PLP Extends Condolences To Smith Family

August 8, 2015

Senator Renee Ming, on behalf of the Progressive Labour Party [PLP], has acknowledged the passing of Mr. C. Ross Smith, formerly of Shin Bone Alley and later, Cut Road in St. George’s, saying that “he will be sadly missed by St George’s parishioners

Senator Ming said, “A graduate of Bermuda’s famous Technical Institute, he will be remembered for opening St. George’s first Laundromat. He was also the founder of The Bermudian Heritage Association.

“Mr. Smith, who was first cousin to Dame Jennifer Smith, was a former PLP St. Georges Branch Chair who also served on the Corporation of St George’s for many years as both a Common Councilor and Alderman.

“In recent times, Mr. Smith was a Tourism Ambassador for St George’s and Bermuda. He had a history and passion for serving his community. He will be sadly missed by St George’s parishioners.”

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  1. Thank you says:

    A very good man in dad. Rest in peace ..

  2. glendabermuda says:

    Condolences to family anf community!!!
    Ross was always real and sincere!!!!

    • Marlo says:

      Thank you VERY much. So very true. He was real and sincere. I am going to ABSOLUTELY miss my daddy and I cannot believe that he is gone. He wasn’t perfect, but I felt that he was the definition of integrity : doing the right thing even if no one is looking. He loved Bermuda, he loved her people, he loved St. George’s and he loved his grandchildren. No matter what, he would always guide us to do or say the right thing, to take the high road, to be the bigger person, to show respect. Wish that he was still here. Such a loss. He was such a wealth of information and wisdom. Ethlyn would have been VERY proud of her boy :-)

  3. Thank you says:

    A very good man indeed. May he rest in peace…

  4. Jim Reeves says:

    Slim Smith, his Dad, would have been proud of what his son had become. He will b missed by whole host of people. I’ve known him since his early teens.To his family, carry on.