Premier To Deliver National Address On Monday

April 26, 2015

Premier Michael Dunkley will deliver a National Address on Monday evening [April 27], and “the public is encouraged to tune in.”

‎”Premier Dunkley will highlight such important matters as strengthening the economy, fostering an environment for business and job growth, the efforts made in fighting crime, achievements in the Island’s prisons and encouraging colloboration for a better Bermuda,” a spokesperson said.

‎The Premier’s message will be carried tomorrow at 6.50pm on CITV [CableVision #2, Wow #102], ZBM channel ‎9 and ZFB channel 7, and will also be carried online.

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  1. Terry says:


    Must be a spelling mistake.

    Damn….feel like were gonna get Collobed/clobbed.

  2. A state of address is desperately needed is some form or the other, but mostly seen and felt by the majority of were it is that we are as a people, There is not much in my view that the honorable Premier or the government as a whole can say that will give a projection as to were we are or were we are going in my humble view, the state of this country is very clear and the view from the bottom still opposes the view of those at the top.The reality is that we can not address the plight of the suffrage of the majority in this Island when we continually see the favoritism of the elite still advancing to great and the middle to lower class in this Island continuing to be exploited.

    There is no time for the blame game of how the set of affairs that the present administration inherited a bad state of the economy based on the errors of the last administration, when the present administration is proving to be just as committed to answering the call of the elite and allowing Mr & Mrs main stream Bermuda to still be exploited by a system that has and still is squeezing the very financial opportunities out of the reach of those that needed it most, while trying to make us enslaved to a system that has been purposely design to keep a large segment of the community in bondage.

    This message will not be popular for some but will speak of the plight of many, so the dislikes before they even come from the mostly the present administration supporters do not change or alter the mindset of those who feel it most. The day is long past and has been far spent for us to continually keep taking advantage of a situation and pointed fingers at past administrations for things that can be changed and are not being changed because of the plans that have already been set in motion to satisfy a minority of people.

  3. Coffee says:

    Listen very carefully to what he has to say . Always remember that he speaks with a forked tongue. . It’s his nature !

  4. Tough Love says:

    Will he be addressing the concern for our children as the OBA reduces the education budget, yet again?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Of course you could always do what 50% of parents choose to do and pony up and pay 2x’s and send your children to private school. There’s at least 6 to choose from you know .

  5. Jeremy Deacon says:

    I hope that when the Premier speaks on strengthening the economy, we hear more than just a reliance on IB and tourism and that he speaks about broadening our economic base.

  6. Real talk(original) says:

    New drinking game: Shot everytime “Americas Cup” is mentioned.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Yes, definitely something to celebrate right. With all the other projects lined up too, just a reminder not to drink excessively.

    • Mockingjay says:

      @ Real talk, or P.L.P,14 Years or Dr. Brown.

  7. Premier M.H.Dunkley is competent, with countless years of experience in profitable business up to this very day and still we hear from them, “nah-sayers” he isn’t capable of leading Bermuda…
    Well, contrary to what they wish to believe I personally see the Premier and the One Bermuda Alliance bringing us all back up on an even keel sooner than some wish to accept

  8. Daytime High-Beamer says:

    Short and sweet. Now what? Slow down and quit texting on the roads maybe?