KATKiDS Aims To Raise Funds For Nepal Relief

April 29, 2015

In response to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal recently, Bermuda charity KATKiDS is seeking financial donations for the two Nepali organisations they support, which now urgently need emergency funds.

KATKiDS, an independent Bermuda charity, raises funds for charities in Bermuda, Southern Africa and Nepal. Two charities in Nepal are supported by KATKiDS: Gentle Rain Nepal works with at risk children in Kathmandu, Nepal and Asha Nepal is a human rights organisation dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women and children affected by sex trafficking in Nepal.

The projects of both Nepali charities were visited by KATKiDS Director and Events Manager, Francesca Cacace, in September, 2014 and by KATKiDS Chair, Jennie Lee O’Donnell in March, 2015.

Photo courtesy of Asha Nepal:

Katkids Nepal Earthquake

Since the earthquake KATKiDS has learned that all children in residence at Asha Nepal in Kathmandu are safe and unhurt although Asha Nepal has structural damage to one of their residential homes.

Gentle Rain Nepal president, Mohan Bohara, and other team members are safe and in contact with KATKiDS and also in close communication with Gentle Rain founder and Bermuda resident, Tracy Tepper. Gentle Rain is working to determine the status of all of the individual children they support with scholarships, food and clothing.

A spokesperson said, “Specific details are slowly coming in but the Nepali staff of both charities say conditions throughout Nepal are difficult and frightening. Strong aftershocks continue. Despite rain and crowded, primitive tent conditions, people are scared to go indoors for fear additional aftershocks cause further building collapse.

“Food, water, shelter and cooking fuel have become a priority. Cholera is endemic in Nepal so broken sewers and disrupted water supplies are now potential dangers to public health.”

The BBC reports on the earthquake’s aftermath in Nepal:

“KATKiDS seeks financial contributions for Asha Nepal and Gentle Rain Nepal, who will need additional funds for water, food, medical supplies and temporary shelter and other extra expenses they will face during this crisis.

“If members of the Bermuda public would like to donate any amount at all, please go to bdatix.bm or www.katkids.com.

“KATKiDS pledges to send 100% of funds donated directly to our partner charities in Nepal without dilution beyond banking fees. KATKiDS Facebook page will have regular updates about Asha Nepal and Gentle Rain Nepal and the situation on the ground as new details are learned.

“KATKiDS would like to thank its loyal supporters for thinking of those who are facing staggering devastation, and for all efforts to help the people of Nepal.”

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  1. SMH1 says:

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with raising money for Nepal, but how about the Bermudians that are suffering in Our island the kids who don’t have anything to eat here, Kids who just barely having lunch to take to school. ALSO mothers who have to sacrifice to either pay nursey fees or pay for their medication robbing Peter to pay Paul, doing things just to keep a roof over their child’s or children’s head leaving the older sibling at home to care for their siblings while the mother goes to work just getting enough money to get by. WE AS BERMUDIANS ARE ALWAYS GIVING BUT CHARITY STARTS AT HOME .

    • Redman says:

      @ SMH1,

      If you’re so bothered about it then start a local charity that will assist these needy Bermudian families. Maybe you are active in one now, if so have them step up their fund raising or other seek other means of support as many Bermudians and other residents are incredibly generous and happy to give in whichever way they can so its a win win right?.

  2. Jennie Lee O'Donnell says:

    KATKiDS is a registered Bermuda charity whose mission is to volunteer our time, expertise and passion to raise money for projects supporting children in need of food, shelter, healthcare or education in Nepal, Southern Africa AND Bermuda. As members of the Bermuda community KATKids recognizes that children are in need on the island and donates to The Eliza Dolittle Society to feed Bermuda’s hungry, many of whom are children.

  3. Sarah Mardon says:

    Dear SMH1,

    You are right; Bermudians are incredibly generous. Bermuda also ranks as one of the wealthiest places per head of capita. Nepal ranks as one of the poorest. Not only can we afford to look after those Bermudians amongst us that are food insecure we can show our altruistic spirit internationally too. As a Board Director of The Eliza DoLittle Society I am very grateful to KatKids for their support of Bermuda’s hungry. Nobody should be going hungry SMH1, we grow enough food on this planet for everyone. What we need is a little more respect for all that we do have. Eat up – don’t just throw away.