Changes To HIP & FutureCare Premiums/Benefits

August 31, 2015

The Health Insurance Plan [HIP] premium is set to increase from $390 per month to $433.31 per month effective tomorrow [Sept 1] and there will also be new supplemental benefits introduced.

The Ministry said, “The Health Insurance Department will be introducing four new supplemental benefits and one enhanced benefit to HIP and FutureCare effective September 1, 2015. In addition, changes will be made to the HIP and FutureCare premiums for 2015-2016.

screencapture health prem aug 2015

“The proposed changes mark a strategic shift in our delivery of health services which is designed to provide better patient outcomes and population wellness in relation to the significant investment made by Government into the health of our citizens.

“Ultimately, our aim is to return the health system to a sustainable level with the appropriate level of accountability. The following four new benefits will be introduced for HIP and FutureCare policyholders as at September 1st, 2015:

  • Personal Home Care Services: Aging in place at home with the aim of reducing the length and number of hospital stays.
  • Increased Number of Specialist Visits: For improved chronic disease management.
  • Health and Wellness Benefits: For preventative care management to stay healthy and reduce disease and illness.
  • Youth Coverage [birth to age 21]: To cover children for specialist, dental and overseas care, when medically necessary and unavailable in Bermuda.

“In addition, we have enhanced an existing benefit for our HIP and FutureCare policyholders: A new overseas preferred provider network: HIP pays 60% of usual and customary charges and FutureCare pays 75% of usual and customary charges for in preferred network facilities; 10% less will be paid for HIP and FutureCare claims that are out of our preferred provider network.

“Elective treatments, second opinions and experimental treatments are not covered. HIP and FutureCare Policyholders must obtain an overseas referral from a local physician, GP, or specialist and Europ Assistance- Global Corporate Solutions [GCS] ITPA Division must be contacted for coordination of any medically necessary overseas care.

“Forms and information on HIP and FutureCare benefits and premiums can be found on the Health Insurance Department website: and can be collected from the Department at Sofia House, 2nd Floor, 48 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12 or call 295-9210 for Customer Service.”

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  1. outkasted says:

    Damn they are hitting you with the one and two’s

  2. Jr Smith says:

    no mercy, balance the books they must, whats next to go up?

    • “It takes two hands to make one clean”.To get anything out of life you / we must give-up something. It’s that simple. Make cuts on unnecessary expenses!

  3. somuchless says:

    But bta staff can get bonuses for doing a crapy job smh

    • jt says:

      And the ps keep their jobs etc. Not arguing with you but paint the full picture.

    • Toughchit says:

      And no teachers lose their positions or anyone in the MoE for that matter despite the dismal exam results produced by our children year over year.

  4. Maddog says:




    • dude says:

      the PLP are EXACTLY the reason our health premiums will go up and up and up. if it’s not too much to ask, please pay attention when people start talking about the cost of the hospital and how it is paid.

      • Toleratate says:

        @dude; he’s joking right????? Gotta be…. Come on, you are joking?????

    • Toughchit says:


      How ironic that you demand the reinstatement of a political party that is directly responsible for the need of these increases. The chasing away of those young healthy expats that paid into the system to support bermuda’s ageing population and the construction of a hospital wing that cogs hundreds of millions of dollars.

      You think, somehow, that baic math doesn’t apply to the PLP? You think these are being raised just for the fun of it?

      Some people just don’t have a clue.

    • inna says:

      Thats right, the OBA dont not care for our seniors!

  5. frank says:

    What the government also needs to do is to look in to is the government pension
    I have paid into it for 36 years and if I should. Die before I reach 65 no one in my family gets. Any money
    This is a. Ponzie scheme. And a scam that people are forced to. Pay into
    Maybe Bob can give us some answers or maybe he can fuzzy the numbers

    • dude says:

      because what we are paying into now, pays for our seniors today. when you and i retire, our children will be paying into the pension scheme so that we get a cheque every month. see how it works? why don’t they teach this sort of thing in bda schools? it seems nobody, most of the PLP and their supporters, have NO CLUE how our economy works.

      • Anbu says:

        U actually think there will be money for us when we retire?! Lmfao get a clue mate, there will be NOTHING!!!

    • Toughchit says:

      PLP failed to audit the pensions from 2004 to the end of their reign (see SAGE report) and allowed them to belcme unfunded by BILLIONS of dollars.

      Talk to them.

  6. Sav Vie says:

    So rite Frank it’s like they just BOM you out at 65 there must be a way for the family to get that $$$ if one go down to help with D expense

  7. serengeti says:

    And yet, any time anyone suggests a way of reducing healthcare costs, you hear nothing but complaints.

  8. theOBserver says:

    Why is there not a regulatory committee over the doctors and dentists on the island to keep there prices affordable and justified when they need a rate increase and not when the want an increase?

    Also why I the BHB not looking at making KEMH a world hub for acute care so that people fly to Bermuda for treatment like most Bermudians fly to Boston to get treatment?

  9. UmJustSaying says:

    What does it say about a society when Doctors are too busy to see patients and
    Healthcare Insurance is the most expensive item in the basket.

    The Hospital is filled to capacity and the Undertakers area a growing industry.

    The cost of Healthcare just went up for people who don’earn any money. Really!

    Where are people expected to find the funds for the increase????

    With all that said we live in a so-called sophisticated society. Seems to me we have it all wrong.The cost of living is going up and the chances of living is falling rapidly.

    The FLU is a money making business for somebody, there is a FLU SHOT that is a hoax. The Pharmacy has shelves of FLU medicines, Why so many? Do any of them work?

    Food for thought. When your busy Doctor advises you to go to the Pharmacy and give them YOUR money to pick up some stuff that is made from items growing around you house.

    I anyone can make any sense of all this, please inform me.

  10. Tom Cooke says:

    Go to bermuda for health care… are you serious. .. what and stay at HP.. and you have to take a taxi to the ACW.. not like Boston where the have free shuttle to run you backwards and fowards. .. am not knocking the care you would recive. . But we are expensive…