Anglican Church To Hold Anniversary Service

May 23, 2015

On Sunday [May 24] afternoon, the Anglican Church of Bermuda is holding a special Diocesan Open Air Celebration at the Arboretum to celebrate their 40 years as a Bermudian church.

“Although Anglicans have been in Bermuda since The Revd. Richard Bucke [a priest of the Church of England] washed up with the others from the wreck of the Sea Venture in 1609, this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Anglican Church of Bermuda,” a spokesperson said.

“In 1975 the ‘Church of England in Bermuda Act’ was passed by Bermuda’s legislative assemblies and the established Church of England in Bermuda transformed into the Bermudian community-based Anglican Church of Bermuda.

“Since that time, though still a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion [a church of approximately 85 million persons in 165 countries], the Anglican Church of Bermuda has no longer been part of the Church of England, but instead has directed its own pathway under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, while maintaining the Archbishop of Canterbury as our Metropolitan.

“The freedom of being an independent church has brought challenges and joys to Bermuda’s Anglican community, and we continue to grow in faith and love while seeking to witness to the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ.

“In recognition of 40 years serving Bermudians, residents, and visitors alike, everyone is invited to come and celebrate with us at a special Diocesan Open Air Celebration on Sunday May 24th at the Arboretum at 2pm. Bring the whole family for an afternoon of fun and fellowship!”

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