Video: Profile Of Bermuda Freediver Scott Amos

August 15, 2015

A video profile of Bermuda free diver Scott Amos – the first person to represent the island in the sport  - offers insight into the sporting aspects of the activity, with Mr. Amos saying that “Bermuda is an amazing place for freediving.”

In the profile, Mr. Amos says, “As a kid, I was always interested in anything to do with the water. Primarily, I am a spear fisherman and lobster diver. That’s what my real love is with free diving.

“There’s been a few proud moments; the first time to get across a hundred feet that was huge, that was a real confidence booster. The first time to get to 50 meters; I never dreamed of being able to get to that far.

“The competitive side of this is completely new to me. Bermuda’s never entered anything in any kind of record books, so to be able to say I am the first one to represent my country in this sport is huge for me.”

Video profile of Bermuda freediver Scott Amos courtesy of Performance Freediving:

“We have official judges here and so everything you do potentially can be recognized as a record. I am in a very fortunate position where none of my countrymen have done it, so I get to be first and that’s great; it makes it easy for me.

“I could do shallows depth and [set a] record, but I would like to put something respectable up there, so I’ll put in my best effort and hopefully one of these guys gets inspired to try to put up some better numbers and we can get a little rivalry going – that would be great.

“I’d like to see us put out there as freediving destination, and have people come to Bermuda just to free dive. I think that would be great.

“Bermuda is an amazing place for freediving and we have most beautiful reefs and incredible number of wrecks around the island. It’s an opportunity to push yourself to your absolute limits under incredibly safe conditions.

“It’s an escape of sorts; it’s a time when you can’t think of anything else but that present moment. Work or things you have to catch up on, nagging things, – you don’t have to worry of any of that; it just dissolves.

“[Freediving] doesn’t discriminate, it knows no boundaries, and anybody can be doing it and enjoying it.”


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  1. sage says:

    Nice video, got to respect the dedication and training it takes to get to your level, congrats.

  2. New Simons says:

    I taught Scott everything I know about free diving. In the Ascension Islands I continue to teach him everything I know about free diving. I am honing my spear fishing skills here in the Ascension Islands as I type this. There is nothing like a good spear diving adventure unless it is hunting those that spear parrot fish. That is worse than barnacles on my prop. Call me New the Fish Protector from now on.

    • St davids says:

      What a douche, you’re on a spearfishing trip with Scott and you try and steal his thunder. Get real, and fish protector, I don’t think so. How about those days of hunting in the grounds? Illegal rockfish? Narcissist. Can’t stand people like you