Family Centre Celebrates 25th With A Telethon

July 22, 2015

Family Centre today announced that it will commemorate the 25th anniversary of providing counselling and prevention services to Bermuda’s families by hosting the Children Come First Telethon, on November 18, 2015.

Executive Director and Founder of Family Centre, Martha Dismont commented: “We are very excited to host the Children Come First Telethon, which among other things will feature the best of Bermuda’s talent and great surprises from special guests.

“This Telethon will help us to share the stories behind some of the most vulnerable children in our society, and why we must continue to find ways to support and strengthen them.

“As part of our 25th Anniversary year celebration, and in preparation for the Telethon, we will be holding a Reunion Barbecue event for the individuals and families who have been reached by Family Centre since 1990. We welcome anyone with a Family Centre story to join us for that event on Sunday July 26th.”

“The cause behind this terrific evening of entertainment is to raise the much-needed funds that support essential services to Bermuda’s families. We continue to operate in a very challenging economic climate, with reduced funding from Government, as the demand for our service increases.

“We’ve been on the front line for twenty-five years and during that time we’ve seen heartbreaking cases of family crisis from every demographic. When children can’t get what they need and deserve, everyone suffers from the social problems that develop. When we build healthy family support and secure the wellbeing and happiness of children then everyone benefits by living and working in a positive community.”

Glenn Titterton, Chairman of Family Centre’s Board of Directors added, “Family Centre staff has serviced over 3,000 families in their 25-year history, and the fact that Bermuda is still struggling with social problems today indicates the scope and seriousness of the need. This need must be impacted at the root by healing relationships and breaking the negative cycles that tend to repeat and affect us all.”

Dr. Sandy DeSilva, Director of Services added “Since 1996, Family Centre has provided early intervention counselling services to children and families suffering from trauma and other social and emotional challenges. Through the years we have expanded our reach through advocacy and training services so that we can stretch our impact across the island.

“Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our professional staff and the support of our generous sponsors, we’ve been able to mend many broken relationships and empower parents with the skill and opportunity to raise happy, healthy children.”

Ms. Dismont concluded. “We have many wonderful success stories, but the demand for help is continuing to increase. For too many families, Bermuda’s economic challenges have led to increased fear, hopelessness and frustration at home, creating a negative environment for growing children. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in domestic violence and all types of abuse. Children are left to raise themselves when parents are in desperate circumstances. We have a definite sense of urgency, and we must break this cycle of despair.”

“Family Centre is acting on your behalf to protect the most vulnerable people and strengthen our society. We have been our brother’s keeper for 25 years, but we can’t do this work without your help.”

“On November 18th, Family Centre will be reaching across the island, calling upon everyone with the heart and head to see the need and be part of the solution. Please be the change that will make a change and give generously to the Children Come First Telethon.”

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