Govt Issues Cup Match Camping Regulations

July 16, 2015

The Department of Parks issued Cup Match Camping Regulations, which follow in full below.

The Department of Parks would like to advise the public of the following Cup Match Camping Regulations.

  • Campers may erect tents and tarps on Tuesday, July 28 to secure their spot but camping is only allowed from Wednesday, July 29 to Sunday, August 2.
  • No tents or ropes are permitted to mark spots on Monday, July 27. If found they will be removed.
  • Campers are allowed to use rope ribbon or tents to mark the spots but not spray paint which in the past has been sprayed onto trees causing them to be defaced.
  • Park gates will be open on Tuesday, July 28 to allow campers vehicular access to set up. Park Rangers will be on duty until 10pm and will lock the gates from 9:30pm.
  • All vehicles must be removed from the parks to designated parking lots.
  • Park Rangers will be on duty Thursday, July 30, and Friday, July 31, from 9am until 7pm, and on Saturday, August 1, and Sunday, August 2, from 9:30am-6pm.
  • Maintenance crews will work from 6am to 3pm, to collect trash, rake beaches and clean toilets.
  • Access gates must remain clear at all times. Offending vehicles will be ticketed, clamped and towed at the owners’ expense.
  • Lifeguards will be on duty at Clearwater Beach, Turtle Beach, Horseshoe Bay, and Long Bay at Coopers Island Nature Reserve, from 10am to 6pm.
  • Safe swimming zones marked by buoys, restricting entry by watercraft, will be set up at: Clarence Cove, Admiralty House; Shelly Bay; Clearwater Beach; Turtle Bay; and Long Bay at Coopers Island.
  • All camping equipment must be removed from parks and beaches by Monday, August 3. If not removed it will be disposed of by the Department of Parks.
  • Please be respectful of neighbours by keeping noise down to a reasonable level.

The parking lot at Horseshoe Bay will have Department of Parks and Bermuda Police Service officers directing the traffic and parking. They will try to maintain one-way traffic for vehicles exiting through the Southampton Princess Whaler Inn gate and back to South Shore Road in order not to block up the entrance to Horseshoe Bay.

There will be no vehicle parking on the entrance road leading to Horseshoe Bay. Beach goers are advised to follow the directions of the staff on duty to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

The Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Parks wish the general public a safe and enjoyable 2015 Cup Match Holiday.


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  1. Islander says:

    ladies were near Swing Bridge spray painting just this week could care less even it was just the grass and around the Palm tree bet they didn’t think the grass is due to be cut soon. This has to stop

  2. Ann says:

    How about anyone throwing their trash be fined? Some of these sites become a dumping ground.

  3. Onion says:

    You say ladies were spray painting… ladies do not spray paint public areas….

  4. D says:

    Its rules 4 camping now….

    • Watcher says:

      There have been rules for a very long time. Just because they are not obeyed or enforced doesn’t mean that they don’t exist!