Heroes Weekend Move Two Events To Dockyard

June 10, 2015

Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW] Ltd.  announced that two events – J’Ouvert and Parade of Bands – have been moved to the Royal Naval Dockyard due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

“All other scheduled events will remain at their planned locations over the Bermuda Heroes Weekend,” a spokesperson said. “J’Ouvert and Parade of Bands will be held at the original times, 3am and 12pm respectively, and there will be no changes to the events aside from the new location.

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Jason Sukdeo, President, Bermuda Heroes Weekend Ltd, says: “Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be moving both the J’Ouvert event and the Parade of Bands event to The Royal Naval Dockyard.

“We will focus our energy on ensuring the success of the events and remain committed to making the entire weekend a great experience for locals and tourists alike. We apologise for this change and encourage patrons and spectators to join us on Saturday for an unforgettable experience.”

Bermuda Heroes Weekend promo video

The J’Ouvert will be held on Saturday morning from 3am until 8am. The Parade of Bands will follow at 12pm and will finish at 8pm.

Other scheduled events include opening night on Friday on Front Street from 7pm to 12am featuring Kes the Band, Kerwin DuBois, Lyrikal and more. Sunday will see Pan in The Park at Victoria Park for a family friendly event. On Monday , a Bermuda-style raft-up will be held just off Admiralty House.

Bermuda National Heroes will be celebrated throughout the weekend, included newly inducted heroes Gladys Morrell and Sir Edward “ET” Richards.

Key partners include Bermuda Tourism Authority, The Corporation of Hamilton, CellOne, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, Colonial Insurance, Burrows & Lightbourne, Bermuda Motors and Bermuda Chamber of Commerce.

For more information visit bermudaheroesweekend.com, email info@bermudaheroesweekend.com or call 278-1525.

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Comments (25)

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  1. willie naylor says:

    Anything in St Gs or St Ds?

    • Islsnder says:

      Pow Wow on Saturday and Sunday at St David’s County Cricket Club

  2. setson says:

    The raft up would serve better if it was in st Georges as originally planned cause on the day ALL boats will be heading to st Georges harbour due to the long distance race… Whoever thought to move it to Admiralty house is nut-so!!!!!

    • BIGGADON says:

      maybe they wanted to be separate from the St Geo crowd !

  3. Bored says:

    That would be the Nut-So’s at Bermuda Tourism Authority. The Clueless Clan. LOL

    • Disappointed says:

      I want to see how they rectify this.. I see big disaster and know were for the trucks and crowd to move..

  4. umjussayin says:

    But where in dockyard?

    • I heart 441 says:

      Malabar field for jouvert, im assuming the parade route will be somewhere in dockyard between the mall and the cruise ship area.

      • Disappointed says:

        Partying for 8 hours around in that small circle with at least 8 trucks and no one knows how many people behind each truck.. This is very disappointing..

  5. Clear View says:

    unforeseen circumstances = Morgan’s Point gave the boot.

    • mike says:

      Try the other way around.

      • Disappointed says:

        Even if they got booted.. I’m sure they just didn’t find this information out..

  6. Bdaluv says:

    Nothing in St. Georges yet again. Such a sham.

  7. More Info says:

    where too in dockyard, because Saturday I will be in the clock tower picking up some goods. dO I really have to pay to get in. Are you serious?

  8. The ghost says:

    Morgan’s point is a construction site and dangerous. Nothing is ever going to take place there….Stay tuned…

    • Clear View says:

      So did they just figure this out this week?

      • Disappointed says:

        That’s even worse if your claiming the committee of BHW pulled out from Morgan Point.. They had queries months ago… They knew way before this that it was going to be in Dockyard.

  9. Ruthless says:

    I really pray this goes off alright. You do know that’s *.*.* territory. Last week someone got sliced up for spilling a drink by mistake on someone. I do hope everyone behaves themselves but 3am in dockyard is asking for trouble.

  10. D says:

    Wow how is this going 2 work in dockyard?smh

    • Disappointed says:

      Disaster waiting to happen.. How are these trucks with all these people suppose to move around dockyard.. They were better of having it in St. Davids.. I’m very disappointed.. This seems like a control issue..

  11. Sick and tired ! says:

    They should have had the hero’s event on Somerset police station’s steps ! Would have been fitting to Gladys !

  12. Islsnder says:

    Could have had it in Hamilton like may Holiday

    • Disappointed says:

      I agree.. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen.. If I would have known this I definitely would have not sign up. I’m sure they knew this prior to this month.. No one can tell me any different.. They definitely would have not had as many big trucks partake in this beautiful event.. I see traffic jam in dockyard

  13. Zevon says:

    So the Queen’s Birthday celebrations are in Dockyard this year. Got it.

  14. Like...WTF says:

    I’d like to know who up at the Tourism Authority gave the green light for such a wide scale internationally advertised event to go ahead without the venue (Morgan’s Point) being a signed, sealed and eventually delivered venue? Who up the Tourism Authority allowed this place to continue to be the venue for two potentially large scaled events even though it is not fit for such events? Who up the Tourism Authority let this event be days away from taking place and not have a secured venue?

    Furthermore, who up the Tourism Authority gave such autonomy to guys who’s day jobs have nothing to do with project management and have the experience of running parties here and there and a truck for 24th of May to run such a high scaled event?

    I may be cynical, but it seems not enough checks and balances where done on this one. This list of things that can go wrong being held up Dockyard is numerous. I hope for the organizer’s sake it all pans out well.