Governor, Senator Visit Soldiers In North Carolina

May 9, 2015

Bermuda’s soldiers training at the US Marines Camp Lejeune in North Carolina were recently visited by Governor George Fergusson, the UK Military Attache at the British Embassy in Washington Brigadier James Illingworth, Honorary Colonel Eugene Raynor and Junior Minister for National Security Jeff Baron.

Brigadier James Illingworth chats to a Regiment soldier on a Camp Lejeune firing range

1 - Brigadier James Illingworth chats

Mr Fergusson said: “Everyone is having a great experience and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

“These are great facilities here and the Regiment is making the most of them. I’ve been round various people doing different stages of weapons training – people getting ready for an exercise and people getting ready for the firing range.”

Regiment 2nd Lieutenant Mark Prior and Governor George Fergusson on a firing range at Camp Lejeune

2 - Regiment 2nd Lieutenant Mark Prior and Governor George Fergusson

He added: “The soldiers seem to have particularly enjoyed the weapons part and several of them have had their first lift in a helicopter, which they really enjoyed.

“One soldier told me the best thing was finding out much she liked being an instructor. They all seem to be enjoying themselves and getting the most out of it.”

Junior Minister for National Security Senator Jeff Baron and a Regiment soldier at one of Camp Lejeune’s urban training areas

3 - Junior Minister for National Security Senator Jeff Baron and a Regiment soldier

Brigadier Illingworth, who has visited the Regiment in Bermuda and overseas before, added: “I’ve seen novel training, exciting training and imaginative training with some very positive results, which we saw with the hurricane recovery.

“At the same time, what’s really exciting is we have the Bermuda Regiment 50th anniversary, BR50, and the America’s Cup.

Governor George Fergusson tries out a Heckler & Koch G-36 rifle at Camp Lejeune

4 - Governor George Fergusson tries out a Heckler

“There’s a real focus for the future – for the Regiment to be all volunteer and maintain all the things we have talked about.”

Brigadier Illingworth added: “I’m never surprised by the enthusiasm of the Bermudian soldier, both the conscripts and the volunteers. It’s very encouraging and great to be here when you’re surrounded by that kind of enthusiasm.”

Senator Jeff Baron on the firing range at Camp Lejeune

5 - Senator Jett Baron on the firing range

Senator Baron said: “Camp Lejuene has a great reputation and that’s why the soldiers are so excited about being here. The standard of the facilities and the standard of training the Bermuda soldiers are getting and their willingness to participate is just off the charts.

“It’s an absolute honour for me to be representing the Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley and the Government .

Governor George Fergusson and Lance Corporal Michiko Campbell at the firiing ranges at Camp Lejeune.

6 - Governor George Fergusson and Lance Corporal Michiko Campbell

“It’s good to see all that enthusiasm and to know that Bermuda’s soldiers are coming home with new friendships, new skills, new stories and a fresh outlook on their life in Bermuda.”

Col. Raynor added: “The Regiment has changed over the years – but the dedication and spirit of the soldiers is a constant. I’ve been very impressed by the training and the soldiers’ response to it.”

Corporal Kenton Trott – who celebrated his 30th birthday in the field at Camp Lejeune – gets a happy birthday from Junior Minister for National Security Jeff Baron.

7 - Corporal Kenton Trott - who celebrated his 30th birthday

Corporal Kenton Trott – a driver of a massive seven ton Marines truck used to transport troops and also assisting with the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Cadre [JNCO] training – celebrated his 30th birthday in the field, carrying a rifle and wearing heavy combat armour in temperatures that hit 80 deg F.

But Cpl Trott, a full-time soldier, said: “To be honest, I’m happy with it. I love the Regiment and I like doing all this tactical training and having new experiences like getting on a helicopter – to me it’s all fun and nothing could be better.”

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  1. Mockingjay says:

    Im surprised, no Mr. Photo opp.
    Oh I see de jr. photo opp

  2. Terry says:

    Is not Jeff a real poster bouy.

    In all fairness there is not need for him to travel everywhere his ministry goes.

    That’s the Regiments job and of course H.E. as head.

    This s**** is getting old.
    I could say more but I’ll leave that up to the dislikes.

    Stay home Junior.

    At this rate the Cabinet and Senate will never have meetings because everyone is ‘oberdear’ somever.


  3. W900Bx3 says:

    Woo hoo free drinks at Tobies lol

  4. Dependence says:

    Good job Governor Ferguson. Long may we remain a Dependent Territory.

  5. Me says:

    Dads army on the move what a load of bull crackers

  6. Terry says:

    That 5th photo down speaks volumes.

    So much for Korsivo.

    Caption that photo folks………………………..

  7. Future Alliance says:


    Are you a Senator, Policeman, UN Peacekeeper or GQ Cover Guy?

    I am confused? Didn’t the Premier say he didn’t want any more bodyguard minder types like what he predecessor Premier Private Jet used to have?

    This is really confusing sometimes.

    Attack me OBAers, but this is getting old.

  8. frank says:

    why the hell are we still spending money on the regiment
    it is a total waste of money

  9. mj says:

    we really should question why we are #1 doing weapons training and having the governor and senator holding guns??!!!!???what exactly is the purpose of these exercises? to date what has any of the rifle bearing fatigue sham proven for us locally?smdh

    • Terry says:

      Photo ops ‘mj’.

      I am loosing faith everyday in the OBA.

      Monkey see. Monkey do.

      Wonder what John Barritt has to say.

  10. bluebird says:

    With no Regiment,anyone could with 60 mercenairy force hidden on say a mega yacht slide in Hamilton docks take over the government and the country before you could even take a picture on your cellphone.
    And if you had a complaint they would just execute you.SIMPLE
    just think about it,It would be all over before anyone could call for outside help.
    That is one of the reasons we need a regiment as they would be in a position to take care of it as I am sure many of you complainers would be hiding under your mothers apron,crying like babies.

    • Datbye says:

      Hahaaahaaa, they can do this as it stands now, time you get the part soldiers to report to Warwick Camp then get Hamilton lmao o man thanks for the laugh. Also i guess you complety forgot the police who would be onsite first.

      For real thought thanks for the laugh.

  11. Datbye says:

    Let get rid of the tired Regiment for once and for all. How about a real national guard Full Time would be better. Cause as it stands right now the Regiment serves no real purpose, except for ceremonial. This manditory nonsense is so slave like its a shame. You will never get a true and reliable the way they get the soldiers now.