Rotisserie Grill Launches Dry Goods Food Drive

December 2, 2015

In conjunction with The League of Lions, The Rotisserie Grill will be launching a dry goods food drive for the month of December.

During the month of December, the community is invited to visit The Rotisserie Grill on South Shore Road in Smiths, where they can donate dry goods when they purchase a meal; each donation will include entry into a prize drawing for free meals at the restaurant.

A spokesperson said, “A few weeks back, local radio personality, DJ, and community agent of change Lynwood ‘Brotha Richie’ Richardson, ended up connecting with a young man through his job at the time, Team Street Safe, to help get him settled in at the Men’s Emergency Housing facility in Southside St. David’s [Langley 632].

“From this interaction, he was made aware of the many other men that reside there that were also in need up a hand up, not simply a hand out. From Tuesday, November 24, he was able to reach out to some of his community partners and various business owners to put together a feast for the 63 current residents at the housing facility for Thanksgiving evening.

“Even the Premier Micheal Dunkley enthusiastically pitched in to make this feast a memorable one for those that partook. The Rotisserie Grill were also one of the community partners that helped Brotha Richie and The League of Lions with this endeavor.

“When they learned of the situation, they decided to continue to help and support the men of the house by holding their own in store dry goods food drive, to let the men know that they are not forgotten, and assist them with some essential pantry items while in transition.”

Richie & The Simmons Brothers Lions Bermuda Dec 1 2015

“So for the whole month of December the community are encouraged to come by The Rotisserie Grill located on South Shore Road Smith’s, next to A1 Marketplace, and when they bring a dry goods food item when they purchase their meal, all they need to do is provide a name and contact number or email address on the back of their receipt, which will then be put in a box for a chance to win one of the feast options that are on The Rotisserie Grill’s menu.

“In the first week of January, a winner will be picked to receive either a free ‘Feast for 3′, ‘Feast for 4′, ‘Feast for 5′, or a ‘Feast for 6′. Customers can enter the draw by as much times as they want every time they purchase a meal and bring an item to put in the hamper, during the whole month of December.

“As the hamper fills, Brotha Richie, and his partner in the Community Outreach Division of Soul Food Promotions, Kenneth ‘Nippa’ Richardson, will pick up the items and deliver them to the facility to distribute among the men there.”

Mr. Richardson said, “I have seen and heard many times the Premier call for a greater effort from the community to partner together to collectively address the various challenges that we face as a nation, and have been inspired by the support that he has directly shown myself, Nippa, and Soul Food Promotions, in our endeavors to ‘bless up’ our island home.

“I am also thankful to Major Dill and the management and staff of the Bermuda Housing Corporation for allowing us the opportunity, as men, to do what we can to help other men along their journey. This is what community and being your brother’s keeper is all about.

“I would also like to honor and give thanks for DaVaughn ‘D Warning’ Raynor, Shaun ‘Sharky’ Hunt, and ‘Bingi’, for being a key factor in giving me further drive to network and lift the spirits and morale of the residents of Langley 632.”

For more information about The Rotisserie Grill food drive, call Walter Simmons on 232-7444 or Lynwood ‘Brotha Richie’ Richardson at 703-4896.

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