Senator Georgia Marshall: ‘We Are All The Same’

July 17, 2015

Georgia Marshall OBA candidate

“We are all the same on this island, we all live here, we all work here, we all want the best for this country,” Senator Georgia Marshall said.

Speaking in the Senate on Wednesday, Senator Marshall said, “There is another rally call that I have heard over and over again as if it is true, and that is I have a birthright and I am therefore better than you.

“I heard it with my own ears from a member from another place,  but none of us are any better than the others.

“Recently I looked up to term ‘divide et impera’ – that is the Latin for ‘divide and conquer’ — and that seems to be the approach of the Opposition.”

The Senator was then interrupted by the Senate President who said she was “impugning improper motives” and asked her to withdraw it.

“It is clear to anyone who looks at Bermuda historically that none of us originated from this place,” continued Senator Marshall. “We are either part of the African diaspora or part of the Greek diaspora, which I am part of, the English diaspora, the Portuguese diaspora, the Philippine diaspora.

“But all of us, when we are welcomed into this country and granted Bermudian status, we are equal – we are equal to everyone else. So making definitions, or trying to define us as ‘paper Bermudians,’ ‘spouse of Bermudian,’ ‘Johnny come lately Bermudian,’ or ‘birthright Bermudian’ is distasteful to the extreme.

“As I said, in another place I heard a member saying ‘you are not like me.’ Well, let me explore that. My Bermudian status is as a matter of adult choice. Maybe I’m not the same as that member, because that member’s Bermudian status is an accident of birth.

“Madam President, we are all the same on this island. We all live here, we all work here, we all want the best for this country, and we all ultimately want the truth.”

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  1. frank says:

    senator marshall you will never understand
    do yourself a favor and just walk away from politics now

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      I would have to agree with you on that one frank. She could never ever relate to the average Bermudian.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Who is the average Bermudian??? The Bermudian who believes they are better than someone because of their place of birth? The Bermudian who welcomes change and differences? The Bermudian who thinks they are entitled to the island? The Bermudian who thinks that they are owed what they earn? The Bermudian who lives in the past at the cost of the future? The Bermudian who lives in the future without regard for the past? The Bermudian who acknowledges the past, the inability to change it, the inability to fix it, so learns from its mistakes to make a better future?

        Which average Bermudian are you?

    • Grandma says:

      I don understand either – explain it. Maybe I will understand and be like you.

    • SMH says:

      Xenophobic narrow minded response. I am ashamed to be a fellow Bermudian.

      • One Up One Down says:

        I have a friend who revealed that she gets offended when people assume that she is not Bermudian. When I realized that she even cared I was sort of shocked because I was once asked if I was a foreigner and I was excited…..I felt like that meant I was different from the rest of my fellow Bermudians but I’m also black and my friend is white so……

        • Sally jones says:

          I walked into a liquor store an hour ago to buy something and was immediately asked if I was off the ship.was it because I’m white? I said no…I’m Bermudian…seriously!?

          • Sally jones says:

            I was also told by a teen girl once to “go back where you came from”.
            I am fourth generation Bermudian. And white.

            • LMAO says:

              Then you are an accidental Bermudian accordingly to your Senator Marshall

        • Tania Stafford says:

          same thoughts, different perspective … but still both Bermudians

      • Richard says:

        Surely not for the first time!!

      • Malcolm says:

        I guess Xenophobia only applies to black Bermudians. Interestingly, the island law firms have these same battles over foreign lawyers not allowed to be partners. White Bermudians making laws to keep their own kind in jobs for life.

    • serengeti says:

      Oh right. Who would understand someone saying ‘we are all the same’. What a nerve. Of course we aren’t all the same. Some people are better than others.

      • watchmen says:

        That’s what your ancestors thought when they crossed oceans “discovering” lands…that they were better…

    • I guess her going back to Greece now is out of the question.

  2. Alvin Williams says:

    You think by insulting the memory of my dear departed grand mother whose sacred bones lie under the soil of this country’ whose generation and those that came before built this country is going to endear you to me ? you better think again; you have only created in me a even greater determination to see the back of this OBA government and liberate my country.

    • Grandma says:


    • inna says:

      Emancipate yourself from mental slavery! None but yourself can free your mind!

      Lighten up, Al! The world is not as bad a place as you make it out to be. Live a little mate, its Cupmatch time!

      • CUP MATCH TIME!!!!!!!
        Thats all the more reason we should reflect on our ancestors for the hardships they went through,but I see your point,give black people a holiday,rum, music, let them spend their money let them forget about the dumb S!@# for now until they sober up.

    • blow in says:

      LIBERATE MY COUNTRY, now that is truly THE PEOPLES LIBERATION ARMY talking, sorry PLP

    • AF87 says:

      Alvin, who or what are you planning on liberating your “country” from?
      Please enlighten us.

  3. Staffernee says:

    Bermudians are always trying to find a way to “out-Bermudian” the next person.

    “I’m a 4th generation Bermudian – who are you!?”
    “My family was on the Sea Venture!”
    “My ancestor invented Bermuda shorts!”
    “Both my parents go back six generations!”

    At the end of the day being more Bermudian than someone else doesn’t matter if you’re not contributing to the country. If your committing crimes and helping drag it down into the dirt then I don’t care if your Grandpa was Juan Bermudez – you’re less Bermudian than the guest worker who loves this country and is actively contributing to better our society.

    • SMH says:

      Don’t forget “Real Bermudians” “Grass roots Bermudians” and now the new one “have Bermudian blood in our veins to justify Rev. Tweed”. How sad that we aren’t able to join the modern world. Luckily our younger generations are more evolved and also ashamed of this type of narrow minded thinking

    • Say Whaat? says:

      So the assumption is that we are committing crimes, and the paper Bermudians don’t commit crime?!? Well if I had the power to change laws to make my land grabs and reversing contracts I would.

      • SMH says:

        Give it up will you. Isn’t that chip on your shoulder getting a bit heavy. Stop playing the victim and set yourself free

        • watchmen says:

          Will you forgive me if I stole your future?

          • Longtail says:

            Is this a reference to Bermuda under the PLP????

  4. Ann says:

    This is so ridulous, why don’t we pay immigration to make all of us cards and we could wear them around our neck so everyone e knows just how Bermudian each person is! Bet there would be a few few surprises, just like the Jerry Springer show!!!!! Move on to something that might help the future generations

  5. stunned... says:

    when are bermudians going to stop discriminating against other bermudians. when are we all going to be just bermudians?


    • “Until the philosophy of one mans skin is of no-more significant than the colour of his eyes, there will be war…” H.I.M. Emporia Haile Sellassie (Former Emperor of Ethiopia)
      We have countless families originating elsewhere that have chosen Bermuda as their “homeland” and been granted the rights of all others who’ve been here since 1609…

      • Charlly X says:

        Hmmmmmmmmm ? Accidentally born ? Compared to you looking for a place to call home ? So …. conch , snail ? Other than ….. hmmmmm ? So to degrade being born in a country versus deciding to reside there ? Smh ! Your words are offensive inappropriate and a verbal vision of your soul ! Who ever made you a senator should do the right thing a fire you ! And your friend Fahy ! N I hope you both run in the next election in Greece or wherever you call home !!!!!

    • Dennis Williams says:

      When all Bermudians are treated the same

    • Richard says:

      Are you that naïve or do you think the rest of us are?

  6. seascape says:

    Well said Georgia!! The only original Bermudians found here by the Portuguese were hogs. Let’s not forget that the Portuguese explorers found Bermuda.

    Those that are Bermudian – are Bermudian – no matter whether they got them by being born here or by Status. If you were born here, somewhere along the way, your family acquired it by obtaining status by paper.

    • I and I says:

      First of all they were not explorers they were exploiters.Secondly,whomever writes history controls the mindset of future generations,be it true or not. Last but not least,it is a well documented historical fact that people who lived on the west coast of what we call today Africa were sailing back and forth to America thousands of years before the Europeans even knew what a ship was.I wonder what they found on Smiths Island? No European never discovered anything or anyone!!!

      • AF87 says:

        Wow I & I, sounds like you have huge issues with your fellow humans. How long until you give up the hatred, or will you take it to your death? not one person alive is responsible for what you speak of. Live and let live, maybe go smoke a doobie and chill out.
        Why cant we all just get along?
        Oh, because of your attitude. Thats why. I see.

      • WillSee says:

        I And I, there is no historical evidence of west coast Africans travelling to the new world before Chinese and Europeans. It is not an established fact as you state.

        • mj says:

          @willss—thats because as I@I pointed out, “he who writes history controls the mindset of future generations” and because names were changed to reflect another history as stated in Job 9:24—the earth was given unto the hands of the wicked, who covered the faces of the judges so as no one knows who they are—-there are a group of people in Bermuda who do not clearly know what part of the earth they originated from because a deliberate and successful attempt was made to change their names to”christian” names and their own history has been hidden and whitewashed, if not we would all be in our respective lands with our respective national cultures but because of these things that have taken place in the name of religion certain groups have succesfully divided and conquered even as Ms Marshall points out the conquer and divide strategy worked, so even though some are subjugated and othes had free will to come to this beautiful island there still is a matter of raparations to repair the stolen history so that there is true equality and peace on earth when all injusticces are obliterated starting with returning to people what was stolen, because we will always have this division unless others like the “Pope” admit that a wrong was done in order for an apology to be made.

        • Yes, Google “Olmec”

  7. michael says:

    The pettiness in this country makes me so sad.

    • Tired of the OBA says:

      Why does the OBA continue to act like the Opposition? You’re the ruling party and you continue to talk about BS. It seems that the entire party is waiting for the 2017 Americas Cup. Don’t you have something more constructive to talk about? We have people suffering in this Country Georgia Marshall or are we all the same with your fat pay check? Please remember when the UBP lost the election money was flowing over the dam and jobs were rampant.Talk to the oba consultants that you fly in on work permits and try a different approach because this strategy is not gaining you or the party votes.

  8. Alvin Williams says:

    We will become proud Bemudians when we declare ourselves a nation; until than we will remain warring tribes and I will continue to fight for my tribe.

    • serengeti says:

      you enjoy making threats of violence, don’t you Alvin.

    • Grandma says:

      Warring tribes of who? black vs whites? plp vs OBa? union vs non-union?

      If you phrase this like a war there will be a winner and a loser.

      The loser will be you mate.

      • I and I says:

        You all still getting paid to post fiction? It is quite obvious Alvin Williams was not speaking of taking up arms!

        • Grandma says:

          I didn’t say he was I was using the same language as him – he said warring tribes and he would fight for his tribe.

          So am I talking fiction or is Alvin talking fiction? you seem a bit confused

      • NO MORE WAR says:

        Easy now grandma you sound hateful. People have a right to their opinion. Get over yourself.

    • SMH says:


    • Interesting... says:

      So you are openly admitting to being part of the group dividing us.

    • watchmen says:

      We are all the same – are you F#*^$@& serious Marshall?

      What is this woman’s idea of a bad day – having the polish chip on her $100 pedicure? Deciding what bottle of wine to choose at dinner? Someone sitting in her preferred seat at the boat club?

      It is sickening how these silver spoon fed types try to pretend like their life experiences are anything similar to the second class people in this country.

      I am of mixed race and people like her and the Dunkley’s and Gibbons’ and Hollis’, the Tuckers’ the Triminghams’ the Smith’s all sicken me – all they are doing is sailing through off of the momentum of their ancestors. If you want to be the same Marshall wipe the slate clean give up your wealth and lets compete on a truly level playing field. That type have the majority of land even though they are the minority – the majority of commerce even though they are the minority and damned near all the money (new and old) because of a fiat based financial system designed to benefit them and them alone. We are all the same bullS&%$.

      • inna says:

        I wasnt born with a silver spoon in my mouth, just like the majority of the population. Yes there are those who are much better off than you and I, but show me a country where everyone has equal bank accounts and the same size plot of land.

        The difference between me and you is that rather than moan about how unfair you feel life is, i am working hard to secure MY future, and nothing should stop you from doing that either!!

        • Benny Hill says:

          I think they had land redistribution in Zimbabwe. Bob Mugabe messed it up for everyone except friends and family.

      • SMH says:

        So because she’s worked hard to be successful (she admitted to being from humble immigrant origins) she’s not entitled to it and somehow that also makes you a second class citizen now? Please get over yourself

      • Employee says:

        You’re so far from d truth it aint even funny. One of those families is the most humble family on the island AND they started from nothing on Court Street giving opportunities to people around there while the actual silver spoon people thumbed their noses at them for doing it. Learn some history bra! and I stay M1 …what does that tell u

    • Cow Polly says:

      In a recent poll over 70% of ‘your tribe’ voted against independence so you’re fighting your fight alone pal. And for the record, I’m a proud Bermudian already, don’t need no independence to be proud of who I am and the island I live on. I also happen to love all my brothers and sisters regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and religion. Its very refreshing, makes me happy – you should try it sometime.

    • AF87 says:

      Please tell me which tribe I should support, St georges or Somerset?
      I assume these are the tribes you speak of?

    • Sally jones says:

      The day this island becomes independent is the day it will go to hell in a hand basket.Do you really want another Jamaica?

      • PBanks says:

        Not necessarily. Independence by itself isn’t going to be the death of Bermuda, and it’s not going to be the all-curing panacea. In any event, sensationalizing what could happen from going independent helps nobody here. And it’s off the table for the forseeable future, anyway.

  9. Unbelievable says:

    I don’t like the word “Accident”. Not sure why but it doesn’t sound right. What is true are all these people making differentiations between the “types” of Bermudians. And these people are mostly PLP members.

    • Not exactly says:

      “Accident” of birth may not sound right to non lawyers, but both Fahy and Marshall are lawyers so to them it is the most correct use of the term. I no way shape or form does it mean “accidental birth” nor did they ever say those words, despite the PLP’s best attempts twist and spin and hope it sticks.

    • James says:

      This isn’t even her term.

      “Accident of birth is a phrase pointing out that no one has any control of, or responsibility for, the circumstances of their birth or parentage. With a modern scientific understanding of genetics, one can reasonably call any human being’s entire genome an accident of birth. The place of birth of a baby has an effect in immigration law of many nations, so that an “accidental” birth in an airport lounge may entitle a person to a passport in later life.

      More broadly, gender, family circumstances, cultural background, access to education, inheritance rights, are all examples of accidents of birth. Individual responsibility, from the age of majority certainly, is supposed to cut across all these matters.”

      • sporty says:

        so by accident of birth…ones life is not of their choosing.. fair enough…. so if as an adult male “Bermudian” decide to go move to france tomorrow and in 10 years get “status” im the equivalent of a french citizen!! legally yes… historically.. holistically…generationally… cultural identity..NO!!! im abermudian living in france with equal legal rights..
        that all she had to say…

        • James says:

          The Bermudian would automatically have the same status as any French citizen by nature of him being elgible for EU citizenship.

          All that other cultural stuff means nothing user the eyes of the law.

          • sporty says:

            as you just stated James” Automatically have the same status”.. therefore a “foreigner” is allowed equal legal rights as a local” born accidental inheritance”…… the “cultural stuff” is a sense of identity ….although the law does not respect the intangibles”cultural stuff”.. that cultural stuff is what defines most individuals charateristics, personality, social norms created by a collective identity of people…

            Legally you can join the group…. still doesnt mean you are part of the group!!

            • Not exactly says:

              Just as legally you can be born in a place, but never do anything for or to be part of that place. Birth responsibility is a much more interesting concept to discuss than birth right.

    • stunned... says:

      try a thesaurus instead of getting stuck on a word: try circumstance, where nothing about a person’s birth is determined by them – among other things- their parents, their genetics and lastly their place of birth…

  10. San George says:

    The Real Bermudians can’t leave Georgia when we get down on our luck. When we lose our jobs we go live in the bush – the rest of you can leave. Y’all just here cause the grass is currently greener. C’mon Man! Quo Fata Ferunt

    • Grandma says:

      actually you can go to the UK and live off the state

      • watchmen says:

        I refuse – you go to england. My ancestors were drug here in shackles and I’ll be damned if you think you can have me go live in the land of the wicked queen…

        • Sally jones says:

          ‘Real bermudians’ run to England and live on the dole.cant do that if we are independent.ill bet you if you dig up your family tree most bermudians will find out one of two things:
          1) you did not have any slave ancestors
          2) you may have had solve owners as ancestors

        • hmmm says:

          Wicked queen ? Who is that?

          Why is she wicked?

      • AF87 says:

        Exactly. People act like they have no option!
        Blind, ignorant people.

      • dual says:

        Having a UK passport allows you to live and work anywhere in the European Union!

    • SMH says:

      That’s a complete lie. You can go live in the UK. Why would you want to leave anyway? I love the new radio theory of what would happen if Bermudians had to leave in a catastrophic event like a volcano? ha

  11. Eliza says:

    The Senator needs to take time to study history and find out
    who the real divide and conquering power players were/are and whose legacy has created the reality we have. Get that straight and she will perhaps
    begin to understand and hopefully correct the current perceptions . The first thing is to desire to know the truth. The second step is to own it. The third step is to tell the truth about it.

    • watchmen says:

      Exactly – they started this divide not us. They chose to refuse us land – education – capital means – a right to vote on the land we bled for no less! And in a measly 200 years we are supposed to have caught up to the standard they enjoy? When there is nothing left to be gained from this place land wise? Now it is all supposed to cozy and fine!
      It is like being forced to watch someone steal your car drive around in it in front of you and the system is fixed so that you have no recourse. And on top of that the thief smiles in your face, says things are okay and insinuates that we all have the same challenges in life!

    • SMH says:

      So you think she should be focusing on the divide rather than trying to heal it? How sad

  12. Oh,I see now says:

    I agree with some of your remarks but “accident of birth”,a bit overboard I think..Not all of us were born to baby daddys.I do believe you are trying to hard to make a good impression on your new colleagues.I’m sure you can find better ways to show your loyalty,oh, and please do apologies to the planned parenthood “birthright” Bermudians for the remark.Mend some fences while you still can I’ve seen many enter politics and thrash the proverbial rag doll in their jaws it doesn’t last long.You may not be liked by some across the floor but isn’t it better to be respected.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Context, when she used the term ‘accident of birth’ it had nothing to do with being an unintended pregnancy, but in fact refers to the geography and lineage of birth. it is right there in the context of her speech.

  13. SMH says:

    Translation: We need to differential ourselves from the rest of Bermuda because somehow we’re better than everyone. SMH at the divisiveness of the oppostion

  14. Alvin Williams says:

    When the insults and invective speech directed towards those of us who support the political opposition stops; than I will enter calm debate; until than I fully intend to give as good as I get.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Like what? You’ve never debated anything.

    • impressive. says:

      Approved!!!!!!!!,, The constant insults and disrespect is unbelievable, but then many of them turn around and label others as being filled with “Hate” for objecting to what they believe..

  15. sporty says:

    Question Mrs. Marshall….

    your on vacation and someone asks where are you from?

    do you say “im bermudian” or do you say im a(Whatever your background is)…… who has status and lives in bermuda?

    • AF87 says:

      Why do you personally care what she says? Does it somehow affect how you feel?

      • sporty says:

        her words have no bearing on my “feelings” i will treat her …if i knew her… with mutaual respect as i do with any individual .. however.. her reply to a simple question of where is she from…”not where she resides?… have very different cultural identity.. social norms…associated with them.

  16. PLP says:

    I can’t wait for all you old racist bermudians to Die off so our new young generation who believes in equality can flourish. It’s really sad to see and hear you older folks live out the end of your days in hatred. I hope in the next life you reconsider…

  17. she needs to hush says:

    Everytime this lady opens her mouth it always something costly. If the OBA is serious about change they should be trainning young (in service) politicians about how to work with the community. Seeing a seasoned lawyer becoming a party pitbull is very dissappointing.
    She speaks took long in her newsclips and always puts her foot in her mouth…… She needs more community based training on phrasing it is not court words cut, hurt and cost.

    • SMH says:

      Completely disagree. This is exactly what is needed. Unfortunately the only hope for the PLP to keep us divided

    • stunned... says:

      are you saying she should dumb down her responses so the community can understand her?…if so, you’re doing us, the listeners a woeful disservice with that comment, that we don’t have the educational wherewithal to keep up or that the community is stupid.

  18. We're not the same says:

    I’ve met all types of Bermudians: One’s that can trace family back to the 1600s, one’s that have been here a year, one’s that can’t speak English, one’s that speak multiple languages, one’s that camp out every year for cup match, and one’s that don’t know Somerset from St. George’s.

    There needs to be a process for merit-based citizenship, as I have also met PRC holders with more knowledge and connection to Bermuda than born Bermudians.

    Georgia, you are wrong unless you are endorsing the unfortunate truth that being Bermudian involves the luck of the draw.

  19. Ladeej says:

    I do not consider my being a born Bermudian “accidental” but fortunate. I am Bermudian born and bred and have no other “place to go”. When the Fahys and Marshalls tire of being status Bermudians, where will they go since it is a matter of adult choice?

    • James says:

      You can go live anywhere in the UK and the EU. By the way, Fahy has been here since he was a baby. Does that qualify as being “bred” here? Does he meet your standards of being Bermudian?

    • serengeti says:

      Fahy has been here since he was a baby. Where has he got to ‘go to’ that you don’t?

    • Say Whaat? says:


    • AF87 says:

      You have the right to live and work ianywhere in the EU. And collect benefits if you choose not to work.
      Learn your rights before you go spouting off.

      • Sally jones says:

        Only if you have a British passport.

        • dual says:

          Anyone with Bermuda status can get a British passport after being naturalized – the requirement being that you have lived in Bermuda for 5 years (3 if married to a naturalized Bermudian/British Overseas Territories Citizen). If you already have a Bermuda passport you are a British Overseas Territories Citizen, so can apply for a UK passport.

        • Zevon says:

          Which a Bermudian can get as a legal right.

  20. We Are all the Same says:

    Dear Senator,

    Since we are all the same, am I allowed to go to Toronto and just turn up and get a $150,000 a year plus rental allowance job at Scotia or TD with my Bermudian accent, CFA and 20 years experience and ______ coloured (not white) skin?

    Let me know if I can just pick up and go to Canada and live large since I am just the same.


    • inna says:

      Why do you need someone to tell you. If you are qualified for the position, christ man go for it!!!!!!!!

    • AF87 says:

      You can apply, like anyone else! good luck!

    • Dude says:

      of course you can. you can apply in canada, just like she did when she came here. except no CFA firm will hire anybody who can’t speak english no matter what color so stop your nonsense.

    • stunned... says:

      why are you asking a senator these questions instead of the proper Canadian Immigration Officials…jeesh

      if the Canadian Govt though you were of value to the country, i suspect they’d be glad to have you along with the other millions of immigrants that they have granted permission to reside in Canada. next…

  21. accidental says:

    here also is what an Accidental Understands

    her children have rights of abode in Canada, Greece Bermuda/UK. This is rights to work and go to school

    We Accidental Bermudians dont have such benifits.

    This will be a phrase that haunts her for the rest of her political life.

    • James says:

      You, too, as a Bermudian, are also entitled to live and work in the UK, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Eastonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlabds, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. Canadian citizenship would also be relatively easy to attain.

      Now, what was your point?

      • Thanks James for explaining the facts to that individual, “accidental” and the others that, “can’t see the writing upon the wall.”

    • Grandma says:

      you can live in the UK and Greece idiot. though im not sure you want to move to Greece

      • Sally jones says:

        You can only live and work in the EU if you have a British passport

        • dual says:

          If you have a Bermuda passport you can get a UK passport. Remember, Bermuda is not a country – Bermudians are British Overseas Territories Citizens.

        • Not exactly says:

          Which you have full rights to as a Bermudian. You need only complete a form.

        • Grandma says:

          Which you can get as a matter of law as a Bermudian citizen if you meet the time requirements

        • Zevon says:

          Are you still making that non-point?

    • stunned... says:

      the phrase will only haunt the woefully and wilfully ignorant. the rest will look up the intended meaning and get on with their lives without trying to educationally shame someone else.

  22. Sea Turtle says:

    WE “Bermudians” are the most self centered,blind,close minded,color blind,lemmings, in the world. Some really seem to think that there is no other better than us. Well fact is fact then and NONE of us are TRUE Bermudians not even the skinks, frogs or hogs. All came from somewhere else. We are all petty little bickering babies. There are still so many that just have to play the race card and old time family names. Get a life it is a very big ugly and un forgiving WORLD out is no wonder we are sinking so fast.

  23. stunned... says:

    ladeej – as long as you have the mentality that says you have no other place to go to – you will always be stuck physically and mentally (wherever you are). the same way people make an adult choice to be in Bermuda, you can do the same, ie. make an adult choice about the rest of the world. if you choose to stay in bermuda, then don’t hate other people because they can exercise their freedom to stay or leave. being in Bermuda is their choice and it’s yours too. in that regard, we really are the same.

  24. Oh,I see now says:

    sporty says:
    July 17, 2015
    Question Mrs. Marshall….

    your on vacation and someone asks where are you from?

    do you say “im bermudian” or do you say im a(Whatever your background is)…… who has status and lives in bermuda?

    Very well put sporty because I can hear it pop out of her mouth before she has a chance to look around and wonder if a birthright Bermudian heard her I don’t care if she were on the African Plains.

    • AF87 says:

      Why does it bother you what she says in relation to that personal question/ Does it somehow affect how you feel about yourself? if yes, i suggest you do some soul searching!

    • SMH says:


  25. Oh,I see now says:

    For the rest of you out there who believe this is exclusively a birthright Bermudian thing just imagine the situation reversed and she were in Canada and made the same comment.Do you believe the birthright Canadians(that comment will haunt her)would stand for the same… think not.

    • dual says:

      Canada is one of the most multicultural, diverse, and accepting countries in the world. Find another country to use in your bigoted argument – Canada would be ashamed of you.

  26. sassymama says:

    Question for Ms Marshall and Mr Fahy.

    Can I go to another country, live, work, and contribute to that country, be there for 30 years and say now I am a Canadian (for instance) and given that right, just like the rest of the Canadians? I don’t think so, in fact, the Canadians will have a outright fit and protest beyond words.

    No, Ms. Marshall, non-Bermudians are not entitled to be a Bermudian, in regardless of the contribute and years they have made to this country. Again, can I go to any country and have the same right and privilege and say I am entitled??

    What better way to displace Bermudians and get away with it. No, we are not the same at all, just look at the number of non-Bermudians having jobs etc while Bermudians are still suffering, where is the sameness???

    Perhaps, you and Mr Fahy, should go to another country and govern that country and see how far you will get.

    Remember this Ms Marshall and Mr Fahy, you too, have families, so what you do to Bermudians will also happen to your family. You the know the saying what goes around comes around. Be prepared when your turn comes.

    On another note, the allegations made against some in government, so its seems to me that this might be another ploy to take our eyes off the allegations going on.

    • stunned... says:

      more willful ignorance

    • Girl on Fire says:

      Yes, yes you can. Try and educate yourself. Both the US and Canada provide pathways to citizenship in far LESS than 30 years. In the US, you can obtain citizenship after 5 years of being a green card holder. And yes, you are granted the exact same rights and privileges of every other citizen. In Canada, there are similar guidelines (getting permanent residency for at least 4 years). Will there be requirements you’ll have to meet? Yes. Will they be less strenuous than the requirements we have? Yes. And there are many, MANY, other countries that provide pathways to citizenship. Just google global immigration policies.

      I’m Bermudian, and comments like these are embarrassing. Please, for the love of God, learn something!

    • James says:

      Can I go to another country, live, work, and contribute to that country, be there for 30 years and say now I am a Canadian (for instance) and given that right, just like the rest of the Canadians?

      YES! You can! Bermuda is the anomaly. You can even get citizenship in Jamaica by residence.

  27. Oh,I see now says:

    stunned… says:
    July 17, 2015
    more willful ignorance

    Yup,the same wilful ignorance that has half of America (you know which half)stunned by police brutality.

  28. wow says:

    Ok so I usually don’t get involve with these discussions because of the bickering and arguing about nothing but i couldn’t resist. Georgia you are way over your head with this and I think you are being ill advised of how to address the public on matters such as this. First off, You know full well you do not acknowledge being “Bermudian” you are always quick to say you are from Greece. You definitely do not see everyone as the same for I and other people who have worked with and for you knows this to be true. You look down on the average Bermudian just like the rest of the elite in this country. However, I do agree with you that this matter needs to be addressed because there are a lot of people here who were granted status and have contributed tremendously to our island. I also agree that the xenophobia that is being exhibited on this island needs to stop for it is not the expatriates fault for wanting a better life in their country of origin so they come here to work, we need to start blaming these employers for bringing them here, constantly lying to immigration and the public saying no qualified Bermudians applied for the job, and also exploiting the foreign workers treating them like slaves. Nobody deserves to be treated this way, but for you Mrs. Marshall to make such claims as ‘accidental’ births by far you are not in touch with the people you are SUPPOSE serve.

    • wow says:

      and further more I have no political affiliation. I don’t like neither party for none of them have shown the public they are capable of anything good, especially when it comes to the young people of this island. They both need to have a serious look at themselves and ask are they correctly serving the people who pay their high wages in this country.

  29. Dennis Williams says:

    The problem with her and Fahy’s perspective is we are not all treated equal.

    Some of us are excluded from economic equality in pay and opportunities; excluded from jobs because foreigners are considered better because they come from elsewhere; some of us have are academic credentials undervalued in relation to foreigners as if other nationalities didn’t attend the colleges we did; we’re looked down on because we are born Bermudian versus those from elsewhere in general within the workforce.

    Until our economy is totally inclusive instead of what we now have whereas the structure was set up without one segment of people in mind or considered, then we will always have this problem.

    • Dude says:

      what a bunch of xenophobic nonsense. these ‘foreigners’ supply jobs, pay taxes with the privilege of NOT BEING ABLE TO VOTE! smdh

      • Sick & Tired says:

        As stated above the right to vote comes with citizenship. If one hasn’t reached that eligibility, they are just like those in other countries. Once they reach and achieve status, they can vote . . .look at Fahy and Marshall!!!

    • hmmm says:

      This is in your head. Your head is holding you back. Free your mind from mental slavery !!!!

    • Send for the cavalry says:

      How can you discriminate against those that live and work here their whole lives?

      If people aren’t allowed to settle then money is sent overseas and not reinvested in the economy.

      That is bad for Bermuda and Bermudians.

  30. Charlly X says:

    So being creative with words makes it OK to degrade others ? Lawyers smdh !! Smdh !!!! Creative Insulting Bermudians ! I had good.hopes for the Oba ! But u know what they say when people open their mouths !

  31. Jr Smith says:

    #accidentalbermudian I understand what she was attempting to say but she had a poor choice of words….

  32. Impressive says:

    Personally I think she is trying to start a conflict on her very own. Maybe I am speaking for myself, if I tell someone that I am Bermudian, I don’t in no way say that to insinuate that I am better than anyone else, and although I can’t speak for others, I really don’t think I am that far off other Bermudians who feel the same.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if I go to America or any other country in the world and someone tells me that they are American etc, I am not going to think they mean they are better than me.. What nonsense is that??

    So now we Bermudians are not supposed to have pride and proclaim our nationality or else its deemed as a superior mindset?? cho bie,, Where are these people getting this nonsense from?

    • Send for the cavalry says:

      I think most Americans think they are better than other nationalities. That’s why their foreign policy causes them so much grief and they have to invest in a huge military to safeguard their interests. Something to think about and for you to read up on.

  33. Think says:

    “We are all the same” is the rallying call of the privileged.

  34. Step up to the plate says:

    I agree with what you’re saying but in some cases Bermudians have been our own worst enemy. We need to step up to the plate and make sure we work as hard if not harder than the foreigners do. That means making time, not calling in sick, meeting deadlines, giving 110%, leaving drama at home and not bringing it into the office. then of course there’s the drug testing that a lot of Companies have had to incorporate to protect themselves. Until that happens we need to watch what we complain about because some of it is self induced.

  35. Need Peace says:

    SMDH! No matter what the OBA do, it causes a great divide in our community! They blame the PLP but they didn’t do this! They always come up with something contentious and it’s the PLP’s fault. If people don’t agree with what they say, they are labelled PLP. They know why they came up with this subject matter and they’ll milk it for all it’s worth so you would forget about the nasty scandal! We’re all not fools! This topic is very boring! The scandal is far more interesting. Please let’s get back to discussing all the juicy details! I can’t wait! You know Bermudians love good gossip!

  36. Sick & Tired says:

    The issue here for me lies in her comparison of her adult choice and our birth of accident. It’s insulting!!!! If she has such a problem with born Bermudians and who they are, good, bad or indifferent, how can I believe that she has the best interest at heart of ALL Bermudians?

    Given that she is “only” a status Bermudian and has another “home” to go to if she choose, and if she has so much of a problem with us Bermudians of accidental birth, then there is one very simple solution . . .GO HOME!!!!

  37. ImJustSayin says:

    You mean to say Miss. Marshall that all those who have generations upon generations of family here who have settled in Bermuda and made it their home and purposely had children were the result of an accidental birth. That is a slap in the face and an insult to all those generations of BERMUDIANS, almost in the line of treason. How dare you!! You are trying to say that those people who don’t even know where the post office is, should have the same rites as those who have family that have lived here all their lives? You are beyond clueless you and your OBA party are trying to divide the country and must resign immediately.

  38. Send for the cavalry says:

    You should feel blessed and proud that so many other nationalities want to make their home in BDA. The more people contribuiting to the economy, the better for all.

  39. Coffee says:

    Most significantly the difference between a birthright ( yes I said it )person, citizen , of any nation is that citizenship or in this case status could never ever be revoked for any reason . Think about that for a while .

  40. The only reason people get lost in thought is because it is unfamiliar territory…