Court: Man Gets Six Months For Unlawful Entry

August 6, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Aug 6], 50-year-old Carlos Astwood plead guilty to four counts involving unlawful entry into, and prowling around, a Pomander Road guest house.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo sentenced Mr. Astwood to six months in prison on each of the counts, but ruled that the prison sentences were to run concurrently.

The Crown Prosecutor told the Magistrate that a neighbour had twice alerted the guest house managers to Mr Astwood’s possible presence; and that staff had checked and noticed that a room that was supposed to have been empty and unused room showed a wet shower pan and a bed showing signs of having been used overnight.

Staff also observed that lights were sometimes left on where no light should have been used and that some light bulbs had been unscrewed. As well, some keys were found to be missing. Following these signs of intrusions, the guest house manager caused all the locks to be changed.

Mr Astwood was later identified and when picked up by police, he had sets of keys, some of which fitted both the old and the new locks at the guest house. He also told police: “I need to stay there.” Mr Astwood also told police that he had gone on to the property to buy soft drinks from a soft drink dispenser.

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