Medical Emergency, Delta Diverts To Bermuda

July 22, 2015

A Delta flight diverted to Bermuda tonight [July 21] after a passenger on board the plane took ill and the captain declared a medical emergency, landing at approximately 11.30pm.

Delta Medical Diversion Bermuda, July 21 2015-2

Flight #676 departed the island of St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands and was on its way to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York when the diversion occurred.

The plane was met at the L.F. Wade International Airport terminal by Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, an ambulance and airport officials. The passenger was transferred to the ambulance and transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment. After taking on fuel, the plane is scheduled to depart shortly and resume its journey to New York.

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  1. First and foremost I pray the individual “pulls through a.o.k.” I further wish people in general will acknowledge (in-spite of the fact it’s somewhat isolated) Bermuda is certainly convenient in times such as these…

  2. Yes very Convenirnt. says:

    If I had the power and money I would scrap the regiment and make a coastguard to startup a new shipping and travel root.
    our doctors must be pretty good by now at handling the air and ship incidences. we need Coastguard so people can be saved if something goes wrong on are shipping root.