being provided free to any waste hauler who has access to it; however this practice is not sustainable given that the facility requires significant improvements and upgrades to operate commensurate with best practice.

“Some of these improvements have already been implemented and others are scheduled to be completed over the next couple of years.

“The new fee will enable the Ministry to continue improvements such as metering and monitoring incoming flow and identification of the hauler responsible, regular sampling and analysis of effluent, control of odour emissions and removal and dewatering of sludge on a continuous basis.

“Affected waste haulers may contact the Water and Sewage Section at telephone number [441] 278 0570 or by email at and request recent historical data on their company’s deposits to the Tynes Bay Septage Receiving facility. This information may be helpful in assisting them to estimate their costs to operate moving forward.

“The Ministry of Public Works thanks its valued clients for their continuing cooperation and advises that the new fee rate can be found in the Government fee amendment regulations 2015.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    They could just do what the CoH does and dump it off the South Shore.

  2. Kangoocar says:

    Is there an extra charge for the sewage that comes out of the oppositions mouths daily?? If not why not???

    • Think again says:

      Actually the OBA is running the country now. All they do is make promises but deliver more sewage to the Voters. This is what happens when you make a test tube Government with the merger of the BDA & UBP.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        So how’s your beloved UBP/PLP doing? FOH!

  3. Never Never says:

    Still here lol guess no one missing you wherever your from not surprised lol hahahahaha SMDH

  4. In all fairness, paying $15:00 isn’t asking too much. Stop and consider, it’s been a free service for so many years…

  5. Sara says:

    Too bad we can’t somehow create energy from our s***!